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Celebrating Moms birthday

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The best present to give mom for her birthday

It has been 2 months since my 21st birthday. Mommy and I celebrated by going out on the strip and popping my virginity. I’ll never forget that night with mommy. The way her pussy gripped my cock. There is nothing better than finding your way back home inside your mom. I found out the day after that we were going to have a different relationship. She wanted my penis every night, and for the last two months that’s exactly what I’ve given her in our bed. She likes the way I control her, but the subtle ability I have to make her feel in control. The way I always want to make sure she’s getting as much pleasure as possible. I’ve always been a mommas boy and this is the best way to please. She always makes sure to tell me I have the biggest dick outta me and my dad just to stroke my ego. I love that, and the way she makes me feel like the only man she ever needed or wanted makes me feel like a real man. The way her ass feels is like a soft cloud that you can just squeeze and it’s just so big and fat. When I hit it from the back it’s so pleasing to feel just so soft, and when I eat her booty my soul is filled. I mean fucking mom is the greatest thing I ever could’ve started doing, but I needed to be better, and I needed to make her feel special this birthday. She made me feel special by taking me on a real Vegas night out, and I wanted her to feel special, so I decided to book a trip to Sedona. I figured I could tell mommy that the only thing more beautiful than the view of the mountains and landscape was her. This trip was going to be the best and boy was I right.

We decided to leave two days before her birthday and to stay a couple after her birthday. We were there for close to a week, and we stayed at a beautiful hotel located 30 minutes away from Sedona for privacy. The hotel had suites that were more like apartments, and along with a kitchen it had a full size shower which would be perfect for fucking. Along with the big shower there was a hot tub jacuzzi bathtub that would be a steamy and affectionate night alone in. This could all be seen online before hand, and once we got there we realized it was even better than we thought. The hotel offered us the ability to watch a timeshare presentation to receive vouchers for free or discounted things to do when we checked into the hotel. We would accept and be given a $150 voucher to an Italian restraint at another hotel. We would also receive a free trip on a keep tour on rim run canyon. After checking in we would then go to our room. Our room was very nice and had the shower, jacuzzi, and we scored and were on the first floor so we had a patio view. We would bring in all of our stuff and then immediately go into town at cottonwood. We needed to get some water, snacks, and other drinks, so we went to the safeway in cottonwood. The store was well stocked with sodas, snacks, and alcohol. We decided to get some cherry cokes, a 2 liter coke, a big bottle of slow gin, a mikes party pack, some jack daniels apple, and some snacks along with some pizza for dinner. We didn’t need alcohol to have fun with each other, but when we were drunk it felt like our orgasms with each other were more unified and felt. The best thing about being in Arizona was being there with my mom. We also knew that marijuana was medicinal, so we didn’t have to feel pressure of doing something really illegal when we smoked joints on the patio. We had enough for the week, so nobody needed to find a deal in the city, so we headed back to the hotel. Once we got back we unloaded the car, and popped the pizza into the oven went outside and smoked a joint while drinking some mikes. After we ate we smoked another joint now inside the room which was luckily smoke friendly, but it didn’t smell smokey at all. Nobody else was at the hotel surprisingly, so mom put her full figure into her bikini and then we went down to the jacuzzi and pool area to watch the sunset. Once there I set up the jacuzzi to the perfect temp and turned on the bubbles. I took off my shirt and got in in just my boxers as nobody else was there. Mom took off her swimsuit cover and when she did I got excited. She did it so seductively and did a little dance where she bent down and shook her ass, it jiggled and jiggled while she shook with her beautiful birthmark right on her cheek where I could see it as she shook her ass. She then grabbed the lighter and joint and walked my way where she lit the joint before getting in. When she got in she said “the temperature was perfect” before she sat on my lap. She passed me the joint and then said to me while a took a hit “baby I think this could be a special trip,” I passed the joint back and asked what she meant. She said “I think I might get pregnant if you fuck me right because I’m ovulating.” I got excited when she said that because I did want children with this amazing woman. I wanted to experience what fatherhood was like and my mom had limited time before menopause. I knew I only had around a max of 5 years to be able to have a kid with her. She was 40 and soon to dry up. I was hard with her on my lap in the jacuzzi. The sun was going down and the portrait created by god was so amazing. Mom said “it’s so beautiful right now.” I responded with “my view is even more amazing because I see you in it too.” When I said that my mom responded with “you’re so getting lucky tonight.” The joint was just about done now, so I got out and put it into the tube to save the roach. I got back into the jacuzzi where my mom would put her arms around me and I would wrap my arms around her waist and feel her ass. I grabbed it then leaned into her. Kissing each other passionately for a while thinking of this beautiful picture we were creating in our memories. Mom was ready to fuck too after having a couple mikes earlier to get a buzz going then smoking the joint made her really ready. While still in the jacuzzi she pulled my underwear down to reveal my rock hard boner. She moved her bottoms over on her bikini and then sat down on my sick facing me. We started exchanging sweet nothings into each other’s ears, I was saying to her how much I wanted to cum already, and she kept saying resist baby I need more tonight please. I took that to heart and instantly felt my dick kinda loosen a little like it wanted to last longer for her. She would move her hips all around grinding her boobs on my chest side to side, up and down letting out little moans of pleasure. I could feel her heart racing and then she had to put her hand over her mouth pulled away from me a little and started laughing, shaking her head, and getting red like she was embarrassed I made her cum in this open space. I was going to instantly cum when she did that because she was so hot. I felt the great release coming leaned in and sucked her neck while I came. We sat there for another minute or two before she went down and pulled her bottoms and mine up to our waists. It was dark now and it was getting late so we walked back to the room and got undressed and dry. We got ready for bed now. I got into bed completely naked along with mommy. We cuddled for a little before I got hard again. She grabbed my penis and slid it into her pussy. Then said “let’s sleep like this and see if you’re still hard in the morning.

