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Grandpa moves in- Part 1

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After Grandma dies, Grandpa is so lonely, he moves to be closer to his family… maybe too close to his granddaughter.

When I was ten years old, my grandmother sadly past away. My grandpa was understandably distraught, my parents were really worried about him. They asked him to move in with us because he was lonely, and we had the room in our big house.

It was the last day of school, and I was going to really miss the 4th grade. I was expecting our neighbor lady to pick me up and take me to her house until my parents got home from work like she did everyday after school. My grandpa surprised me and rolled up to the school in his fancy black Lincoln, He got out of his car and with his hands cupped around his mouth yelled “Emmy!.” He waved his hands over his head to help get my attention. I ran squealing ” grandpa! ” as I jumped into his arms. He hugged me close swinging my legs back and forth. He lowered me back down to the pavement and swatted my butt as I ran around to the passenger side of the car.

The air conditioning in grandpas car felt so good after running around at recess at the end of the day. He turned it up a little more when I told him that it felt good. I was wearing a white tank top and pink shorts. I was right in between needing a training bra and not needing one, but my mom hadn’t taken me shopping yet. My tank top had gotten wet playing outside, so my puffy nipples were showing through the fabric. My grandpa squeezed my knee and told me he had missed me since he last saw me. He said ” I’m amazed how much you’ve grown in the few months since I last saw you. You just keep getting prettier and prettier.” I giggled and squirmed a little confused that my private parts felt funny, so funny that as I squirmed in my seat over and over. I tried to put pressure between my little slit and the seam on my shorts.

Grandpa told me as we walked in from the garage that he had just gotten here a couple hours ago. He hadn’t had the time to get settled in and asked if I could help him. I was so excited to have him here, that I would even do boring things like put clothes away to spend time with him. Our house was a big ranch style home, with the guest room on the other side of the house which was nice for privacy my parents always said. Grandpa had two suitcases and four boxes on his queen size bed. He asked me to start unpacking the boxes, so kneeling on the bed reaching my small arms into the first box, I pulled out a few books, and set them aside, I reached back in the box to tried to grab a big wooden chest. It was heavier than I thought so I stood up on the bed to get a better grip. I pulled it up slowly using all my little muscles. Just as I had to the top of the box I lost my grip and the chest landed on the floor. The top popped open and 10-15 oddly shaped skin colored objects landed all over the floor. My eyes shot up to Grandpa, “I’m so sorry, I didn’t mean to drop it Grandpa.” He chuckled and told me not to worry about it as we both kneeled on the carpet to start picking them up. I grabbed the first one and shook, it felt both hard and soft “What are these Grandpa?”. “Well Emmy, before I left the neighbor girl Alison would come over and watch movies with me, we’d cuddle up on the couch most of the time. It was nice, because I felt so sad about Grandma.” I asked if it was Alison from next door that I played with when I would visit. “Yes, that’s the one, she’s just a year old than you are now. ”

I was still confused, I flopped the thing back and forth, but what does that have to do with these, I asked. Grandpa chuckled and flipped a button on one of the. I giggled, surprised that it started to buzz and shake. “Oh, Alison and I talked about a lot of things, she was teaching me about little girl things, and I was teaching her about grown up things”. He picked up a smaller one and turned it on “See how some are small and then they get bigger ?” I nodded as I looked at them all, I looked up at him as he explained. ” Alison and I had only got use two of these before I moved”. He held up the two smallest ones and turned them on. The buzzing sound made me jump, and then I laughed, Grandpa laughed and started to tickle me with the buzzing object. He tickled my tummy, and then the back of my knee, and as I squealed he moved one over my puffy nipple. I started to giggle and squirm , but stopped as that feeling came back from before. I wiggled but he kept moving it back and forth from nipple to nipple, he had me pinned down with his legs over top of mine as he had one elbow supporting him as he used the free hand to move it back and forth. I felt something on grandpas leg dig into my outer thigh and the feeling between my thighs got stronger, I felt like I was going to pee. I told grandpa to let me up, I was about to pee my pants.. He said” I don’t think you’re about to pee, I think it feels good and you can feel that here.” he laid the buzzing stick on my tummy and slid his hand down between my legs.Using two fingers he rubbed my little girl part on the outside of my pink shorts with two fingers up and down a few times. I closed my eyes so I could focus on this new feeling, as grandpa unbuttoned the top of my shorts we heard the garage door open. Grandpa fastened my shorts back up, quickly helped me to my fee, he threw things back in the chest and we both went to greet my mom.

Part 2 coming soon. As I remember all these details, I get so wet and horny , I have to take a break, rub my clit, maybe talk to older pervs in chat rooms and cum before I can start there next chapter.

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    Do please continue

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    Hornee mumi do you have any kind of social media so we can chat? Great story do more parts.

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    • Hornee Mumi ID:3phnppwp49d

      Thank you ! It’s the first time I ever thought to tell anyone about this experience. I know others would look at it as trauma, but it was my first experience with sex that quickly turned into fucking.

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    • Hornee Mumi ID:3phnppwp49d

      Thank you – You’re just that kind of guy that would remind me of my grandpa – older and dirty- my favorite combination.

    • spreadcheeks ID:6fji2i17qm

      really loved your story, remind me so much of what having raw and naughty fun with my own grand dad was like and I loved all of it. we had many hot adventures with many peopel of both sexes, he was bi and I just adored both and still do. If you are availiable I would love to chat with you about any experience we have had and some I still remember clearly and dream of. I regard nothing as shocking or off limits. I am 65 and sexually I have no limits. [email protected] Re: photo’s I was and still occasionally still am, an adult photograpgher and love to send freely.Got into my work when I was asked to model for a guy I met and have now known for years. I was 9 and he was 30 at the time, I loved he and his family. I live in Austrralia and only correspond by gmail and chat. Please do.

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