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I Had To Force Her 2

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They didn’t give us a chance, so we had no choice but to Kidnap and rape them.

We were twelve years old when dad first had us kidnap our sisters. We wore masks so they couldn’t recognize us. Dad, using a device that altered his voice instructed us in how to properly gag them and tie them up tight. He made sure we gagged them so they couldn’t make a sound, and tied them up so they couldn’t move a muscle. Dad also made sure we blind folded them so they wouldn’t see where we were taking them, or where they were being kept.
I have to admit, Kane and I loved it. The only down side is that we had to do everything for them. We had to feed them, help them relieve themselves, and clean them up when they were done. The up side being we got to gag them and tie them up again.
On the last day of summer vacation, Dad had us put Kate and Peta into the van he used for the kidnapping. Then he drove us to our home on the out skirts of town. It’s a rather secluded place, but close enough to town for us to go to school. When we got home we took the girls into house and left them tied up in the living room. Then we went with Dad to the van.
Then Dad drove the van to a hidden garage where dad planned to keep it until the next kidnapping.
Dad also keeps all our kidnapping equipment in the van for safe keeping. After Dad hid the van we snuck back inside the house where dad ‘finds’ the girls and untied them. He reassures them that everything is alright while they cried their eyes out.
Then my sister looked at me and cried out, “Kade! You jerk! Why didn’t you find us?! You and Kane are lousy brothers! Our whole summer vacation was ruined and your going make it up to us!”
Did I mention our sisters are bitches? It’s one of the reasons Kane and I agreed to kidnap them in the first place. “Kate! That’s enough! I won’t have you talking to your brother that way!” Dad said sternly.
“But Dad, it’s their job as our brothers to protect us and they failed to do so!” Peta cried. Then the girls broke down crying.
Kane and I had to admit, we felt bad for making them cry like that. They hadn’t cried this hard since Kane and Petas parents died. Dad had met them in the hospital. They were a couple twice Dads age. They had almost given up the hope of having kids when they found out they were going to have a baby, and were ecstatic when they found out they were having twins.
It was a high risk pregnancy given their age and had to deliver via c-section. They were born at same time Kate and I were, and our mothers even shared the same room while recovering.
Kane and Petas mom was concerned about the fact that our mom refused to have anything to do with us. Dad had to explain to her and the doctors that she was devastated over the loss of her uterus, and that she was a little depressed about it. When the doctor asked about the rope marks, Dad explained that she was really into bondage. Koda and Kida (Kane and Petas Parents) said that they were also into bondage.
They also loved the fact that Dad never left our mothers side, and how he made sure we received nourishment from her.
When we were released from the hospital, Dad, Koda and Kida promised to stay in touch. It was 5 years after our mother left us when Koda and Kida died.
Dad was babysitting Kane and Peta while their parents celebrated their anniversary. It was raining, and Dad had just finished tucking us in for the night.
The police came and told Dad that Koda and Kida were in an accident. They had been killed instantly upon impact.
Dad thanked the officers for telling him, and after they left he broke down and cried. He was still crying when he told Kane and Peta the next day. When we finally understood that their parents were gone and weren’t coming back we cried long and hard, but no one cried harder then Kate and Peta.
Not long after the funeral, Dad adopted Kane and Peta. It wasn’t hard for them to blend in with our family, people already thought we were blood related.
Peta and I both have golden blond hair and dark blue eyes, while Kate and Kane both have strawberry red hair and dark blue eyes. To top it all off we have the same pointy ears.
All that being said, Kane and I felt awful about making our sisters cry like that, but then Dad reassured us that it was all part of the process of getting them accustomed to being kidnapped.
He said it was natural for them to cry the first time, and that they would be fine. Kane and I were so relieved to hear that, and Dad was right.
It wasn’t long before they stopped crying and started acting like total bitches again. Kane and I couldn’t wait to kidnap them again.
Dad told us he was having us use our sisters to practice our kidnapping skills so we can grab and breed the girl we wanted.