Now it was the next day and just a day before mom’s birthday. I woke up to a pleasant surprise of still being hooked up with mom, she was up and smiling at me. She said “are you ready for our morning love making session?” Obviously I was so I grabbed her ass pulled her closer to me picked her up and put her gently into missionary. I started working my hips in and out. Slowly getting faster. She starred up at me while grabbing my ass. She gave me a spank and said “get it cowboy.” I chuckled and was like wow I’m so blessed to be here with a beautiful woman who really loves me and feels a bond that she doesn’t want to ever break in my head. I leaned in and started kissing her while I worked my hips in and out trying to rub her clitoris while I stroked in and out. She was feeling pleasured by my motions and was moving her hands frantically on my back now rubbing my big lats. I really loved missionary because I could feel her ass with my hands and her boobs with my body. I now posture up while staying inside her and decide to put her legs towards her head. When I did that I got a great view of her ass down by my dick. The way her legs were shaped with her big fat ass pointed up at me now. I got into a planking position and really started working my hips in and out of her pussy. I went full robot mode in a sense. I blocked everything out and started sucking her titties now while I humped her. I went on for a long time hearing her moan while I worked my penis in and out of her vagina. She was queefing, soaked with her cream, and nice and loose with comfortability. She whispered in my ear now “honey we’ve been fucking for 2 hours have you cum yet?” I was shocked and responded “no I don’t think so,” and as for as I knew I hadn’t. She insisted that she started riding me reverse cowgirl because I must’ve been getting tired, so I just obliged because I had no problems watching her ass go up and down on my duck like a stripper on a pole. So I unhooked us and let her get up and out of bed so I could lay down. When she got out I saw how creamy her pussy was so I said “hey let’s 69 because I wanna eat you out right now,” and she said “ok whatever I can do for my big dicked stud son.” She sat that pussy right in my face and I licked and licked her pussy just like a lollipop. I felt her start giving me a blowjob and she was really good at them. It was honestly the most under utilized part of her skills. I thought her blowjobs were magical the way she moved her tongue all over my cock in her mouth. She would ejaculate in my mouth when I started to suck on her pussy. Then she farted in my face. Yeah most people would think that’s gross, but fuck in that moment it was sexy as hell. She felt comfortable enough to that with me while having sex. Yeah I knew this was the woman of my dreams right then. I put my hands on her butt cheeks and spread them so I could insert my nose into her ass. She popped her head up and said “woah”. I took my nose out and inserted it into her anus and started swirling it around. Getting tongue deep into her asshole before I was done. She then farted again this time with my tongue in her mouth. It didn’t taste bad honestly kinda liked it and the aroma that came was really pleasant. When she farted though the force did get my tongue out of her ass to which she would then get my dick out of her mouth and state “I’m ready to reverse cowgirl now.” She stood up put her hands on her head and jiggled her ass for me knowing I really liked that the proceed to squat on my dick. She did quick squats up down up down non stop for a little before tiring out and putting her legs onto the mattress. The she then bent forward and started twerking on my dick. With every bounce her ass jiggled in what felt like slow mo. I put my hands on her ass and started making her twerk faster. Started spanking her a little. Her ass was now bright red. I was now ready to cum. I started pumping my hips once more while she was twerking. This time I came, and it felt like the biggest load I had shot yet into my mom. I kept inside her pussy and told her to lay back and I wrapped my arms around her and told her how much I loved her. We had woken up at 11:00 am, but it was now 3:30 pm. We had both gotten lost in each other and lost track of time. We were both hungry now, so we decided to get in the shower together. This was a mistake.

