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Grandpa moves in – Part 2 and 3

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Grandpa’s first night living at our house- nothing would ever be the same.

Part 2- Movie night

As I helped mom with dinner, my little girl clitty throbbed. I tried to focus on what mom was talking to me about, but all I could do was think about how grandpa was unbuttoning my shorts, what was going to happen? Then I thought of Grandpa and Alison him kissing her, touching her little girl parts and using those things in the chest on or in her, I don’t even know. It was the first time that I could remember being jealous to the point that I wanted him to know that I didn’t like that he touched her. I was jealous that he had touched her and not me. Was she prettier than I am, was she nicer, did he love her more than he loved me?

Mom said she had planned for us to have a fun movie night. After dinner was cleaned up, we all met back on the large sectional in the family room. I had run to the other end of the house to change into my nightgown, which was just one of dad’s old t-shirts, I grabbed my pillow and blanket and headed back to the family room. Mom and Dad had cuddled up at one end, I laid on the middle sectional and my grandpa was at my feet on the chaise lounge. The movie started and my Dad flipped off the lights, the TV was the only thing giving off any light.

I was laying on my tummy, and every so often I felt Grandpa pull my legs closer to him. I eventually ended up with my legs in his lap as he pulled the bottom half of the blanket so it covered his lap and my bottom half. Grandpa was massaging my feet and then my calf muscles. He took my foot and rubbed the top of my foot over the hard bulge in his pants. I looked over at Mom and Dad, and Dad was asleep of course. Mom asked if we wanted more popcorn and grandpa asked for more with extra butter knowing that would give him 5 minutes alone with me. As soon as mom was out of site, I heard grandpa’s zipper as he pulled it down. He took my two feet placing them on either side of his hard length, and rub them up and down his hard cock. He rubbed them all the way to the top and over the head leaving my feet wet with precum. He knew he was running out of alone time with me, as he released my feet from around his cock, bent down pulling my panties to the side. He quietly gasped as he saw my little girl cunt for the first time. He ran two fingers up and down my slit, and moaned softly as he found my pussy hole was wet. He wondered what the moment had been that made his little princess wet. As he rubbed up and down my slit, he pressed in slightly every time he his fingers ran across my hole. The microwave beeped from the other rooms, and grandpa reached up on the sides of my hips pulling my panties down and off. I scooted forward a bit so it looked like I was in the same as when mom left. Still laying on my tummy, I looked back at Grandpa over my shoulder. He looked down at me and stuck the two fingers the has rimmed my girl hole and stuck them in his mouth. Next he smelled my panties and slowly licked the center of them. He had put them in his pocket right as mom walked in with the popcorn.

I fell.asleep by the end of the movie, I heard grandpa and mom talking, but kept my eyes closed listening to their conversation. Grandpa told mom that he would carry me to my room and put me to bed. Mom told grandpa that would be wonderful so she could make sure the doors were locked and lights were off before going to bed. He picked me up carefully keeping my legs together so mom didn’t see my panties were missing. As we reached my room, he whispered “Sweetheart, are. you really asleep?” I stayed silent, wanting to see what he would do if he thought I was asleep. He laid me down, and pulled the covers over me, he bent down kissed my forehead, and told me he loved me. I heard him walk towards my door and stop, he walked back to be. Kissing my lips softly, he pulled back but hovered over me, moving the blanket back gently bending one leg at my knee, opening me up I felt my l His head lowered between my legs and he moaned. I assumed he was looking at my bald cunny again, I heard him take a big breath in through his nose. He moved my leg back under the covers and walked towards his room.

As I fell asleep that first night , I didn’t know that this would be the last day that I wouldn’t know what a grown man’s fingers felt like in my pussy, the last night that I didn’t know how a grown man’s tongue would feel as it licked and tongued my baby cunt. The next morning everything would be different, the way that I looked at men and what they needed would be forever changed.

Part 3-Summer Vacation

One reason why Grandpa living us would be great was so that he could be home with me while my parents were working. I was getting older, but not old enough to leave by myself all day long. Grandpa has moved in on a Friday which was my last day of school, but Monday would be the first official day of Summer. The weekend was full of him staring at me, flirting with me, he walked in on me changing and he saw me in just panties and once walked in while I was peeing.

I woke up Monday morning as my parents were getting ready to head out the door. I sat at the kitchen island eating my cereal and reading the back of the box as my parents kissed me on the forehead and gave Grandpa final instructions. Grandpa walked into the kitchen and asked what I wanted to do today, I told him that I wanted one day of doing nothing but watching tv, I just wanted to be lazy and stay in pjs all day. Grandpa smiled and told me he loved that idea and he would meet me back in front of the TV in 5 minutes.

