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The grocery store

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My mom fucked men to get money for us to live on. Then she started having me help. Fiction. Pre-teen, virgin, prostitution

I was born and raised in a slum neighborhood in Detroit. Mom was an unwed mother who lived on food stamps and other government handouts or the safety net, whatever you want to call it. We lived in a small apartment in a complex run by the city. It was pretty run down, not very well cared for or very safe. I was always a skinny kid. I wore used clothes that she bought at the charity stores and played with the few toys that she also got there. I never really realized how bad we had it as it was all that I had ever known.

Mom looked older than she really was and she wore old clothes like me. She was 5’4″ and weighed 160 pounds. She had big boobs but they no longer had a good shape like the younger girls and women. I knew that Mom made some extra money sometimes by letting men come to the house and go to bed with her. She always told me they were her ‘boyfriends’. She always waited till she thought I was asleep before she did anything with them but I listened to the noises that they made while they were in her room. She didn’t like doing it but she could not get any job, especially while raising me.

One day when I was getting a little older, almost eleven, we were at a small grocery store a couple blocks from home. No major stores would set up shop in a neighborhood like ours. Mom was at the meat counter looking at some great looking T-bone steaks. The grocer, an older man asked her if that was what she wanted. Mom said that she would really love to have a good steak because it had been so long from when she last had one. She told him that she could not afford it and would need to buy a much cheap cut of meat.

The grocer looked around the store to see if there was anyone else shopping. “I’ll tell you what” he said, “I will give you the steaks free this time if you let me touch your little girl between her legs.” Mom stopped in her tracks. She looked at him and then at me and then back at him. “Doreen, go behind the counter and stand next to the nice man. He’s going to touch you in your peepee place and it will feel good.” “OK Momma.”

I walked around and stood next to him. He put his arm around my shoulder. “Pull your dress up for me, Honey.” I did what he said. He put his big black hand on my snow white tummy and then slid it down inside my panties. His thick finger slid between my legs and into the slit between my puffy place. I didn’t have any hair down there yet. His finger rubbed against a spot just above my peepee hole. It did feel nice. Then he put his finger up to the first knuckle up in my hole and moved it in and out several times. That felt funny but good too. My mother said that that was enough and he took his hand away and put the finger that had been in me up to his mouth and sucked on it.

I went back to my mother’s side. He wrapped a large T-bone steak and put it with the other things we bought. “Be sure to come back again and bring your pretty little daughter with you.” On the way home Mommy told me not to tell anyone what the man had done. She said that some people might not think that it was a nice thing to do. She asked what I thought about him touching me there. I told her that I was a little nervous but that it had felt nice when he did it. She smiled and told me that she thinks it feels nice when someone does it to her too. She leaned over and gave me a little kiss on top of my head and we walked home.

A couple nights later I woke up to go to the bathroom and I heard noises coming from Mommy’s room again. When I went out into the hall to go to the bathroom, I saw that her door was not fully closed. My curiosity got the best of me and I went over to her door. I pushed it a little bit wider open so I could see in. Her ceiling light was on so I could clearly see. Mommy and a man were naked on her bed. She was on her back with her legs spread wide and her knees pulled up. He was between her legs.

He was a tall skinny man with a bald head. It looked funny to see his body so closely together with her body. He was pushed up on his hands so his chest and head were above Mommy’s. His butt was between her legs and he was making it go back and forth. Her boobies were bouncing up and back on her chest. He was making grunting noises and I could hear Mommy saying things like, “Oh fuck yes, give me that big beautiful cock. Harder, do it harder.” Then Mommy grabbed her boobies and made a loud almost squealing noise. The man stopped with his butt pressed tight to my mother and he made a loud groan.

He moved away from her and I got a look at his thingy. It was big. Mom spun around and put it in her mouth. She moved her head up and down on it the same way he had moved his butt when he was between her legs. After a minute, she stopped and he got off the bed and reached for his pants. That was when I hurried back to my room. I rubbed myself in the same place the grocer had rubbed me because I knew it felt good and I was feeling funny down there.

I thought back a couple months to the first time I had seen a thingy. Actually I had seen one before but it was my best friend Julie’s baby brother and it was only about two inches long. The first time I saw a grown-up’s one was in the movie theater. Mom had walked Julie and me to the movie and dropped us off. Her mom was going to pick us up when it was over. When we walked in, it was already dark and the previews were playing. There were not many people there that day. We found seats and sat down to watch the show.

There was a grown-up man sitting a couple rows from us. We thought that it was kind of funny that he would want to see a kid’s movie, especially one that was mostly for young girls. A few minutes after the movie started, he got up and moved over and sat next to us. He reached down and unzipped his pants and took out his thingy. We looked at it. It was a lot bigger that Julie’s little brother’s. Then he quietly told us to reach over and touch it. We thought he was creepy so we got up and moved.

