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The Old Lady (Cont 2)

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The Crucial point in our story could go either way

This was the crucial point. The boy was on his knees inbetween her spindly veined legs he hesitated and tentatively pecked her cunt. “Oh god!” she held his head “you are such a good boy kiss it more like proper kisses big sloppy kisses!!!!”
With his head heald firmly but tenderly he found himself licking and sucking her fleshy cunt lips.
She eventually pushed him away pulled her lips apart to show him the pink inner. “There now look how open it is come here” she guided his rock hard cock to it “now put it in Oh you are such a good boy and so big as well” He literally slid into the red hole and his natural senses took over and he began to fuck not gently but furiously it was his first time it’s what he thought that was what happened and once again he cum

eventually we sat on the armchair him on my knees suckling my wrinkled areola me stroking his cock. “Did you like that james?”
“Yes Miss”
“All of it every different part of it?”
“Oh yes Miss specially that last part”
“Good now I need to know would you like to do it all the time say once a week Oh yes and you would get your $20?”
“I promise Miss and wont tell anyone”
“Yes thats very imprtant so heres an address for next Saturday
June was over th moon
“I told you it would be James we just have him around on Saturday and we have him”
Lilly wasn’t so sure
“OK we have him completely voluntary but wouldn’t it be more fun with Sidney?
“After a while it was agreed that Lilly should do the nurse routine with Sidney before we made a decision

Sidbey arrive with his mun she was vey elegently dressed
“Good afternoon Sidney you know the drill undressed and up on the bed . Mother that is a lovely suit can i suggest it for one of our white medical coats there are hangers behind the curtain”
She complied without any argument and went behind the curtain Sidney was already on the bed
As she came back wearing the coat and looking shyly at both me and Sidney
“So have we had a practice since last time ?”
“Absoliutely …..
“Yes we did mom remember in bed?”
“Oh my god this is embarrising he pestered and pestered so eventually I let him come in my bed for an hour”
“Absolutely nothing wrong with that and was it just masterbation”
“and what else would it be!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?”
“Please don’t be offended but was there any other shall we say touching?:
“noooo nnnnnot really we may have brushed against each other”
“Now you be glad to hear that both the boys are clear however his friend has agreed to take part in a medical trial and we would like to give you the opportunity Mrs June has the papers in the back office would you be kind enough to at least consider them?

While she is away I’m fondleing Sidnets cock and balls with lube “Is that nice Sidney”
“Oh yes Miss it gives me shivers”
The mother comes back in “I am quite happy for Sidney to take part but the trial will take 6 weeks? and I will only be present for the final week but the fees will last the six weeks?
“Thats all correct now would you like to stay”
I hand her the gloves and lube and she very gently begins to masturbate Sydney he starts to groan mom mom oh mum and I notice her sharp intakes of breath
Standing behind her i quietly and softly cup her breasts her breath quickens her wank rate quickens I squeezze her breasts a little harder and Sidney spurts a load of it all over her mdical coat and my hands.

“Oh godness stay there dont move let me rinse my hands now lets get this coat off you”
I unbuttoned it and she shrugged it off she just had on skimpy bra and thong
Sidney was lying covered on his own cum and one after the other we started giggling me at first I must admit
“I must say you are a beautiful woman”
“Thank you but I haven’t seen you in this state yet!!!!”
“Oh gracious my dear I’m over 80”
“would it disgust you if I wanted to see an old woman”
“well surprise not disgust but ony see?”
I had deliberatly left underwear off so when i took my blouse my breasts were exposed when I slipped off my skirt my belly and legs dispalyed
“Oh god your magnificent look at those breasts hanging so low, deflated to such a degree, the wrinkled areola beautiful,
She took off her bra and panties and hugged me my bony wrinkly body against her soft young flesh

When I got my breath back my mind went into top speed “do you think you could convince Sidney to love my body as you do?”and do you think he would like having the sex we would like?
“Oh god yes lets demonstrate!!!!!”
“Sidney swing your legs off the lady wants to suck your cock”
“And he did and I took it deep” I just couldn’t wait to have it in my cunt and ass
Sydeys mom was Jane and I sat down with her and explained our history June Lilly and me
She was of course thrilled, It was left to June to let James he would not be needed and we arranged to meet at Junes house were she had a few surprises

(Wha are they see (Cont 3)

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    cringe details. I want an articulate sex story

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      Then ready the old lady ALL STARRED