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The time I fucked a 10 year old part 2

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Last time we left off with her mother had walked in on us

Her mother hung up her phone and asked her if she was enjoying it she said yes mommy. Her mother was so wet you could see it through her jeans. I pulled out of her daughter and her mother dropped to her knees and put my cock in her mouth. She was gagging on my cock at the same time I was fingering her daughter. After a few minutes I wanted to get into her mothers wet pussy. She laid down on the picnic table and she had her daughter go over her daughter stand above her so she could lick her pussy. I was fondeling with her boobs which her nipples got rock hard. My cock was bigger than her husband because I was stretching her pussy. She had a massive orgasm as well. I had cummed after she had her orgasm. I left my cock I her for a while after I cummed I had no clue she wasn’t on birth control and I wasn’t wearing a condom. Her and her daughter had switched spots I was so eager to get back into her pussy again. After a few hours of her mother licking her pussy as I was fucking her daughter I had cummed. Before we left I got her mothers number so we could do it again.

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  • Reply Danny1003 ID:153jwgw820d

    One on my bucket list items is to fucking very young virgin and her mom at the same time

  • Reply Gonzo ID:vuf0ifij

    Past tense of Cum is Came not cummed. The present participle of cum is cumming. Other then that story was not bad but could use some spicing up a little indicative of a four star rating.
    Keep on writing especially about the pretty young ones that like to cream on an older cock and get stretched out!

  • Reply Anonymous ID:14gs800lqrb

    Good there’s more coming soon

  • Reply Biman ID:1bqrnr0rb0j

    My cock so hard. Mum n daughter. Yes

    • Scoobybear ID:1dear89kwkj1

      Love fucking little girls there so soft and tight