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i fucked my GILF neighbour pt2

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when she opened the door she was wearing a latex dress and had her greying blonde hair in a bun. she grabbed my ear and pulled me into her house. she made be bend over a table and pulled my shorts down. “im going to teach you a lesson about being a dirty pervert young man”. she spanked my bear ass with a leather paddle i begged her to stop but she said she wouldn’t stop until i started calling her mommy. “please stop mommy” i said and she called me a good boy. i stood up and my dick was pointing towards her. she looked at it in disgust. “how dare you get hard in front of me, the only time you should get hard for a lady is when you fuck her. so fuck me now you naughty boy.” i immediately mounted her and fucked her like and animal. she was so wet it slid in and out like water fall. her legs were wrapped around her waist and her arms pushing my head into her breasts. i started to suck her nipple like a new born and milk started to come out. it was sweet and thick. i kept some in my mouth and gave her a passionate kiss. she drank her own milk and sucked on my tongue felt i was about to cum so i pulled out. she dragged me closer and forced my dick inside her again. we kissed again as i came inside of her. she told me not to worry because she was too old to get pregnant anyways. i pulled out of her and i was still hard. she still hadnt orgasmed yet so i ate her out while she sucked my dick after a minute or so her legs tensed and she squeezed my head with her legs. she squirted into my mouth and i could taste her jucies mixed with mine. i was also about to cum to she got on her knees and i coated her face in thick white cum. as i was leaving the house she said, “i expect to see you here every saturday and whenever i tell you so, if not i will not hesitate to tell your mother.” “yes mommy” i replied an headed home.

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    wow good boy