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Growing up with “Dr. Jenny”

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I grew up in the Rocky Mountains of Colorado. My sister, my girlfriend, and I were always hanging out together. My girlfriend Jenny was a genius. She was the daughter of a doctor and as a kid she was always a bookworm reading about something. She was always interested in the human body. She was always reading her Dad’s medical journals and books. When we were 8 she asked if she could see my penis. Never hearing that word I asked “My what?” “Your thing. The thing you pee from.”, she said. I showed her. She looked at it. “Can I touch it?”, she asked. “Sure” I said. She examined it like a doctor. Touching my nuts also and seeing how they feel. A weird feeling came over me. Strange feelings I never felt before. She started moving it back and forth. It felt good. Felt even better when she squeezed and caressed the tip. “Well pull your pants down.”, I said. She did for me and showed her little baldy. When I felt it she jerked back little “You ok?”, I asked. She said she was it just felt funny at first. I did it again this time I noticed a little wetness. I kept feeling it and she moaned and her breathing changed. “You sure you’re okay?”, I asked. She said she was. We saw her parents coming and I zipped up real quick.

Years later we were in the tree house Dad built for the kids. Her and I were up there talking. She asked if I ever kissed a girl before. I said, “no” “Do you want to?” She asked. “Depends. Who is the girl?”, I said jokingly. She punched me in the arm. “Me you idiot!”, she said and laughed. I said, “ow! Damn!” She grabbed my shirt and really laid it into me. Something came over me. A warmth over my whole body everytime she kissed me. We were like 12 but she could kiss. She started trying to push her tongue into my mouth and it was great. Our tongues meeting together. Dancing together. I started to feel her budding breasts over her t-shirt. She giggled and kind of shyed away. I said, “Come on don’t stop. This is great.” She said, “Who is stopping?” and took her shirt off. Her cute little breasts were so firm in my hand. I went for broke and tried sticking my hand down her pants. That was when she stopped me. She said she got her period. Not a bookworm like she was I asked what that was. I got a 10 minute lecture on women’s menstrual cycles. “Ok ok. You didn’t have to give me the whole spiel.”, I said and laughed. That’s just the way she was. She was kind of a serious. I was one of the few people that saw her playful side. We continued kissing and she undid my jeans. They dropped and she grabbed my dick and started rubbing it. I really hadn’t started masturbating yet but her hand job felt wonderful. My breathing got faster. I started kissing her harder. I felt my body tense up and seize and she gave me my first orgasm. I let out a “ahhh” as I came. Of course “Dr Jenny” found it so interesting. Looking at my sperm and studying it. Lol. She was weird as a kid but I loved her. “Taste it”, I said. “Why don’t you?” she said jokingly. I told her “eh…no.” She laughed. She took my dick and licked the head. “Damn!”, I thought. I was not expecting that. I thought she was going to taste a dab from her finger. She licked my dick clean. It was getting about dinner time so I had to go back home. We got dressed and I kissed her forehead and left.
The next day my younger sister Mary and I were just looking through some old stuff. We found this weird box thing our dad had. It looked like the tape or something. We had no clue what it was. We took it to Jenny to see if she knew what it was. We thought it was plans for something because it had “Project Ginger” written on it. Jenny knew what it was right away. It was a VHS tape. “A what?”, I said. Her dad had a VHS player in storage and Jenny set it up for us. Jenny and I sat next to each other as it started. All three of us were shocked when we found out it was a porn movie. Mary being only 8 was grossed out and left. Jenny and I were alone. Her parents were both out so we sat and watched it. I put my arm around her. I could feel a bulge in my pants as we were watching people on TV having sex. She put her hand on my crotch and asked “what was going on here?” I unzipped my pants. She grabbed my dick and started masturbating me as we watched. Both of us we’re virgins. So it was kind of neat seeing the things we could do with each other on TV. Two girls were eating each other out and she asked if I would do that to her. “You said yesterday you’re on your period and gave me the whole spiel of what that was.” I said and laughed. “I lied” she said. She was afraid of how far it would go. She doesn’t seem to afraid now. She dropped her pants and her cute little pussy was right before me. She was still pretty much bald but was getting a few hairs in. I did a “Dr Jenny” and was just studying it like she would. It smelled wonderful. Opening her lips up and looking inside. “Lick it” she said. “Lick it like in the movie!” I was an amateur at this. Never did this before. So I pretty much just licked everywhere. Sticking my tongue in her hole. She let out a sigh in frustration. “Lick here!” She demanded pointing to her clit. I laughed. It was funny and cute seeing her get frustrated. Like boys are just supposed to know how to do that. I found her clit and started licking on it. She let out a gasp. She told me to change positons and we were in a 69 on the couch. She started blowing me. She wasn’t very good at it so I told her what felt good and she did it. She was licking the head and going down. She kept gagging. I asked if she was okay and she said she was trying to see how far down she could go. She asked me to suck on her clit so I did. She let out a loud moan. I took two fingers and shoved it in her virgin pussy. I started finger fucking her as I sucked her clit. I could feel her shaking. She sat up and let out a loud moan as she came. She recovered and turned around. She started kissing me. “Lets do it.” She said. My idiot 12-year-old mind could not grasp what she was suggesting. “Huh. Do what?”, I said. “Come on lets do it like on tv.”, she said. I was excited but nervous. “But isn’t that how you get pregnant?”I said. She told me to relax and she hasn’t even started having her period yet. “Damn she is a good liar”, I thought. “Do you really think we should?” I said. Frustrated she said, “YES… I….DO!” She smiled. This was the first and only time a girl had to beg me to have sex with her. LMAO. I was a naive 12-year-old nervous about losing my virginity. “But um…”, I stammered. She wasn’t going to hear any more of this BS. She just took the lead and grabbed my still hard penis and guided into herself. She gasped as the head entered into her hole. Then she took it further and deeper. I could tell by her facial expressions that hurt a little bit. She did as much as she could take at first and just let go as she got used to it. My dick in her tight pussy felt so good. I told her to switch positions. She got on the bottom. It was such a turn on watching my dick enter it’s first pussy. She was making “uh uh” sounds as I rocked the cock. I came down to her face and we started making out while I did her. I got back up and just started ramming it into her as hard as I could. She loved it. I felt her tunnel become even more slick as she came. She threw her arms up wanting me to come down and she kissed me madly. I got back up and continued pounding her. I felt my body tensing up. I knew I was about to come. I think she could tell and grabbed my head and pulled it down and started French kissing me again. Her tight walls and the feeling of our tongues together was just too much. I exploded into her. The feeling was just amazing. We got dressed and I laid next to her and we cuddled. All was right with the world. We were both in love with each other and lost our virginity to the person we love the most.

