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Fanatic Twins

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Having pent up desires for years and my husband away for months at a time. Saw how radiate my best friend had become fucking with her very own son.

Nineteen years of marriage produced twin boys about to graduate high school. I married my sweetheart straight out of high school, very popular because of my good looks and in the in crowd, I never gave it up until my wedding night. Mostly cause the in crowd was always running their heads and I didn’t want to be one of the sluts, they were always shagging. My poor husband, remembering back, I almost drove him crazy. Oh I’d help him out from time to time wanking him and on prom night, I gave him head.
He’d have some bragging rights the next day, which he did, I overheard the in crowd talking as I came from a direction they didn’t see. Smiled as if I’d heard nothing but it did end girlfriend relationships, for me. It didn’t upset me the last weeks of school, I now had the reputation of giving the best head ever and I knew when I ate his cum, what was going to happen. I ate his cum quite often, for one thing I enjoy it and I didn’t want to be pregnant right away. Didn’t want any more talk going around than necessary.
After our boys were born and my husband in the room for their birth, he never gave me head again. Saying it really put him off and I thought that was one more sorry deal, cause he still wanted me kissing his pee-pee and eating his cum. Oh I didn’t quit like him or did I cut back on the activities of our bedroom, except for eating his cum. Turnabout is fair play in my book but of late with him gone nearly four months I was definitely, thinking about giving myself a treat.
Always I’ve had a secret desire to have two cocks at the same time but to step out ruining the life I have, was another thing all together. Friends with my next door neighbor we often get together complaining of our sex life. June is a fifty something years old, married a much older man, twenty five years her senior. I began to notice her son, who is a year older than my sons, car was in her driveway way more often than when he was in high school.
Just a small tap on the kitchen rear door and we walk into each other’s home, no biggy, we are good friends. Three days before school was to let out of the year, I did my usual approach, tapping and walking in. Hear shuffling but found no one was in the kitchen, called June’s name and she came wearing a bathrobe. June looked positively radiate, I knew in an instant she was getting laid and when her son came to the coffee pot. The time of day June and I usually have coffee, I knew it was he, her son giving the cock she needed. Oh they tried to pass it off but I wasn’t fooled and looked June straight in her eyes.
“You two are fucking,” both laughed out loud but I wasn’t letting go.
“You look positively radiate, June,” I eyed them both knowing I was right. Both tried changing the subject but I wasn’t about to let this go and my mind went to my twin sons, graduating high school. Sipping my coffee and listening to them trying to make small talk, I came right out asked. My way to be direct.
“How do I approach my boys,” looked both in the eyes and waited. June looked to her son and nodded.
“The direct approach, I would say. Tell your boys, you are so proud of them, you are going to treat them to a special gift. Their mother’s pussy, you can always pass it off as a joke,” sure June was reading my mind, after all I’d made many confessions to her in the past. Mind of turmoil I sat quite for a bit, not my nature but I was seriously thinking of two cocks at the same time. Taking my cup to the sink and passing close by June’s son, I pulled open Jake’s sweat pants, checking his junk.
“Nice,” I said and took my leave. Sat the rest of the afternoon, my boys on my mind. All the next day I thought to how radiate June appeared, getting the cock she needed. By the third day and last day of school and knowing boys would be home early, senior class let out early. I had my plan laid out, cook them a very good meal of steaks, not cheap steak but Porter Houses with all the fixings. Surprised them with pouring classes of wine, after our meals. Called my boys into the den taking Jake’s advice.
“I am so very proud of you boys, graduating high school with honors. I want to give you both, something very special,” watching my boys eyes I pulled my tight fitting blouse over my head. I wasn’t wearing a bra, in my mind my tits are my best feature. My boys eyes dropped to my tits, not coming back up. Wide eyes I caught them very unaware, smiling to myself. Watched their eyes go further down when I undid my wrap around skirt, dropping to the floor, revealing my dark haired bush.
“Who goes first,” Jed, my oldest immediately questioned.
“I won’t mind seconds,” Ned chimed in.
“Both,” I answered. “I’ll be sucking cock and having my wet hairy pussy rammed at the same time,” I thought I would be embarrassed but felt I was quite enjoying the looks on their faces.
“I think it’s only fair to give Jed, his choice of positions, after all he was polite enough to ask who goes first. You two going to stay dressed or get naked with your mother,” that caused a free-for-all. By the hands I lead my two naked sons to my bed, I wasn’t going to fuck them, in their shared room. Two identical seven inch cocks my eyes praised and quite thick, would swear I was looking at my husband cock I didn’t get to see often enough, not nearly as often as I needed.
“Mom, you chose,” Jed was the thoughtful one, not that either one of my boys was all that selfish. Jed I chose to suck his cock and allow both seeing their mother, loves eating cum. Neither of my boys lasted long, having Jed lye on my bed face up, between his legs and on my knees with ass and pussy directed toward Ned. He got the hint and quickly slipped his cock inside his mother’s wonton, hairy pussy.
“Oh my god,” both chimed in nearly unisons, I orgasmed as quickly as my sons.
“Mom, you wouldn’t believe how many times we have jerked off, thinking of fucking you,” Jed again the first to speak up, both cocks stayed hard after cumming, not like their father at all. Thought it only fair to change positions with my two boys, eating my cum with Ned’s sent another orgasm raging through my pussy. To my pleasure both my boys lasted longer.
“Yes I would, you think I haven’t noticed my panties missing from the laundry basket,” pulled away from Ned’s cock long enough to answer. Swallowed Ned’s cock to the bone, tickling with my tongue at his balls. Absolutely had no remorse fucking with my two sons, after all, passed my honeymoon I’d never gotten enough. Fucked with my boys until I laid their cocks down alongside their legs and they had to sleep.
Sleeping three adults to a king size bed leaves little space and awoke to the phone ringing, my husband calling to let me know he would be home shortly. Question Tom why he hadn’t given me more notice, of his was coming, claimed he had to catch the flight of short notice. He’d tried getting home earlier of the week to catch the boys graduation but the shutdown he was working of the oil industry didn’t allow him, leaving in time. Shaking my boys awake I sent to their room, informing their Dad would soon be home, those two would sleep until noon.
So sore I could hardly walk and surely not without my husband noticing, I used the little time I had and the petroleum jelly trick. After eating a large meal I cooked, knew boys were going to be hungry, husband took a nap. Boys wide eyes watching my every move, not hard to tell what was of their minds. Evening meal done, my husband caught me in the bathroom, before I could shower.
“You have pet jelly in your pussy,” husband asked but didn’t pull out of me, some fast thinking I had to do.
“I didn’t want any chapping in case you caught me off guard, like this,” hard and fast my husband was hitting it.
“Your always wet,” husband laughed and kept ramming, not that I mine but glad I was prepared. Next morning my boys were all eyes again and their faces lifted when their Dad informed us he would be taking a flight out, come Monday morning. Asking if he could catch a ride to the airport with one of them.
I quickly made the offer to drive him. Smiled to my boys knowing as soon as their Dad was out the door, both were going to want to fuck their mother. Wanting my boys both at the same and not wanting to smite one over the other they would just have to wait, until I returned. Quite enjoying my new found power over my boys and learning they both wanted their mother’s pussy, over any others. Rejoiced the ride back home alone, knowing of the fucking, I was going to receive.

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