Wife demand

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My wife once demanded the dog knot to feel the pleasure of knot

I am from India Bangalore .please excuse Me for my bad English .there might be mistakes ..now the story part..actually this is real story .I am married for ,12 years .my wife is sexy with good body and boobs .I have one son in boarding school.he comes on holidays.. We do fucking almost daily .with new styles .in all possible poses.once we were watching porn film . from internet. One film with dog sex was there .she said Chang it .but I said let’s watch for a change.. Dog was licking her pussi
And she was enjoying .then she played with dog cock .it was red and in sheath.she stroked and his size became bigger..then she became like bitch and dog jumped on her and started humping.and he fucks her and tied .her for about 20 minute. Then he withdrew .his cock was about 7 inches and huze knot. Like a ball..my wife said this Lady is lucky having sex with a dog with big knot… .
Then she said I want to taste the knot in me please keep a dog ..I said .I will try and get one dog.one day I was walking in a park I saw a big dog .alone .I thought his Master might be here .not no one was there . so I approached him and petrd him on back .he followed me to my house .seeems he was hungry .his master might have left him..my wife became very happy..I said give HIm

some milk he is Hungary. She gave him milk he drank .and waved his tail . evening she gave him food and egg.he ate .she patted him ..in night we planned for sex .I asked my wife we try dog after dome days .let him settle here. So we were naked and missing .suddenly fog came near by smell of vagina of my wife..she was happy and said he has Snell .so let’s us try.she spread her legs as in porn film and fog came clause and started licking her .she moaned sh ah ah .she was enjoying said he licks well.his tongue it hot and rough. He was licking and I was suvking her nipples.fog covk started to grow big she said I never had such licking by you .he I’d too good .then she said let me have pleasure of his knot . she became like bitch dog jumped on her and grabbed her froy his front legs and started humping with in no time he was in her she cried his covk is too big looks coming to my abdomen. Dog was fucking in full speed and finsly his knot was in she cried .he I’d tearing my vsgina. But she said his cock is vibrating in me giving me pleasure now now fog was still.his sperm ejaculating in her giving her more pleasure she came twice and still knot was in .she said my uterus is full with his sperms . after 30 minute his knot emptied his fluid and shriks and his came out with phuchh found. And white fluids coming from her hole..she gave s smile and thanks me for fulfiling hrs demand .. She used ave sex with ham daily after me !


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  • Reply horny dude ID:1jygla8k

    will there be any disease if youfuck dog

    • Human bitch ID:1ardd6tiqj

      If the dog is well maintained and up to date with his/her shots then NO. No risk

  • Reply Horny lad ID:2kbmdh0d9c

    Damn, what’s her insta id love to see that