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Eating my cousin

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I remember when I was 10 we had a party for my cousin it was her 12 birthday after cake and presents the adults partied and me and her went to her room we would kiss and make out in private all the time so nothing knew, we would watch porn together and that what we did when we came across lesbian porn and we got naked and started doing what they were doing, my step daddy would eat me out so I knew that i could do the same to her so I did

I kissed down her stomach and to her thighs then kissed around her pussy and throbbing clit, I licked up and down her clit them side to side and she started moaning and whining while she grinded on my tounge then I slipped it in her and she grabbed my head moaning

The music was pretty loud down stairs so no one could hear us, she kept going and going until she came then I got in her and opened he legs and put our pussies on eachothers and started humping her like crazy I was so wet and about 3 minutes later I came

We layed down and rubbed on eachother while kissing soon we got up and started humping the pillows while kissing we each came about four of five times that night

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  • Reply Kevin ID:15ey4minoib

    That was so hot

  • Reply Newc ID:7ylrenmxid

    Brings back memories of naughty things I did around that age

    • HrnyStpDaddy ID:3zxjrjpi20b

      Do tell..Daddy wants to know..

  • Reply JOY ID:rz5vjb0d

    So young

    • HrnyStpDaddy ID:3zxjrjpi20b

      Liked it didn’t you?

  • Reply Anonymous ID:5u0xt7wnm4

    Now Leave Your Comment… that so fucking

  • Reply Greasemagnet ID:8bw8pby20d

    Wow so hot.
    I need more please

  • Reply Snake ID:3zxjrennoik

    That was hot as fuck