Once we got into the shower we agreed we’d wash each other. That was a mistake because the second I started washing her body I could feel my bones coming back. She noticed it and said “wow I know younger guys can just bounce back but I didn’t know you had super powers.” She then pulled me into her and said “baby I want you back in me. I can’t stand when you leave mommy’s pussy.” Yeah that was a turn on. I was fully back now with a full sized erection. She bent over put her hands on the wall and spread her legs. I inserted my cock back into her pussy, bent over and started to hump and grasp her tits. I could feel her wet ass all over my fat pad above my dick. I wiggled all around in her pussy trying to feel every inch I could. Trying to leave no part of her pussy undiscovered. I felt extremely sensitive and was already ready to cum, so I just started pounding her pussy as fast as possible. I was hooked up and in my groove. I felt her squeezing her pussy harder to make me cum faster. I said “I’m ready mommy.” She responded “release baby release your load into me.” I did I shot my shot and kept pounding her while I was shooting. I was scrunching my toes because of this orgasm. Legit made my palms sweaty, knees weak, arms were heavy. Then I leaned into her back and put her against the wall while kissing her neck all the way down her back to her butt. After that I grabbed the body wash and washed her back sensually touching her the whole time feeling the goosebumps arise on her skin while I did so. She turned to me and said “son I don’t think I can ever love another man as much as I love you. You’re my real soulmate and the one person who makes me feel comfortable but yet alive all at the same time. I love you baby.” I responded with “I only ever want you mommy. I was born in that pussy and I will die in that pussy if I can. I love you.” We leaned in kissed and then finished our shower up so that we could go get breakfast but in reality it was 6:00 pm now so it was going to be dinner. We got an Uber and went to a Mexican place for dinner and sat at the bar. It was happy hour from 4-8 pm. The specials were 3 shots for $5 and a margarita for $3. We ended up getting $30 of shots and a couple margaritas both. I got steak rancheros and she got shrimp ceviche. Everything was really good and it set the mood up for the rest of the evening. We got out of the restraint at around 8:30 pm and we were both pretty plastered. We actually got a ride to our hotel from a nice local woman named Julie who was a milf too. She said she was 55. She looked really good for 55. My mom asked her if she wanted a threesome with us and obviously we didn’t say we were mom and son, but I do wonder if the lady knew because she said “I’d take a younger stud like your man in me.” The fact she knew I was considerably younger than my woman made me think she did now our incest relationship. I didn’t think I was going to have a threesome on this trip and I was only ever planning on having my mom, but the next thing I knew once we were in the hotel room this other woman was all over me. I could see my mom was jealous. I didn’t understand why she asked her if she was down for a threesome. The lady didn’t see my moms reaction to her leaning in and kissing me, but I did and she seemed a little different. She seemed like she was ready to fuck me rather than make love to me. It was like she was mad at me for just doing what she wanted. Now this other woman wasn’t nearly as beautiful and voluptuous bodied as my mother, but she was still a dime. She had a pretty curvy body that was in a red dress that was kinda short. I started feeling her ass and even lifted her dress up a little to reveal that she had a thong on. My mom walked up and sandwiched us. She wrapped her arms around us to feel my butt. We were all still in our clothes from the bar, but Julie was starting to undo my belt. The second my belt was undone my cargo shorts fell reflecting I had no underwear on. Julie said “Hello! That’s a big dick you have there and squared down to start sucking. Well mom was standing there. She had her hands on her hips and she was still in her dress that was strapless and shorter. She looked mad like I said. But she stripped right down to only her thong in one quick motion pulling her dress off at her ankles. We were in the living room of the suite and right by the couch. After Julie had choked on my cock we moved to the bed room. Julie had her boobs hanging out now and then proceeded to fully take off her dress. When she did that she turned around and then started to kiss my mom. Both women only in their thongs now, and it was hot. I only had a shirt on but I took it off. I came to the women and hugged them both at once. I took their thongs off for them now everybody nude. Julie said to me “get on the bed.” I did. She then looked at my mom and asked “Who gets to ride this big young stud first?” Mom responded with “you can ride him first seeing as he only gives it to me any other night.” Julie smiled from ear to ear. Julie turned around and then got on top of me without ever putting a condom on me and started kissing me. Then she slowly lowered her ass down while allowing my cock to slowly penetrate her moaning while she came down. Julie said “I think this is the biggest dick I’ve ever had in me,” and my mom said “He’s the biggest man I’ve ever had in too.” When she said that it looked like my moms mood had changed from mad to now she seemed happy to see me pleasing another woman like I pleased her. Mom then proceeded to get onto the bed and put her ass in my face. She was facing Julie and they started to suck each other’s tits which was a pretty sexy view for me. I had a big ol ass in my face and then part of Julie’s face sucking my moms tit. It was hot. Julie only stopped sucking my moms tits when she’d let out a moan while riding me. My mom then told Julie to get off because she wanted a turn so they swapped positions. Now my mom was on my dick and Julie’s ass was in my face with her pussy in my mouth. Julie tasted different then mom. She wasn’t as creamy of a pussy as my mom either, but she was still creamy and loose. When I did my tongue lick and then suck trick on Julie I got the same reaction as my mother’s pussy a mouth load of cream. I loved it. The only other woman I had fucked yet was with my mom and I had a direct comparison to mom. I knew this night no other woman would arouse me like my mom. I think that’s what mom wanted me to know too. That’s why she let me fuck another woman with her, so I could figure out the only love for me was mother’s. I mean I loved Julie but moms pussy just felt better too. However my mom said, “Okay I get his cum in me every other day you can have it in you tonight Julie,” so then my mom hopped of my dick and Julie stood up. I then told Julie to bend over the bed which she did. I then told my mom to position herself in a crawl position just close enough so I could bend down and get a face full of ass while I fucked Julie’s vagina till I came. I then stuck my duck into Julie and she let out a big moan. I then bent over a little to position my face right in my moms ass crack. I started plowing Julie then Julie queffed and my mom dated in my face. Julie then let out some gas. This was all really hot. I pulled out of Julie and squared down to lick her ass, and Julie yelled out “wet tougher oh wet tongue in my asshole. Oh I like it. Don’t stop.” I inserted my nose all the way into her ass and the my tongue in all the way I could. Julie then actually requested for me to be the taker of her anal virginity. I said are you sure she and she let out an exclamatory “YES PLEASE!” I licked Julie’s ass some more and then put it into her ass pretty easy. This was my first time in another woman’s ass and Julie I can admit has an anal pathway that feels nice just like my moms. I jumped rapidly and Julie let out a lot of oh fuck yes, and she was actually so loud I think my mom got annoyed because she made Julie eat her out to shut her up. I was eager and ready to cum now. I went ahead and reinserted into Julie’s vagina, and she knew I did because I felt her tighten her pussy up for me to cure in it. I fucked her vigorously and then bang I felt my load shoot into her. My toes crinkled and I leaned in to kiss my mom. Before we kissed mom said “yeah you cum in another woman’s pussy baby.” I did too and I let a whole load into Julie. Julie would say “Thanks for your load. This is my first time having sex in 15 years, and I can’t believe I got a young guy and a pretty woman for my first time back in the sack.” It was 11:30 at night now and it was almost my moms bday. Everyone was tired now though from our amazing time. Julie wanted to stay the night and that was okay because we all fell asleep together. One girl was on both of my arms when we went to sleep.