He also encouraged us to become Gynecologists so we could birth our own kids and not have to worry about taking them to the the hospital.
So Kane and I studied hard while in school, and enjoyed kidnapping our sisters during summer vacation.
While we were in High School, Kane and I realized we were in love with the others sister. I was in love with Peta and Kane was in love with Kate.
The problem was they both hated us. Every chance they got they would belittle and ridicule us.
After we graduated College and got our degrees, we learned that our sisters wanted to be career models, just like our mother had wanted to be. When they mentioned that they didn’t want ruin their figures by having children, and had set up an appointment for a hysterectomy on Monday morning, we knew it was go time. While the girls kept going on about how there careers were more important than having kids, Dad snuck out and got the van.
He brought in everything we needed to get the job done. We didn’t need masks this time, it was time for these bitches to learn who their masters are.
While they were talking at the table with their backs to us, we made our move. In one swift motion we forced the handkerchiefs into their mouths and quickly used another one to tie them in place.
Then we grabbed their arms and pinned them so that their hands touched their elbows and tightly tied them together. We then quickly wrapped a rope tightly around their chest and arms, securely pinning their arms to their backs. They put up quite a struggle, but being only 5,2 they didn’t stand a chance against us being 6,9 and well muscled. We forced them down and quickly tied their ankles and knees together.
Then we pushed their knees to their chests and tightly wrapped a rope around their shins and back, taking delight in the grunting sounds they made when we pulled the ropes tight before tying it snugly in place. We smiled smugly at the girls while we surveyed our handiwork. “You see girls, all these years it’s been us kidnapping you. With Dads help of course.” I said gleefully. At that moment Dad came in. “Good job boys, well done!” He said proudly. The girls looked at him shocked. “Don’t be so surprised girls, I’ve been grooming you for this moment for some time now.” He said cheerfully. “Boys, this the moment you’ve been waiting for, at long last it is time for you to rape them.” Dad said happily. We tore their nylons off. Then we grabbed our scissors and began methodically snipping their clothes off. Kane held up Kates bra, “Cheak it out Kade, size 44D breasts!” He exclaimed enthusiastically. I checked Petas bra, “She is also a size 44D.” I said happily.
Once we had removed all of their clothing, we rolled them onto their knees, and began massaging their pussies. Once we got them good and wet, we pulled down our pants and shorts, and released our erect 18 in 36 cm cocks.
We walked in front the girls to show them the monsters that would soon be ramming them, and their eyes bulged at the sight. “We just thought you would to see what’s about to be shoved inside of you.” Kane said gleefully.
The girls started shaking their heads vehemently no. “We weren’t asking your opinion, we just wanted you to see what we’re ramming into you.” I said sternly. With that we aligned our cocks with their entrance, and gave a mighty thrust of our hips.
A muffled scream tore through the girls as we ripped through their virginity. We were only half way inside them when we bottomed out. We pounded harder and faster, forcing ourselves deeper inside them.
We broke through their cervix and into their wombs, thrusting harder and harder until we were both balls deep inside them. “Now that we’re finally inside you two, it’s time fuck your pussies hard and fill your unprotected wombs with our seed.” I said in delight. The girls gave muffled cries of protest and again shook their heads vigorously no. We ignored them as we roughly fucked them, massaging their breasts as we raped them.
“So fucking tight, I’m cumming!” We exclaimed in unison, just before we slammed hard into them and ejaculated into their unprotected wombs.
“Seems like we’re identical in how we rape our bitches bro.” I said amused.
“Yeah I know, it sure seemed that way.” Kane replied thoughtfully.
“Yeah that was a little creepy, knowing exactly what your doing because I’m doing it the same time you’re doing it.” I replied. “Yeah, but you have to admit though, it was pretty awesome raping the girls in unison like that.” Kane said with a grin. “Yeah it was, maybe if we’re lucky, we can knock them up at the same time too.” I said wistfully.
