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I sucked and fucked my little brother by mistake – part 2

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My little brother was acting a little weird and creepy towards me for the past week ever since the big party I had when my parents were away for the weekend. I had sworn him to secrecy and my bf had paid the little fucker $50 bucks to keep his mouth shut. Asshole. Anyway he was still walking around with this smug look on his face and I always caught him watching me with a googly look in his eyes. What was up with that creep? I caught him one night after dinner and asked what the fuck was up? He pretended like he didn’t know and I told him to quit checking me out. lol He turned like totally red faced and took off to his room. Stupid jerk I thought.
Another week went by and my parents were going to a party at a friends cottage and would be gone from Friday night till Sunday night which meant I was stuck at home all weekend and my bf was off on some soccer tournament so it would just be me and my jerkoff brother. Oh well I could lay around the pool catch a tan hopefully when my brother went over to his friends like he did on Saturdays, I could strip off my bikini and work on my complete naked tan.
Our parents took off and the next morning Barry my little bro took off to his friends. I went out to the pool with a cooler and some beers and a baggy of smoke to relax and get naked. I let my bikini drop to the grass, then spread out a beach towel and stood naked for a moment admiring my young perfect body. 34b tits with rosey pink nipples, a tight firm 23″ tummy flaring hips to 35 and a patch of red hair between my legs nicely trimmed. Oh yeah I though I am so fucking hot then giggled as I lay down on the towel and rolled myself a joint feeling the sun beginning to warm my soft young flesh already. I smoked my joint of really potent stuff my bf had given me and finished off my beer, wow I was wasted already I thought groggily but I felt really good. So good I wanted another joint and another brew. SO fucking relaxed and wasted, I tried to get up and fell back on my ass laughing as I did a somersault in the grass. I tried to get up again and fell hitting my head on the wooden lounger arm, ouch I thought then began to laugh as blood streamed down my face. Which is how my little brother found me, naked, wasted and bleeding.
It seems his friend wasn’t home so he just came back to have a swim in the pool and found me. He was really worried at first but after he wiped the blood away with some water from the pool he found it wasn’t as bad as he thought and I was laughing the whole time anyway. He helped me get up and took me into the house cause I was starting to turn red from the sun and took me up to my room, laying me on the bed. “HI Barry” I giggled, then looked down at my self and I giggled again, “Oops! no clothes” and laughed. I looked at my little brother standing there staring at me with a big tent in his shorts and said “What ya got hidden in your shorts Barry a big hard on for your sister?” Then went into a laughing fit, I didn’t know what was in this weed but it was obviously laced with something but I didn”t care, it was just making me super horny and I needed to be fucked.
Barry was just standing there not saying anything just looking at my naked body and I rolled off the bed and fell onto my hands and knees on the floor. He stepped forward to help me back up and when he did I grabbed hold of his shorts to pull myself up but instead pulled his shorts down getting hit in the face with what looked like a giant cock. I didn’t even think I just opened my mouth and sucked it in. mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm I moaned around it as I started sucking on what felt like a horse cock, of course it wasn’t THAT huge but in the stoner state I was in everything was amplified. My pussy was dripping juices onto the floor I was so fucking horny. I needed to be fucked. my mouth let go of his cock and I lay back on the floor spreading my legs apart. “FUCK ME BARRY!” I screamed at him “FUCK ME”. He stood there for a sec then took off his clothes and lay on top on me on the floor guiding his young think cock into my soaking wet pussy. UGHHHHHHHHH I groaned as he pushed in hard burying his 8 inch cock inside me right up to the balls. “OMG” I screamed as I wrapped my legs around his waist “FUCK ME FUCK ME “and he did .
He didn’t last long before he was cumming inside me filling me with cum but his young cock stayed hard and we just kept on like 2 wild animals in heat. I was cumming almost continually, the drugs intensifying my craving and my insides hurt from the pounding Barry’s cock was giving me and the multiple orgasms I was having. I was actually squirting like a garden hose around Barry’s cock and all over his balls, a small puddle of juices formed under my ass cheeks as they rubbed on the hardwood floor. Finally Barry cum in me again shooting his second huge load into me. I needed more but he was going soft, I pushed him off and told him to eat me. “Get between my fucking legs and eat me” I yelled. He looked at my wet dripping pussy for a few seconds then knelt between my legs and put his mouth on my pussy. I grabbed his head and pulled it against my horny cunt and my legs tightened around his head, I started orgasming again spraying juices into his mouth, he swallowed and kept at it until maybe 15 minutes later I let him go.
I looked up at him sort of realizing he was my brother and why was he over top of me, then I felt his cock slide back into my pussy and forgot all about him being my brother. At 13 his cock recovered quickly especially when his hot horny sister is squirting her cum into his mouth. We fucked for another 10 or 15 minutes before he filled me again and I had contributed to the puddle under my ass. As we lay naked side by side on the floor realization came a little ways back into my head and I thought “OMG I just had sex with my brother” but still it didn’t really bother me I just giggled. Barry I said “ou just fucked your sister”. “Yeah” he said “”it was just as good as last time. What I thought, what last time? “What do you mean last time?” I asked. He looked at me funny and said “Don’t you remember? When you had the party and you came into my room and sucked my cock then fucked me”. Now my mind was starting to clear and I felt all the cum running out of me. “FUCK!!” I screamed and jumped up stumbling for a sec then total reality hit home, I just had sex with my little brother and let him cum in me and he says it wasn’t the first time.
“What do you mean we had sex last weekend?” I asked as I sat down on the edge of the bed. “I just told you.”, he said and told me everything that had happened while I sat in shock both at what he was saying and at what we had just done. “Wait a fucking minute” I said “Did you say you cum in me twice?”.” Yeah” he said “”well actually 3 times you never let me get to that part. It seems after we had sex I passed out and he had his way with me, feeling up my pussy, sucking my tits and climbing back on board for another long fuck before depositing a third load of cum inside my fertile puss.
OMG I thought OMG. I jumped up and grabbed some clothes heading for the door, I was still to wasted to drive so I grabbed Barry’s bike and peddled my ass down to the drug store. I needed the morning after pill, shit would it work after a week? Fuck. The druggist said it only was for the morning after intercourse maybe a couple days later but not a week. I bought a pregnancy test instead. after getting home I ran into the nearest bathroom and pulled down my pants, sitting on the toilet I pissed on the tester, five minutes later I was pregnant. “FUCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” I screamed at the tope of my lungs. Then I flushed the toilet and went to my bedroom, I stripped off and was about to get in when Barry walked in the door, I had forgotten to close it but what did it matter he had already seen me naked and fucked me like 4 or 5 times. I just crawled up onto the bed and began to cry. I felt the bed move and Barry’s arms went around me, “Are you alright sis?” he asked.” I am really sorry”. “It’s not your fault Barry, I am the older one here and I fucked up.”. He just held me and we fell asleep with me naked in his arms.

