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I sucked and fucked my little brother by mistake

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Going into the wrong room while wasted, sucking and fucking my little brother

Let me just say a little about myself before you read further. I am 18 and sexually active but I cannot take the pill because I have reactions to it so I make my bf use condoms and always have a supply on hand, Also I like to party and get wasted.
I was having a party at my place while my parents were away for the weekend and I was supposed to be keeping an eye on my 13 year old brother. I didn’t really care what he did the little twirp, so I gave him a beer and told him to go play video in his room or watch tv in the rec room. The party went great and everyone got wasted big time, including me. My boyfriend stayed over and we ended up in my room pulling the covers off the bed and stripping naked. I had let him eat me before and had given him tons of bj’s, we had sex with condoms a lot and a couple times without but he had always pulled out and either cum in my mouth or on my tits. We jumped on the bed and started making out his hands all over me and mine on his 6 inch cock stroking it. He had a lot to drink so I figured he would last a long time before cumming so I pushed his head down off my tits toward my stomach and he got the idea. He was hungry for my pussy and went right down on me opening my wet cunt lips and licking his tongue from my asshole, through my pussy and over my clit. He did know how to eat pussy and wasn’t wasting any time making me wetter. His lips found my swollen clit and sucked it into his mouth scraping it with his tongue. The drugs and booze I had taken were making me super horny and I came hard gushing my juices into his mouth and over his face. FUCK I screamed as I orgasmed, it was a minute or more before I came back down and noticed he was still between my legs but wasn’t eating me anymore. I looked down and he had fallen asleep, his face in my wet pussy. I laughed and pushed him over on the bed. My head was spinning and all light headed, I couldn’t really concentrate. I told him I had to piss.
I got up and headed naked for the bathroom at the end of the hall, sitting on the toilet and relieving my bladder. I wiped my pussy and thought about going back into the bedroom and sucking my bf’s cock back to life but first a drink. I went down to the patio where the left over booze from the party was and noticed a line of coke on the table top. Oh I had better clean that up before my brother finds it I giggled and leaned over the table snorting the line. I felt great and headed back up stairs to get a drink of my bf’s cum.
Geesh my head was vacated I laughed as I opened the bed room door and climbed up on the bed wondering why my bf had pj bottoms on. No problem I just stuck my hand down in the top of them and wrapped my fingers around his flaccid cock. It started to grow almost immediately and I pulled the pj’s down to get access to it. I took the cock into my mouth and began sucking as my bf groaned making me smile around his cock. I really started to get into it and took his cock into my throat cupping his balls in my hand and giving them a squeeze. When I did that he shot a huge load down my throat and I had to swallow quickly cause it was the biggest load he had ever shot into my mouth. I swallowed it all and his cock to my amazement stayed hard so I just kept sucking as he placed his hands on my head and moaning loudly. Fuck I was fucking horny, my pussy was dripping with juices and I really wanted to get fucked but I wasn’t on the pill and didn’t want to get pregnant but my mind wasn’t working properly. So I pulled my mouth off his cock and straddled his hips using my hand to rub his cock up and down my slippery gash until I couldn’t take it any more and pushed down taking his whole cock inside right up to the balls. Fuck he seemed big, I hadn’t gotten fucked in like a week but he just seemed bigger then usual. I started riding his cock like a crazy woman cumming almost immediately covering his cock with my juices and grinding down as hard as I could, his cock head pressing against my cervix hurting me but sending shivers through my pussy. Oh fuck I was cumming again, fuck, I knew I had to lift myself off his cock soon so he wouldn’t cum in me and I would take his cock in my mouth and finish him off. Oh fuck it felt good just one more orgasm that’s all I wanted then I would release him. Grinding, rocking, up and down feeling my orgasm start to rise I whimpered as it started, my whimper turning into a moan then a scream as I came hard. I hadn’t heard him groan or felt him stiffen as he shot his load up into the deepest recesses of my horny little cunt. My fertile horny little cunt.
We both finished cumming and I fell off him exhausted, I thought just give me a sec and I will suck him off, then I drifted off to sleep. I woke up in the morning naked in my brothers bed and wondered what the fuck I was doing in here. I looked over but my brother wasn’t in his bed which made me breathe a sigh of relief,. I slid out of his bed naked and crept across the floor and out the door going down stairs and looking in the rec room. There was my little bro asleep on the couch, once again I breathed a sigh of relief figuring he had fallen a sleep last night watching some stupid action movie and I had just crawled into the wrong bed and gone to sleep. Good fucking thing he hadn’t woke up and come to bed to find his naked sister in there, I giggled. I went back up stairs and down the hall to my room. There was my bf laying naked on the sheets with morning wood sticking up in the air so I went over and sucked it into my mouth. I remember doing this last night I think to my self and he woke running his hands through my hair and cumming down my throat.
He told me we had lots of fun last night as he pushed me back on the and spread my legs. Let me fuck you baby he whispered just before his tongue found my pussy lips. He ate me to orgasm and I gushed into his hungry mouth, then he raised up between my legs his cock jutting out in front of him. Come on baby he begged, I won’t cum in you I promise I will pull out and stick it in your mouth. No way I said I am ovulating so no fucking with out a wrapper. He moaned but reached in my bedside table and grabbed a condom, unwrapping it and slipping it over his swollen cock, I raised my hips opening my self as he pushed forward . He fucked me hard and long making me cum 3 times before he started to spurt his cum into the condom. It had been a great weekend I thought, not knowing that I had sucked and fucked my little brother and that his seed had found my fertile egg.

