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Grandpa’s are the best 4: Jerry thinks it’s time to retire baby making

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Jerry has been on cloud nine this past year. Alexis had the twins, two girls and had one on the way. Jenny had her girl and was pregnant agian. Emily was due anytime. Alice had the only boy this year. Carol is due twins in the fall. Jerry has been busy. Alice won’t let Tommy touch her she wants the next baby by Jerry. Now Jenny wants one by Ethan next. Then Carol told Tommy he could get her pregnant next. So Tommy asked his mother if he could do the same to her. Both mothers told the boys at they let them it will be thier last. Alexis said 7 kids is enough. And Carol agreed 6 was enough for her but if daddy wanted she would differently go to eight and not one more. All the women and girls that grew hair between thier legs got it lasered cause shaving was to much of a pain.

This morning Alice walked into breakfast and told everyone next baby will be buy grandpa. Then Jerry told everyone one. He was going to retire making babies. Emily piped up and said not before I get another from you and Alice said she wanted two from him so hold on. It was Carol to speak blushing the boys can wait. I need one or two more before you close up shop. Alexis said under her breath ( fuck it) I want one more from you too. Then two moms agreed then one from each boy and done period. Jenny was last to speak. She told everyone one, once grandpa is done with your request, you will all find your own rooms, because grandpa was going to be all hers and that’s final. Jerry was shocked he asked her what about more kids for you. She giggled kissed him and said if the day comes maybe Alice’s son could do it. But you’re mine. Then she kissed him and pulled him up stairs.

When they reached thier room Jenny got on her hands and knees and pointed her ass a Jerry. She looked so sexy. She said in a sexy voice my ass grandpa it’s been awhile I need it. Jerry wasted no time to lick it and lube up. They were so loud everyone in the house could hear. So Alice went up to watch and wait for her turn.

Downstairs the women were getting so hot hearing this. Alexis told Emily get your brother ready. She jumped at. Tommy needed no help her leaned his mother over the table and started pounding. Ethan was ready and leaned his mother over too and started pounding. Little Emily felt left out. Her aunt Carol told her hop up and lay facing your mom. She did as told and Carol started eating away on her niece. Alexis saw it and leaned down to kiss her daughter. In between kisses Emily told her mom this is fantastic. Asked her mom to try. Alexis thought why not turn around. So her mom was eating her liike a pro. Her aunt was kissing her and sucking her nubbins. It was at that moment Emily screeched. Everything stopped. Emily’s water broke.

Nine hours later Emily’s little one came into the world. Everyone was excited. They are happy and excited for every baby born. They are loving this big family.

Once the girls were home. They had a family meeting. The big bunk house needed completely redone. Its two story and a lot of rooms. Jerry told Alice if she wanted anyone to be in her room let him know and same for everyone else. The babies will share rooms. New rules also. 1 if you’re horny take it to your room. 2 if you want to walk around naked it’s fine. 3 for rule number 2 if anyone is bringing company call first. 4 if there is company you will be clothed. 5 the babies will not be touched till they are older if they want to join. 6 no playing where little ones can see. 7 the boys or girls are not allowed to force anyone who says no. There are to many women here to force anyone.

So a year has passed Jenny had a son, Alexis had 2 boys. The doctor missed a heart beat. Carol had a boy and a girl. Emily was pregnant agian Alice too was pregnant by grandpa this time. The boys were finally allowed to fuck the girls properly agian. Jerry rotated who shared his and Jenny’s bed. Emily also only wanted grandpa. Her and Jenny discussed it and Jenny was fine with it.

Emily looked at her grandpa and asked him about how Jenny took it in the ass. He had Jenny explain it. Emily said she wanted to try. Jerry told Jenny to get her ready. Jenny started licking her ass and putting fingers in her. Jerry came back with KY. Jenny took it and began to lube them up. Jerry ask Emily if she was sure. She said yes grandpa if Jenny can I can too. With that Jenny helped grandpa line up and said push. It was hard and a little painful. Once his head popped in Emily let out a scream. Alexis and Carol came in to make sure she was ok. They saw thier dad going into her ass. Both mothers walked to the bed side and consoled her. Tell her to relax it will feel good in a minute. Carol said I’ll help and sat in front of Emily and grabbed her head to push it to her pussy. Emily got the hint and started licking her aunt. By now her grandpa was balls deep in her ass and waiting till she adjusted. Jenny climbed under Emily and started to lick her. Alexis didn’t want left out so she sat on Carol’s face. At first Carol was shocked but then thought(I’ve licked and fucked everone else) but they’ve never done anything. Carol started eating away. Jerry had a good rythem going but seeing his girls eating each other was to much and he cam. Emily said grandpa that felt so good but can we do this again much later her bottom hurt a little.

Before Jenny could get his cock her mom leaned over to clean him. So Jenny started on her aunt. Before Jenny noticed anything her mom had moved to eating her. Then Jerry shoved his dick in Alexis’s ass causing her to moan out loud. They all fucked for an hour then fell to sleep.

Maybe a final part. All depends on you. Plus thank you for

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