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i fucked my GILF neighbour

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16 year old me fucked the beautiful 60 year old who lives opposite me

although she was 60 kelly was still hot. she had a flat stomach big breasts and an amazing ass. she would usually chill in her front yard right opposite my house. she would also always wear a night gown with only her lingerie on underneath. i could see her perfectly from my bed room window and as a usual teenage boy would do i jerked of to her when i saw her. some times her gown would open and she wouldnt notice. that turned me on so much and made me cum so fast.
one day when i was jerking off i closed my eyes imagining me fucking her tits with my 6 inch cock. when i opened my eyes she was staring right at me with a shocked expression on her face. our eyes locked and i came. i quickly ducked down but it was too late. she had already seen me. she came marching across the street and rang the door bell. luckily i was home alone so my family wouldn’t have herd that i was jerking of to her. i opened the door with only my boxers on. she barged into the house and started to lecture me about what i did was wrong. but while she was scolding me her gown was still undone. i was staring at her cleavage and my dick became hard as a rock. she saw the tent on my boxers and said ” are you serious, i just told you that its wrong”. i didn’t care what she said and i instantly pulled of her bra and sucked her nipples. he tried to push me of but i lathed on and humped her leg. i could tell she was starting to get aroused because her nipples got hard and she stopped resisting. she finally gave in and said i could fuck her. i was exited because i had never fucked a real women before, just my 8 year old cousin. she said i had to follow her rules. the first rule was to wait one hour and then go to her house opposite the street. i waited patiently for an hour and bolted to her house when it was finally over. i eagerly knocked on the door and waited for her to open it

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