“OK boys, as much as I want to let you two stay balls deep inside their pussies, it’s time to take them to their new home.” Dad said cheerfully.
Reluctantly we pulled out of them, put our clothes on, grabbed the sacks, and with some help from dad, quickly shoved the girls into them. After we placed them both in the van, we settled down for the long trip to the cabin.
“Hey Dad, how come you made us wait until now to rape the girls?” I asked. “I wanted you two to be ready Kade. Once you had your degrees as Gynecologists, I knew you two would be ready to select a woman to rape and breed. Raping and breeding a woman is a special moment in a man’s life, when you claim that woman buy dumping your seed deep inside her, that’s a special moment I wanted you to have with the woman of your dreams. That’s why I had you wait son. The fact that you both chose each others sister to rape and breed has made me the happiest man alive.” Dad said happily.
“I’m so proud of the men you two have become.” Dad said proudly. “Thanks Dad, we won’t let you down.” I said gratefully.
After what felt like an eternity, we finally arrived at the cabin. We quickly grabbed the girls and joined dad as he unlocked the cabin door. Once we were inside the cabin Dad closed and locked the door. Then he quickly went to cellar door and unlocked it for us.
Once we got the girls inside the cellar, he promptly locked the door behind him. “Just a precaution fellas, in case the girls somehow managed to get free from their bonds.” He said.
“Makes sence Dad.” Kane said. It did make sense, the last thing we wanted was for the girls to escape and ruin our plans of breeding them.
With this in mind we took the girls to the mattresses, each with two sheets and a blanket, and took the girls out of the sacks.
The girls looked around frantically, looking for any means of escape. “Your not going anywhere!” I said in a harsh voice. “This is your new home, where you’ll be staying until we say otherwise.” Kane said sternly.
Dad stepped forward and handed us both a bottle of fertility pills. “Make them take one each day.” He said firmly. He then handed us both a water bottle. “Now would be a good time to make them take one.” He said. With that we removed their gags and forced them to take the pill.
“You planned to kidnap and rape us, just so you could force us to have your kids?” Peta asked. “That’s right.” I said smugly. “You can’t do this to us!” She shouted. I shoved the gag back into her mouth and made sure I tightly secured it in place. “Listen up bitch, not only can we do this to you two, we’re going to continue doing this to you until we get you two knocked up, and there’s nothing you two can do to stop us.” I said harshly. I glanced over and saw that Kane had gagged Kate again as well.
I then untied Petas legs and led her to the bathroom so she could relieve herself. After I finished cleaning her up, Kane brought Kate in so she could relieve herself. By the time Kane had finished cleaning her up, I had Peta back on the mattress and was tying her knees and ankles together. While Kane was in the process of tying up Kates knees and ankles together, I decided to use the bathroom. After washing my hands I walked out to find Kane waiting to use the bathroom as well. After he washed his hands and came out, I went up to him and said, “Let’s rape them.” With that he and I took off our clothes, walked over to the girls, rolled them onto their knees, and rammed our cocks balls deep into their pussies.
We fucked them hard and fast, pulling their backs against our chests so we could force ourselves deeper into their pussies. “You may as well get used to us raping you bitches, we really enjoy raping you so we’re going to enjoy knocking you up.” I said lustfully. .
We pounded into them faster and faster, until we plunged deep into their pussies, and shot our sperm deep into their fertile wombs.
We collapsed on top of them, enjoying the feeling of being balls deep inside their pussies. We both waited until we got soft and then pulled out.
“That was epic man!” I declared exhilarated. “You said it man, that was the best!” Kane replied happily. As we celebrated raping the girls, we heard the door to the cellar being unlocked. Dad came in and said, “Breakfast is ready fellas, and I have a surprise for you two.” We hurried up stairs to see what Dad had for us. When we got to the kitchen Dad was waiting with two dark blue robes in his hands. He held them out to us and said, “Here, put these on. I think you will find it much easier to rape the girls if you only have a robe to take off.”