I brushed my teeth, grabbed my pillow and blanket and flopped back on the sectional. Grandpa laid on the other end of the sectional, and for about an hour we just watched stupid game shows, and flipped through the channels. Grandpa asked if I wanted to watch a movie and I told him I was bored of gameshows already. He put a DVD in and told me this was his favorite movie – It was Russian, but it had subtitles. He told me that I would be able to tell what was going on even without sound. It was called Russkaya Lolita. It was about a man who is being staying at a home of a mother and young daughter. I thought it started out really boring, and I was unhappy about the direction the morning was going, but then the man took off the daughters swim coverup, he rubbed her small boobs and played with her pussy that had a little hair on it. The man slid off his pants and pressed his hard cock up against the young girl. I heard grandpa moan and a smacking sound, I looked over to see grandpas hard cock out of his grey pj pants and he was stroking up and down. He looked at me and told me to watch this was his favorite part. The young girl was laying on a couch naked, and the grown man was on top of her, he shoved his cock in her and fucked her hard. She let out a struggled moan, and arched her back. Grandpa told me that he loved that part because he could tell that she just got her cherry popped. He was still stroking his hard cock, with long slow stokes, he asked me if I ever rubbed my pussy. I hadn’t yet, the first time I thought about it for more than peeing was the first night Grandpa stayed with us. He made a space between his legs for me as he motioned for me to sit between his legs. I nervously moved towards him, before I could back down he told me to take off my sleep shorts. He watched me slide them down, thankful that I still had panties on. I sat down between his legs with my back to his chest. He lifted the back of my tank top I assumed so he could press his naked cock on against me. He had me bend my knees so that my legs and spread them apart. I spread them, but it wasn’t enough, so grandpa corrected my position.

Neither of us was watching the movie at this moment, grandpa kissed the back of my neck as he took my right hand and placed it over my panties and told me to start rubbing “like this ” he said and guides my hand in a circular motion over my pussy. He said just get it warmed up this way, do this until you can’t stand it anymore. I was breathing heavy and squirming, he hummed and said ” you’re almost there….. ” I started to breath heavier and he took my hand off and told me to get my panties off, I lifted my ass and struggled to get them off. Once they were off, I tried to get back in the exact position. Instead of guiding my hand again, he said that I should just watch closely what he does, the first contact of his hand on my cunt sent a shock through me. He rubbed the first circle and I felt his head drop to the back of my head and I heard almost a growl from him. The instructions from him were over, I knew this was no longer a teaching moment. He spread my pussy lips and found my lil nub, he told me it was called my clit, and it was the center of everything. He rubbed it softly, and the feeling made me instantly jerked forward, it was like nothing I had ever felt. Grandpa chuckled and told me it was good a good thing I was so sensitive. He rubbed in a circle over and over, he would dip his finger in my hole to get it more wet. My breathing got heavier and heavier turning into panting, I felt grandpa get harder against my back, he was thrusting his cock into my back and his pace picked up with his fingers. I started to panic with the feeling that was building, It felt like I was climbing up a roller coaster and he was getting me to the top, I squeezed his arm hard as the circles were now quick right to left swips back and forth across my clitty. I shut my eyes as tight as they could good as the feeling of free falling took over- I made a sound that I had never made before- a long guttural sound that made Grandpa say ” fuck yes, baby , Fuck yes ” over and over again until I slumped against him feeling like a lump of clay that had been worked into submission.

To the readers of this very long story- I’m turned on that you’re reading about this time in my life. Once again, I finger fucked myself throughout. I had a vibrating dildo in my pussy for the end paragraph. I wanted to cum at the same time that ten yr old Emmy came. My orgasms have changed as I’ve gotten older, my orgasms at 22 are amazing, but nothing has ever felt so raw and wild as the first time my grandpa made my pussy pulse.

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  • Reply Hugh ID:fygr94m9j

    I know how you feel. I stayed with my cousins during covid and my 11 yo cousins daughter was much the same as you. Her tits were a bit bigger but after she came the first time she couldnt get enough. She wanted me to fuck her but I felt she should save that. I was 67 at the time and still masterbate to her all the time

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    How old is your daughter. I would like both of you

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    I would love to read more about Emmy and grandad . And then progress on to your daughter being played with . I have played with myself while reading this story and I just wish I was the grandad in it . I just hope that you write more to keep this 65 year old mans cock nice and hard .

    • Hornee Mumi ID:7pqxlechr9

      mmmmm, Joe -I love thinking about your 65 year cock jerking off to the story of my grandpa touching me. I’m so horny tonight, I wish you were licking my pussy right now. I guess I’ll continue the story for you instead. Emmy is so close to getting fucked…..

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    You have a daughter, right? I would love to show her and give her a great time like your grandpa did to you.

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      I do, and I would love to watch that.

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    I wish I had a 10yr old Emmy in my life.
    As I said last time,I have stroked whilst reading you amazing life story and shot my bolt on finishing .

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      I thought about you while I wrote this and pictured you jerking off. 10 y Emmy has grown into. 22 y Emmy, but there’s always my dau.

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