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  • Reply Jr ID:2yvs90rhr9

    Wow that so hot would love to be in a family like that

  • Reply Old pervert ID:1zfu51ev9j

    I would love to eat your cunt after your brother has fucked you

    • Georgie ID:2vfi8f7h20c

      Very exciting!However I am eager to know what are the reasons you will tell ur parents about ur pregnancy?

  • Reply Cassie ID:1zfu51ev9j

    that is so rad

  • Reply Virgin no more ID:bhsibs6vzk

    My littler brother fucked me once and I got pregnant

  • Reply K9Guy ID:28xrttz6ik

    Damn that was good.

  • Reply Bernie Pussy Stuffer ID:1zfu51ev9i

    I hope this story is true and you keep his baby to grow in your incestuous little cunt…I got both my sisters pregnant and they had the babies …one had a girl which I have been fucking for 6 months now….she sure loves her old grandpa/daddy

  • Reply Not interested ID:5rj1cn3ihr9

    Do another sequel.

  • Reply Danny1003 ID:3057hz2fii

    What the fuck you got Pregnant now fuck everything that moves I want to come in your pussy 24 hours a day seven days a week

  • Reply Gonzo ID:fx7italhj

    I loved the sluttyness of this story. being bread is a gift and soon she will realize this. yeah!, I know it is just a story but hey it is my dream so i will go with it.

  • Reply diCkIe D ID:c1z2lw342

    Sorry i cant keep on reading the shit .

    There is no reason to mention drugs ,getting wasted ect..It seems that you have a problem with drugs and booze……………..go get help ant stop fucking yours and other peoples lives up nuff said………………11/08/22

  • Reply Wet older slit ID:1zfu51ev9d

    are you gonna keep fucking your little brother now that you know? I sure would if I had a little brother.

    • good ID:3zxisyc3oij

      I want to be your little brother.

      How old are you Wet Older Slit? How do you look like?

    • Walter ID:4ke9wke8l

      I would love to fuvk you

    • Madgu ID:1m5vhgvt0c

      I want to be your little brother

  • Reply Sherry Wine ID:1zfu51ev9d

    awesome story..I feel a little bad for you obviously your bf is tempering with the weed he gives you but at least you got some really good fucking better then the bf gives you

  • Reply Lazyoldcock ID:1zfu51ev9d

    Yeah you slut….blame the drugs….you are such a whore….carrying your brothers child

    • good ID:3zxisyc3oij

      All girls should carry their brothers babies in their womb

    • To good numbnuts ID:ndoolep49b

      Are your sisters carrying yours? Lol

    • good numbnuts ID:ndoolecm9a

      Are your sisters carrying yours? Lol