I woke up to find both Julie and my mom already up. I woke up to them making brunch at noon. My mom said to me “I told Julie what today was,” and Julie responded with “I think tonight you need to give her your present.” I said I agreed and asked “if she would be joining us again tonight?” Julie responded with an enthusiastic “yes your girl said we can have another threesome for her birthday. As long as you cum in her tonight.” I said “Ok we’ll then, but what do we all want to do today then?” We ended up going to the golf course at around 3 pm and we all got a golf outfit and rented some clubs in the pro shop. We then played a round of golf. The girls were both really bad, but they loved when I would teach them and wrap my arms around them and rub my dick through my shorts right on their butts. The girls had both gotten these skirts that just covered their ass and it was kinda windy on the course today so sometimes the wind would blow their skirts up to show their nice butts in the thongs. Nobody played great at golf. We mostly maxed stroked or doubled parred except for this one hole where I got a lucky birdie. Julie said to me “I’m gonna fuck you extra hard because that birdie.” I smiled and blushed because I didn’t know how I got this lucky. It was now time for dinner and we all decided we wanted to go to the Italian place. Julie had washed her dress and my mom wore a blue dress tonight that had a nice area that showed off her lovely cleavage. When we got to the restaurant the host seated us and he looked surprised I had to girls one on each arm. Julie had said she’d be the designated driver so she didn’t drink tonight at the restaurant. However my mom and I split a bottle of Merlot with the meal. I had a veal Parmesan and both girls had a garlic butter steak. Julie actually ended up paying for the portion of the meal that wasn’t comped by the voucher. We headed back to the hotel after a lovely evening. The girls said they went to a store earlier today and got me a present even though it wasn’t my birthday. They told me to wait in the living room of the suite while they changed into what they had got. When they walked out of the bathroom I was totally surprised by what they had on.

