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this is terribly written n im sorry for it :’)

as a 13 year old perverted girl, i have so so many fantasies. most of which involve things people would consider disgusting, horrible. but that never stops my mind from wandering into places it never should.

I’ve always had a fetish for breeding. the thought of a man raping me, giving me his rape babies as well as him sucking out all the milk from my underdeveloped little tits is just such a fucking turn on. it gets me instantly soaking wet. especially an older man.

I’ve talked about sex and inappropriate topics to men twice my age since i was 11 on the internet faking my age and such. it was so thriling, i have yet to stop. it’s almost as if i was born to be a little whore and i love male attention so so much.

oh! and my undying wish of being the rapetoy of a guy and his friends. its just.. unexplainable for me. i wanna be gangraped so bad,put into positions and doing actions foreign to me,having my innocence taken away and being trained to be their group sex slave.

from what I’ve written it must be obvious that i have a huge rape kink and am into older men. but hey it’s my fetish and i need to own it right? just thinking about an old man raping me and taking my virginity makes me blush and rub my thick thighs against eachother.

i hope u liked my very bad attempt at writing!
if u wanna contact me, my kik is rinnybb! 😀

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  • Reply rinnybb ID:5rht6ftj8l

    im opening up a discord server where u csn interact with me! contact me on kik abt it if ur interested:)

    • ChingaTuMadre69 ID:29kcjdmzrb

      Answer your kik

    • rinnybb ID:5rht6ftj8l

      server inv https://discord.gg/c67YGAbFda

  • Reply WantMore ID:99wekc4z

    Write more, give more details. Can’t wait to see just how kinky and gross you can get

  • Reply Joe ID:1bfepuyz6i9

    I am 65 and would love to repeatedly rape and breed you

  • Reply Mali ID:f956rq6ib

    Hey message me on [email protected] bc i hv the same kink

  • Reply Jean ID:43y8os8rc

    Can I leave u my number?

  • Reply Daddy ID:2c3h3cerzk