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  • Reply Popparocker ID:1csliids7v1x

    That sort of thing happens a lot you would be surprised how much love is shared between family members

  • Reply Jeremy ID:5qv0henxij

    Exciting story! However did she become pregnant? How did she know that she fucked her little brother when she says at thr end”Not knowing that she had fucked her little brother? That confuses me

  • Reply Enomax01 ID:rz5vjb0j

    Ending the story without us, the readers, knowing what your younger brother’s reaction to the whole scenario is or was is kinda of a climax to me unless you are planning on a part two of this story. All in all, a good story.

  • Reply K9Guy ID:28xrttz6ik

    Sticky fingers over here after that story.

    • Jackson 5 ID:2zix15cv9k

      And you thought it was rain. But at Delta, we’re made out like that. If you got your spliff on and your drink on, then you’re ready to fly up out of there. We’ve got you covered like a Jimmy hat!!

  • Reply Erin Payne ID:qg212g8l

    Some of the smartest people in history was very inbreed, the most famous Queen in history was

    • If Erin says so ID:ndoolep499


    • JeffCity ID:161rgapbd9i

      Erin I want you to bite my penis pee in my mouth. I want to fuck and suck your pussy and ass. If you let my big preteen cock give you monsterously mouthfuls of boy sperm and drench your face in underage sperm. My email is [email protected]

  • Reply diCkIe D ID:c1z2lw342

    Started to spurt his cum into the condom But he found youy fertile egg???????????????

    This makes no sence………………11/08/22

    • A15yearoldboy ID:yv9vg4m2

      The BF’s cum in the condom the brothers cum found her fertile egg

  • Reply Lazyoldcock ID:1zfu51ev9d

    wish I had an older sis like you

  • Reply Henry ID:5v85zdkv3

    How long did it took you to realize that it was actually your brother?

  • Reply Ma Nig ID:71oul2g209

    You should ask your brother if he remembered what you did. I really wanna know his reaction to that question

  • Reply Drake ID:71oul2g209

    Does your brother remember that night?

  • Reply Damn son ID:5v85zdkv3

    Does this mean your pregnant right now?

  • Reply Terry ID:h9azenvqm


  • Reply Sherry Wine ID:bhsibs6vzm

    How big was your brothers cock? It was bigger then your bf’s right. So over 6 “

    • Cool ID:5v85zdkv3

      Any updates on the whole you maybe being pregnant thing?

    • Julie ID:7ylren2k0b

      Sounds like little brother is better than bf
      Go get some more I would
      [email protected]

  • Reply Bernie Pussy Stuffer ID:bhsibs6vzm

    Fukin A wait till your tits start to swell and get sore and you miss your period … lol poor bf will get blamed….unless little gro cums forward lol