My mom had on a beautiful baby blue set of lingerie that had a wide open hole on her vagina for easy access. Julie came out in a set of red lingerie. Both women were gorgeous. I was hard and for some reason I never lasted as long when mommy wore lingerie. They came and gave me a lap dance together. I was really hard after the lap dance. We went into the bedroom and went straight to business. Picked up my mom and put her down onto the bed. I undid my belt and pulled my pants down as fast as I could. My sick flopped out and landed right in her crotch. I heard a splat when it hit her pussy. I rubbed it and put my dick in. Julie was kissing me and rubbing me while sitting on my moms face. I was in my mom pounding away. I actually came really fast. Julie said “I hope you can go again.” My mom said “Oh don’t worry he can,” and I did. Julie laid down on the bed now and I swapped women my mom then sat on Julie’s face. Julie said later she felt like she maybe sucked and blew my cum up my moms pussy. I was determined today though that both girls get my load as a present for my moms birthday. I came in Julie really fast too, and they both kind of made fun of me for it, but it was just a flirty teasing way. For the rest of the night we just watched some movies on the tv while fucking and both girls got another load shot into them.

When I woke up the next day Julie was getting ready to leave. She said this was the most fun she had ever had with anyone and we said we had to agree because it was the truth. I loved the way Julie fucked, and my mom loved how much I loved Julie and pleasuring women. Mom loved how much I loved pleasuring women so much she said she might have to invite Julie to Vegas so we could all meet up again and bang. We invited Julie to our house on her birthday. Julie said yea and we met in Vegas for her birthday in 5 months, but that’s another story for another day.

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