“Hah! You just don’t want to look at us because you know our cocks are bigger than yours!” I said teasingly. “Hey! Watch it pal! That’s hitting below the belt!” He said with mock seriousness. “We know!” We replied jokingly. The three of us burst into laughter. It was just after we graduated High School when Kane and I got into a silly little argument over who had the biggest cock. Dad soon got tired of that and decided to settle the matter once and for all. He grabbed a measuring tape and measured our cocks. “Your cocks are exactly the same size, so no more arguing over which of you has the biggest cock, especially since they’re both bigger then mine!” Dad exclaimed. Then he paused, realizing what he just said. We both realized
he hadn’t ment to say that last part out loud. “That stays between us.” He said firmly. We agreed, but we still tease him about it.
“In all seriousness Dad, thank you for the robes, it’s a bit chilly down in the cellar.” I said after our laughter had died down. “I know, that’s why I also got each of you a pair of these.” He said, holding up a matching pair of house slippers in each hand. ” Thanks Dad!” Kane and I said while putting our robes and slippers on. “You’re welcome! Now let’s eat! You both have a big day of raping the girls ahead of you! Dad said cheerfully. Once we finished eating our breakfast, Kane and I started making breakfast for the girls.
Once their food was ready, we placed it on trays and took it to the girls, with Dad locking the door behind us.
Once the girls were fed we gagged them and raped them until we passed out balls deep inside their pussies. Dad woke us up for lunch.
While eating lunch with Dad, I decided to ask him a question that I had been meaning to ask him for a while now. “Dad, don’t you miss raping our mother?” I asked. Dad was thoughtful for a moment. “Yeah Kade, I do.” He answered.
“Why did you let her go then?” I asked curiously. “Your mother wanted nothing to do with you kids, I forced her to give you kids nourishment, but she refused to love you. So when you kids were 9 months old, I got rid of her.” He said.
“Did you kill her?” I asked. “No son, I did not kill your mother, I dressed her like a slut and took her home. Real men don’t commit murder, remember that.” He said sternly. “Yes sir.” We said solemnly.
We finished eating our lunch in silence, then we began making lunch for the girls. Once again we put their food on the trays, and brought it to them. After we finished feeding them, we shoved their gags back in their mouths and tightly secured them in place.
We then flipped them over and rammed our cocks into their pussies. You could hear skin slapping against skin as we hammered relentlessly into them. Soon we reached our climax and shot load after load of our sperm deep inside their pussies.
When we made no effort to pull, the girls started squirming in a futile effort to dislodge us. “Hey Kade, I think the girls want us to rape them again.” Kane said mischievously. “Well, we are quite happy to oblige.” I said cheerfully. So we continued to rape them until we passed out balls deep inside their pussies. We woke up when Dad came to get us for dinner.
As we ate dinner, Dad surprised us by saying surprised us by saying, “Fellas, I’ve been thinking about our conversation at lunch, and I’ve decided that should I meet your mother again Kade, I will kidnap her so I can rape her again.”
“That’s great Dad! She needs to be raped by you!” I said enthusiastically. The rest of the meal went by with us talking excitedly about how Dad would go about kidnapping my mother if he ever met her again.
Then it was time to make dinner for the girls. Just like with breakfast and lunch, we put their food on the trays and took it to them. After we finished feeding them, we put their gags back in their mouths and tightly secured them in place.
Then I untied Petas legs and took her to the bathroom and helped her relieve herself and cleaned her up. While I took her back to her mattress and tied her up, Kane had untied Kate and helped her to the bathroom so that he could help her relieve herself and clean her up. While He took her back to her mattress and tied her up, I relieved myself and washed my hands and Kane relieved himself and washed his hands.
“OK girls, it’s time to rape you two again.” I said cheerfully. We thrust hard into them, and kept hammering deeper and deeper inside them until we released load after load of sperm into their fertile wombs and passed out balls deep in their pussies.
