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A guilty pleasure

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I was 10 when I met my friend Alice(not her real name) and it got pretty wild

One day my parents were going out for some reason I have forgotten so I my parents left me with our neighbor. Ms Anderson (not her real name) and my parents were quite close so she accepted me happily and Kerry me stay on their home.

That’s when I met Alice. She 6 year old at that time, she was very adorable with a black long hair and a smooth round face. She was small but she already had some curves, a cute nose and a playful black eyes. I was 10 at that time and because of my past experience I was already a pervert at that time and my cock was already hard on my pants the moment I saw her. I did my best to hide it from Ms. Anderson by either leading forward a little bit to hide my boner and adjusting how my cock was placed in my brief.

Then ms Anderson kinda mistook it as me being shy and uncomfortable so she told me to feel at home and tried mating me feel comfortable around her place. After that we eat. And I got to talked with her daughter about our fairies cartoons arguing who would win in a fight (i think its gumball and SpongeBob) and have fun playing with each other.

And most of the time I would secretly touch her in some inappropriate places. We aren’t doing anything tiring because we’re playing with her dolls and some of her toys, but as time passes I noticed her breathing getting deeper and rougher and she would squirm around and would try to get closer to me..

And shortly after she stands up and head to the bathroom to pee but came back too quickly so much so that I doubt if she even peed.

Anyway I got quite thirsty so I walked to the kitchen to fetch some water and notice that Ms. Anderson was not around and at that moment my breath rougher as excitement course through me..

Quickly heading back to Alice I started touching her young pussy and rubbing her over her shorts. She didn’t even protest and even spread her legs apart. And with that i slipped my hand under her shorts and under her white panties and started rubbing them.

As time passes she started humming in soft volume and moaning from my touch and my cock just got harder from that. I then made her turn her face to me and kissed her the same way I saw the porn stars do, with my tongue licking hers.

And suddenly I felt her shuddering and shake before my finger was covered in her hot slimy juice. With that i stopped rubbing her. She turn and look at me and asked “Why did you stop?”.

Breathing heavily i said. “Because it’s your turn to make me feel good”. And with that I stood up and pulled my pants down my ankle and showed her my 4 inch errect cock.

She look at it confused so I told her to stick them in her mouth and suck on it. And surprisingly she took it in without hesitation. And started sucking on it like a straw.. I then told her to move her head back and forth. She nodded and she did so.

The feeling was marvelous, her hot slimy mouth was tightly wrapped around my cock, she would hit my cock with her teeth but I didn’t mind them and let her at it. I then told her to move her tongue around and After a while I started feeling her tongue moving around my under my cock and stimulating the underside. She never gaged so I tried pushing her head down until she got all of my cock in her.. She didn’t even react and keep blowing.. Maybe because my cock wasn’t big back then? I then told her to keep going as I could feel my cum approaching.

And not long enough I was literally face fucking her face while she took them like a pro. And then i started cuming on her mouth loads after loads, I felt her pull out but I held her head and told her to swallow or i wont make her feel good and she stopped and felt her gulp my cum down and stimulating my sensitive cock with how her throat move at the same time.

Slowly I pulled out and saw a string of cum strech out from her chin to my balls and my cock to be covered in spit and cum. She ask me if I could touch her down there again.. But I told her, “after you lick my pp clean~” and from then I tough her to kick my shaft and balls and swallow everything she got.

She complained about the taste multiple times but I told her she’d get use to it. And after I put my shirts back and I told her to sit on my lap which I then started rubbing her again.
Till she cum. I did it multiple times before stopping them i told her if someone knew anything we did today I’d stop making her feel good. And she promise me to keep it a secret.

Then after that we continued playing and talking, but I would sometimes touch her and she wouldn’t even resist it.. She even welcomes it.

Then Alice mom came in the room with my hand still in her ass.. But I played it off as a nudge to call Alice.. Ms Anderson then told me that my parents arrive a few hours ago and they and Ms Anderson hanged out before taking me back..

And as I leave the room I suddenly found my self looking up to the corner ceiling and I paled.. Because right there was a cctv. I started thinking of the consequences that would happen.. Because I already knew what I did was wrong.. But even so.. It felt good…

I then hurried home.. And mostly stayed in my room after that.. I didn’t even eat and just fell asleep in exhausting

The the next morning i woke up.. I wait.. And wait… But the bad thing never came.. I started thinking maybe the cctv wasn’t on? Or maybe ms Anderson didn’t watch the recording.. But later that day I heard someone talking with my parents in the front door..

“Can I meet Robin? I’ll let him stay in my house.. I just have something to really about him..”
My heart started beating like crazy..


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    thats my boi

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    Interested what’s coming

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      I’ll try to make it as interesting as I can!