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Game night

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A dream came true when my brother and his friend rail me

This happened when I was 13, it was the dead is summer so it was hot as hell. Everyone was indoors so that included my brother who was 20 at the time. He and his friend were playing video games as I sat on the couch scrolling through my phone. Due to the heat I was wearing very short shorts and an oversized tee shirt. Both my brother and his friend were very good looking, I had taken one to many glances at them and started to fantasy. Before long I had a boner that, due to me not wearing boxers, had slipped out of my shorts. My brother caught on before I had noticed “dude your dicks out” he called me out and I got beat red and tried to hide my erection. My brothers friend burst out laughing “do you really think of us like like that?” He said making me even more red. “You know I think we should punish the little pervert” my brother said as he got up and revealed his bulge, his cock basically throbbing with his pants. My eyes widen as he pulls it out, its big, at least 7 or 8 inches and its a little hairy but trimmed, and the balls were big and glorious. He got it close to my face “what do you wanna do with it pervert?” Without a second thought I wrapped my hands around it and started to blow my own brother.

My brother looked surprised as did his friend, he didn’t think I’d do it. I was his petite hairless little brother sucking on his massive cock, my brothers friend was pent up this point. He got his cock out and it was a bit smaller but smoother, he started to jerk off to us at a steady pace, before long I was deep-throating my brother, my eyes rolled back as his cock touches the back of my throat. He grabs my head and pulls out before uttering the best words I’ve heard him say “im gonna fuck you, noah”. My eyes light up as my cock throbs, getting fucked by my older brother, what I’ve always dreamed of, and with his best friend too. I was in heaven, he moves me onto the flood leaning over the coffee table, he takes my shorts off and rubs his cock on my ass. His head feels so soft against my hole im dripping pre-cum already, he pushes the tip in and im already moaning. He goes in slowly untill he reached the end, im stuffed with my brothers hard cock. He starts to thrust and I shoot out pre with every thrust, his friend is jerking off faster and faster. My brother speeds up untill he is fucking me like he hates me, but only a loving brother would do this. He grabs my hair and pulls me back before cumming deep inside of me, he pulls out a gush of my brothers cum leaks out of me. “Let me try out this pervert” my brothers friend says as he lays on the floor with his cock in the air. I get over top of him, I lower myself onto him and his eyes fill with lust and he enter me. My brother sits on the couch exhausted as I begin to ride his friend, I jerk off in rhythm as I ride him faster and faster. With the sound of my nuts hutting his stomach and our moans I can’t think straight, we both cum at the same time. He cums inside of me and I blast my load onto his chest and face, I collapse onto of him and we clean up. The rest of the day we all play video games together. That day was a dream come true

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