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Uncle forces me to drink his cum and piss

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I was staying over at my Aunt and Uncles for the weekend last summer while my parents went on a little getaway together. I loved staying there because they spoiled me and let me stay up later the I got to at home. All was but then my Aunt got called into work on Saturday afternoon and my Uncle had to watch me. He was a little upset because he had wanted to go to a poker game that night at one of his friends house, he tried to have it moved to his place but my Aunt said no way, so he wasn’t happy. After my aunt left he started to have a few beer that turned into shots and he was totally wasted by 9;30 when I went up to bed.
I was sitting on the toilet having a pee when my Uncle walked in the bathroom door making me jump in surprise and getting pee on the floor. That made him mad and he started yelling at me to clean it up right away and threw a towel at me. I got down on my hands and knees shaking in embarrassment and began wiping it up. I only had on my short little nighty and didn’t even think in my embarrassment that my uncle could see my bum and little pussy as I crawled around n my hands and knees wiping.
Oh yeah but he noticed all right and kept telling me to wipe in other areas I knew I didn’t pee in. Finally I turned to look at him and started to say I had got it all but stopped with my mouth open and no words coming out. My Uncle was standing there with his pants around his ankles stroking a very large hard cock. At least it looked huge to me who had never seen a mans hard cock before. He took a step towards me and grabbed my hair pulling my face towards his meat. I screamed and he slapped me making my ears ring. “Shut the fuck up and suck my cock” he said. I didn’t know what he meant and just looked at it then he rubbed it over my lips and told me to open my mouth. I wasn’t gonna and shook my head no but he pulled my hair and I screamed again my mouth opening wide and he thrust his cock inside. Then he said :You had better not bite or scratch my cock with your teeth or I am gonna be so fucking mad you will regret it cause I will knock out all your teeth and make you suck it again”. Then he yanked my hair again. I was crying now tears running down my face as he yelled “SUCK IT!” and I did. I sucked it like he wanted, it smelled and tasted gross but I did as he told me until he pushed his cock into the back of my throat and something started squirting down my throat. I choked and gagged as cum came out through my nose and I had to swallow more down my throat. I swallowed and swallowed until it stopped and then he let go of my head and I pulled my mouth off his dripping cock. “LICK it all clean” he told me and I did as he asked licking all over his cock tasting his disgusting cum. When it was clean he told me to take his soft cock back in my mouth and to make sure I swallowed every drop. I though he was going to squirt more cum down my throat but instead he started to piss. His hand was on the back of my head and I couldn’t pull off, his piss filling my mouth, I had to swallow. There was so much and it really tasted disgusting but I kept swallowing until he was done. Then he pulled his cock from my mouth, pulled up his pants and left me sitting on the bathroom floor, my nigthy wet from the piss that had run out of my mouth. I turned and put my head over the toilet bowl puking up the mixture my Uncle had deposited in my tummy then got up and pulled off my nighty and got in the shower to clean off, Puking again as I stood under the water stream. I dried off and put on a clean nighty, locked my bedroom door and went to sleep.
I never told my Aunt or parents and my Uncle never said a word about it.

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  • Reply wierd6 ID:63j3cyft0b

    Nicy fantacy

  • Reply Bernie Pussy Stuffer ID:3yvoa2tqk

    yum yumm yum

  • Reply Danny1003 ID:3057hz2fii

    He never fuck your pussy or your ass?

    • Cracksniffer ID:2e0667y6ia

      Yeah, your uncle sounds like a really sexy pervert. Surely he went on to fuck your pussy and ass at some point?

    • Kiddyfucker69 ID:1dyumasaeklm

      I find it very hard to think of your Uncle NOT fucking either of your other holes, after cumming in your mouth AND pissing down your throat…

  • Reply Slut ID:1i2lwbtz6i9

    I want an uncle like that. I want someone to do that to me. My disc is gemini#8655

  • Reply rinnyy ID:5rht6ftj8l

    why cant i have an uncle like that smh (f13 discord is aya.#5299

  • Reply Me personally ID:1lj75nad9k

    I personally wouldn’t let that slide

    • Piti ID:oymqa57zra

      Du kleine verficke Hure würdest es zulassen ob freiwillig oder eben nicht aber du würdest den Schwanz bis zu den Eiern in deine Maulfotze nehmen und alles was aus dem Schwanz spritzt schlucken und wenn es gewollt wäre würdest du sogar deinen Arsch zum ficken hin halten

  • Reply LIZZY SARAH ID:1ah770lfxij

    Now Leave Your Comment…SO RUDE AND WICKED

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  • Reply Gonzo ID:1rou10v2

    Some sluts can’t handle it and some can. Oh yes Cassie I to love dirty little secrets and desires floating in those naughty little girls minds. To bad there was not a round two to train her fully.
    I love young naughty little whores and nymphos, they are the best. All females deserve a good fucking and massive orgasms. In my house Clothes are optional and I prefer none at all.

  • Reply Cassie ID:on8syc3k0c

    such a dirty little secret … loved it