Each day pretty much went by the same as the last, force the girls to swallow their fertility pill first thing in the morning, gag them again and help them relieve themselves, clean them up, tie them up, relieve ourselves and wash our hands, rape them until we pass out balls deep inside their pussies, eat breakfast, feed the girls breakfast, gag them and rape them until we passed out balls deep inside their pussies, eat lunch, feed the girls lunch, gag them and rape them until we passed out balls deep inside their pussies, eat dinner, feed the girls dinner, gag them and help them to relieve themselves, clean them up, tie them up, relieve ourselves and wash our hands, then rape the girls until we pass out balls deep inside their pussies.
Everything was pretty much routine until the day we discovered that the girls had been forced to take the last of their fertility pills the day before.
“We’ll have to ask Dad for more if their not pregnant yet.” Kane said with a sigh. “The girls still need water pills or no pills.” I replied.
We went to the girls and removed their gags to give them some water, and they promptly rolled over and puked into the buckets Dad had placed for them.
We got a couple of wet washcloths and used them to wash their mouths and faces.
“I think we may have finally knocked them up!” I said excitedly. “I think it’s time to use the pregnancy tests Dad gave us!” Kane said gleefully. Dad had made sure that Kane and I both had three pregnancy tests, so that when we suspected we had knocked the girls up, we would be able to confirm it. As soon as got my pregnancy tests, I untied Petas legs, took her to the bathroom and made her pee on all three of them.
Once I finished cleaning her up, Kane did the same with Kate. As soon as he finished cleaning her up, we took the girls back to the mattresses and tied them up again. “Must you always keep tying us up?” Kate asked. “Absolutely! We can’t have you girls trying to get away!” I replied. “You can’t keep us here forever!” She cried. “You’re not really in any position to be telling us what we can or cannot do dear sister.” I said sternly. The girls looked at each other, a look of realization in their eyes. “You bitches belong to us, and if you behave yourselves we might consider untying you.” I said coldly.
After putting the girls in their place we went to check on the pregnancy tests, all six were positive. We started whooping and hollering, we made such a commotion, Dad came down to what was up. “We did it Dad! We knocked them up! They’re pregnant!” Kane and I said excitedly.
“Congratulations fellas! I’m so proud of you!” He said happily. Then he handed each of us another bottle of pills. “Force the girls to take them. They’re pre-natal pills. Give them one now, and then come up for breakfast.” He said cheerfully. “Thanks Dad! We’ll be up soon!” I replied. After we made the girls take the pills, we helped them releave themselves, cleaned them up, tied them up, and then joined Dad for breakfast. We celebrated getting the girls pregnant. “I hope you fellas realize you’ll have to take extra care of them now. They will need extra food, and extra trips to the bathroom as their pregnancy progresses.” Dad informed us. “Thanks for the heads up Dad. Speaking of bathrooms Dad, you might want to consider adding another bathroom to the cellar. Kane and I have managed to work out a routine that seems to work for now, however a second bathroom would definitely make it easier to take care of the girls.” I said persuasively. “You have a point there son, I’ll have to look into it. In the meantime keep doing what your doing until l can make that upgrade.” He replied.
We finished eating and started making breakfast for the girls. “So what are fellas hoping to get, a boy or a girl?” Dad asked. “I want a girl. As soon as she’s old enough, I want to start tying her up so she’ll get used being tied up every day.” Kane answered. “I want a boy. I hope you’ll allow him to use your girl to practice tying girls up so he’ll be ready to kidnap and breed the woman of his dreams.” I replied.
“Of course! I’ll even hold her in place for him while he ties her up for the first time!” Kane answered excitedly. “Awsome! I can hardly wait!” I replied enthusiastically.
“Slow down my sons, don’t get ahead of yourselves, your kids haven’t even been born yet. Wait until they get here and then start making plans for them. Who knows you both might end up with both a boy and a girl like I did.” Dad cautioned.