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  • Reply Enomax01 ID:mzgdgcd2

    Amazing story that managed to be a real romantic thriller even though that was not the intention of the writer. Loved it to bits but feel like it was rushed towards the end. The comments from the writer on the comments section should have been part of the story.

  • Reply skimofkr ID:29khf7dt0d

    I hope little Mary gets a turn.

  • Reply JeffCity ID:161rgapbd9i

    I think that it is so cool the two of you are still together. It was more of a biography of the two of you and your self initiation into sexual awareness. I often wonder if what would have happened if I was with a girl instead of a older woman when I first had my first orgasm. I have many stories if any women want to hear them. Guys have to wait until I write them. [email protected]

  • Reply Mike ID:4o717tkqm

    You are very lucky! You better marry that girl! I had a virgin girl who was the same way. Very curious and very eager to lose her virginity. We weren’t in love though like you two seem to be.

    • Jeff R.N. ID:4o717tkqm

      We were going to mention it but there was nothing really sexy about it. Plus we didn’t want to make the story a tearjerker. We broke up for about 8 years after High School. Her dad didn’t like the fact that I was joining the Marines. I joined basically to pay for college to become an RN. I went to Iraq and Afghanistan as a combat medic. After college my mom told me Jennifer’s dad was looking for a nurse to work with him. It was all bs. I told her I would never work for him especially after what happened. I don’t want to stir at all those feelings again. I was devastated and she broke up with me. My mom under the pretense of a family get together had Jenny and her dad over for dinner. All it took was for me to see her again. This tough Marine broke down in tears like a child. We hugged and I gave her the biggest kiss. I told her how much I missed her. She did the same. Her dad actually apologized to me and said he was wrong about me. So we’ve been back together about a year. Dr Jenny is actually becoming a doctor. She has about a year left of residency. Then we plan to get married. Believe it or not she helped me write this. It was fun for us reliving the memories of our first time.

    • Gonzo ID:7ylrenaoib

      Wow what an amazing story but I have to wonder being both in the medical field and doesn’t know what a paragraph is ( barely )
      Aside from that I thought the story was really , really good and from what i read from your comments i wished you had put your comment in the story as they would of went well. It is amazing the both of you had gotten back together thus family member can be the worst obstacle in a relationship. I am vey happy for your engagement and may your future be blessed as mine was.
      PS. Pls do not forget to have fun and LIVE as corporate life can drain the fucking hell out of the both of you and is not worth all the money in the world.

    • Jenny ID:4o717tkqm

      Hey Gonzo look for our new one. My fiancee worked on it tonight explaining how I dumped him and we got back together. Btw Jeff never was a great writer. Thanks for your nice comments. Jenny

  • Reply Lisa ID:2a7mhgyb0b

    Wow what an amazing story! So hot made me jerk off twice to it. Can’t wait to hear more hopefully with another friend joining in! Message me if you want to exchange stories [email protected] I’m 15 and have lots of stories too

    • A ID:7ylrenaoib

      Your name is Lisa and your jerked off. What the fuck is wrong with this picture guy/girl or what ever the fuck your are.

    • Jenny ID:4o717tkqm

      Uh no. Jeff and I love each other. We don’t need a third party. I agree with A. how are you a Lisa but you jerk off? Must be a hermaphrodite. Lol