College Party gone wrong and an Update!

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Good Day Everyone,

I know it’s been awhile since the last story I posted, buts it’s been a rough time the dog from my first story has sadly passed away in early July and without the proper finances right now we are dogless until things turn around.

However here is the story of the first time I ever got caught!

I was 19 and a freshmen at college and partying it up. The parties were pretty organized and based on the colour you were wearing let people. Know if you were there for fun and party or too hook up. Often times it was easy to tell as most of us girls that went would wear mini skirts that exposed us whenever we bent over. I got incredibly drunk at this party that was at some strangers house. I wasn’t feeling well as I consumed way to much alcohol for my little short self as at that time I weighed maybe 95-100 pounds.

I found a room that was empty and people were ignoring and I remember passing out. The rest is a bit hazy. I remember waking up a couple times for brief seconds because of the feel of a tongue lapping at my barely covered pussy. Or remember rolling over to my hands and knees. And then that’s when I woke up out of the haziness l. The reason no one was using this room as the host had put both of their dogs in this room. And that’s when it hit me the tongue I felt was that of the dog and what was know mounting me was not a guy but in fact one of the Germain shepherds. He was a big boy That roughly matched my weight but he was big between his legs for a normal male of his breed. The other dog was just small boarder collie, that I proceeded to allow mount my face and face fuck me.

That’s when the door swung open and this frat boy sees what’s happening and yells to the remaining party guests that some chick is fucking the dogs. That’s when the rest of the party 4 guys and 2 girls come running. They whip out their phones and begin recording as this dog was soon tightly knotted within me.

As we waited I was heavily degraded by the party goers called about every name in the book. Some of the guys took advantage of me in other ways. Once the shepherd and I were ass to ass knotted one guy fucked me in the ass while telling me I liked it and he was better than the dog. And another guy proceeded to face fuck me the moment the collie was done his fun.

Some of the videos have even made their way onto some of the zoo porn websites. This was the day I stopped drinking and almost stopped with my small obsession of dogs. I was known around campus after that as the k9 slut. Oddly enough I was invited to every party after that though but nothing ever happened again at a party as I was smarter.

I only have a few more stories left that are exciting. There’s my Dog park adventure, my camping adventure, horse handjobs. And then my non beast stories (incest, young, rape etc I’ve had an interesting life) Leave a comment of what story y’all want to hear next.

And lastly like always you can add me on snap at knotty_couple22 for more content. And for those that don’t have snap I am working on starting a Kik as another means of communication and content providing.

And to all my other loyal followers and fans you know where to message me.

Hope everyone has a knotty day (:

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    Please post all your stories and experiences.1 at a time they will make for a wonderful series