With that in mind we finished preparing the girls food and brought it down to them. After we finished feeding them, we relieved ourselves and washed our hands. Dad came down and asked us if we could help him with a project he was working on. We were more then happy to help him out. The project he was working on was building a 7ft fence around the back portion of the cabin. “What’s the fence for Dad?” I asked curiously. “Well son, I’ve decided to get a breeding dog.” He answered. Seeing the stunned looks on our faces he explained, “An old acquaintance of mine owns a pure bred Great Dane stud dog. He’s proven to be too much for her to handle, so I decided to help her out by taking him off her hands. The money we’ll make from his stud fees will go towards renovating the cellar.”
“Awesome Dad! let’s do it!” Kane and I exclaimed. With that we got to work on building the fence. We were half way done when we paused for lunch. After we ate our lunch and fed the girls we got back to work. We finished the fence by dinner time. We ate dinner, then made dinner for the girls. After we fed them we helped them releave themselves, cleaned them up, tied them up, then we relieved ourselves and washed our hands.
The days seemed to fly by, every morning we forced the girls to take their pre-natal pills, then we’d help them relieve themselves, clean them up, tie them up, relieve ourselves and wash our hands. Eat and feed them breakfast, eat and feed them lunch, eat and feed them dinner, help them relieve themselves and clean them up, tie them up, relieve ourselves and wash our hands. In our free time we would watch Buck rape my mother.
That’s right, Dad kidnapped her and took her dog. She was getting ready to neuter Buck because he kept trying rape her. Now Dad is making money of his stud fees, and helps Buck rape my mother. He makes her wear a collar with her arms securely tied behind her back. He uses a leash to secure her in place so Buck can easily rape her. He also made sure she was fully gagged so she couldn’t tell Buck to get off of her.
She had bought Buck as a guard dog and now, she was his bitch. Dad praises Buck and gives him a treat every time he rapes and knots her. Dad said he was going to keep the horniest male pup Buck sires from his last litter for a stud, and to make my mother is raped by a dog for the rest of her days.
As the days went by, true to what Dad said, the amount of food we had to feed them increased, along with the number of times we had to relieve them and clean them up.
We watched their bellies get bigger and bigger, knowing that soon we would be delivering our babies into the world. The girls were forced to take the last of their pre-natal pills the day before, so we knew the kids were about due. We had grabbed some water for the girls when we heard them cry out. We rushed to their sides, they both looked at us and said, “The babies are coming!”
We quickly untied their legs and got ready to deliver the babies. Dad came down to offer his encouragement. After what seemed like an eternity, we helped the girls safely deliver our children into the world.
Kane was the proud father of a beautiful baby girl weighing 9 pounds 9 ounces, and I was the proud father a handsome baby boy weighing 9 pounds 9 ounces. Both born at the exact same time.
We were baffled at first as to why Jake and Jane were born so big, then Dad explained that it was probably a result of the pre-natal pills.
We’ve been feeding the girls a healthy diet which, along with the pre-natal pills, would have been perfect for twins, but since there was only one child in their wombs the infants end up getting more vitamins then they needed, resulting in a bigger baby. Anyways, Kate and Peta are doing fine, the best part is they love their baby, even asked if we would untie them so could hold their child. Which we did. We had to tie them up again for breastfeeding though, at the girls request.
That’s right, Kate and Peta ask us to tie them up to feed the kids. They say it makes their breasts more accessible to the kids.
Kane and I aren’t complaining, it’s truly amazing holding our kids their mothers breasts so they can nurse, and while our kids are feeding, we latch on to the nipple they’re not occupying, and help ourselves to some warm milk. Because of this the girls have started referring to us as their man babies.
Dad says he’s proud of the girls, they finally enjoy being tied up and gagged.
It’s been 9 months since the kids were born, Kane and I can’t wait until Jake is old enough to start tying up Jane. We’re hoping to start them as early as 6 so that will see tying up girls as being normal, and Jane will accept being tied up as being normal. The sooner the better. The End.

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