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I’m not a pervert

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Don’t all mothers jerk off their sons at bedtime – surely I’m not the only one.

I’m a single mother and I recently went on to a parenting forum and asked a simple question, but I was met with disgust, and branded a sick pervert that shouldn’t be allowed around children, I don’t believe I have been doing anything wrong, and I simply asked at what age should I stop jerking off my son’s at bed time.

As soon as my sons started to get erections, my youngest now 11 and eldest 13, I started to jerk them as part of their bedtime routine, but apparently this is not normal behaviour for a mother.

They go to bed at the same time every week night, computers and phones are turned off, I take a wet wipe from their bedside table, wrap it around their cocks and jerk them off, the wetness of the wet wipe and my tight warm grip tricks the mind in to thinking their fucking a pussy and it gets them lovely and hard.

I jerk them both until they ejaculate and all the semen is trapped inside the wet wipe so there’s no messy cleaning up, my boys spend all day at school and I know how stressful school can be, jerking them off at night time relaxes them and helps them drift in to a nice sleep and they always wake up refreshed and full of energy for the day.

So what is wrong with that?

My mom used to do it to my brothers, and my father used to finger me while reading me a bedtime story, it was always very pleasant and calming.

Am I really the only parent that does this? – am I a bad mother.

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  • Reply Anon ID:94sived3

    All moms should do this

  • Reply Korvvo ID:28aradmk0d

    Your a great mom and i wish my mom did this for me dont stop your sons will love your forever

  • Reply Joe ID:1bfepuyz6i9

    I think you are a great mum . Just a shame.you don’t have a daughter and you could introduce them to the great art of fucking

  • Reply Jane 1 ID:3phnk8gf49a

    I totally agree with the storyteller any more agreements?
    [email protected]

    • Fredrick ID:p8vjnp2zk

      You can be my mother and jerk me off every night and in the morning or maybe a little oral for you of course

  • Reply bill ID:7ylren2k0b

    Nice mother

  • Reply JeffCity ID:161rgapbd9i

    I would enjoy it very much, but would want to finger you lick your pussy and ass and cum buckets in your mouth fuck your tits and cum buckets on your face. My email is [email protected]

  • Reply Peter ID:5vyiv7c3t0b

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    • Jane 1 ID:3phnk8gf49a

      Please read my Classroom I can email if it suits

  • Reply Peter ID:5vyiv7c3t0b

    A very loving mother. Why do you think Italian mommas sleep with their sons to adulthood. I suggest she substitute the wet wipe with her cunt or ass or mouth.

  • Reply Fav ID:1ah770lfxik

    No, dat’s Nice

  • Reply Danny1003 ID:3057hz2fii

    Well you’ve introduced me to a new kink

  • Reply Eric ID:8b9nr0rm9d

    I do the same with my daughter, have for years. It keeps her happy. My wife sucks our sons cock every night as well.

  • Reply Tony ID:1gt0sj566ib

    I think you’re an amazing mother keep up the good work

    [email protected]

    • Jane 1 ID:3phnk8gf49a

      I totally agree with the story teller only wish I had started with mine earlier