After we moved, he also moved. There was another girl that looked a couple years older than us sitting not far away. He moved over and sat next to her. Pretty soon she ducked down and we could not see her any more. A couple minutes later she sat back up. She was wiping her mouth with a napkin. The men got up, put his thingy back in his pants and left the theater.

After watching Mom and the strange man, I found a bunch of older girls at school that usually stood around together talking and giggling. I stood close to them and listened. They did not pay any attention to me. I heard them talking about sex stuff and the next few days I learned a lot about it. I learned a lot of new words too. Fuck, cunt, cock, cum and many more. I learned that fucking was when a man put his thingy, cock in the girl’s hole and made it go in and out like I had seen the man doing with my mother. I learned that sucking cock and a blowjob was the same thing, when the girl puts the boy’s cock in her mouth like I also saw my mom do. I learned that after doing either of these things for a little while, the boy made thick white liquid called cum spray out of his cock. I heard them say that the first couple times, it tasted kinds gross but that you would come to like it. They said that older men knew how to fuck better than boys their age did and sometimes they would give them money to let him do it. Hearing the girls talking like that made me feel funny between my legs like it did when I watched my mom and the guy. I thought about the man I had watched Mom with and the man in the movies and I couldn’t imagine something that big fitting in my little pee hole.

One night I was laying in my bed listening to the noises coming from my mom’s room till they stopped. I had just about fallen to sleep when my door opened. Mom told me to close my eyes for a minute because she was going to turn my light on. When I opened my eyes, she and a man were standing just inside my room. They were both dressed. “Doreen Honey, get out of bed.” I got up and stood there looking at them. “Darling, take your nightie off.” “But Mom.” A little more sternly she said, “No buts. Take it off.” I did and I was standing there naked in front of them. “Turn around slow.” I did. “Spread your legs a little.” I did. “OK. You can go back to bed now, sweetie.” As they left my room, I saw the man give my mother a ten dollar bill. Another night I heard two men talking as they left my mother’s room but they did not come into my room.

Nothing more happened for the next week. I didn’t even hear any sex noises from Mom’s room. Then one night just after I went to bed, Mom came in my room again. She had the same man with her. “Doreen, get up and take your gown off.” I did what she said. The man lifted up a camera and took a picture of me standing there naked. “Mom?”

“It’s Ok. Just do what I tell you. Put your hands on your cute little titties and push them together.” I did it – click – he took another picture. “Spread your legs and pucker your lips like a kiss – click – Turn around – click – Bend over and reach back and spread you butt cheeks with your hands – click – Get on your bed and sit with your legs crossed” – click. Then the man came closer and focused in and took a close up of my hairless little pussy – click. It was feeling that funny feeling again.

The man reached out and started to touch me but Mom grabbed his arm. “I told you, no touching.” I saw the man giving her two twenty dollar bills and they left my room.

Early the next night there was a knock on the door. Mom opened it and it was the tall bald man that I had seen her in bed with. “This is Derrick. I have decided that it is time for you to learn about the birds and bees. I think the best way is for you to watch him and me having sex.” The three of us walked to Mom’s room. She told me to stand over against the wall and watch without saying a word. I was fully clothed.

They worked at undressing each other. Mom didn’t have any hair between her legs either but he had a lot around the bottom of his cock. There was a big bag below his cock. I knew those were his balls. I had heard the girls say that that was where his cum was made before it shot out of his cock. He sucked on her nipples like a baby being breast fed. While he did, he reached one hand between Mom’s legs and pushed a finger up into her. Mom moaned and pushed hips toward him.

Mom took a quick look at me and then dropped to her knees in front of him. She held his hard dick in her hand. Her hand just reached around it. I could tell that she could put both hands around it and the head would still stick out. She leaned forward and licked the tip. Then she slid her mouth over it and pushed down to her hand. Mom started giving him a blowjob. Sometimes she bobbed her head up and down on it and other times she held just the head between her lips and moved her hand up and down the shaft. Whenever she took her mouth off him, you could hear a pop as the suction broke. He stood there with his eyes closed, making moaning noises showing how much he was enjoying what my mother was doing to him.

Mom stopped and got on the bed on her hands and knees. Her legs were spread. Her tits hung down under her chest. Her knees were at the edge of the bed and her lower legs stuck off the bed. Derrick got between my mother’s legs, put his cock to her hole and pushed in. Mom gave a loud moan as he entered her. He held her hips and started pumping his pecker in and out of my mother’s fuck hole. His bag of balls swung back and forth and slapped against my mother’s tummy. Him being on top of her from the back reminded me of when I saw dogs out in the street and the male dog was up on the female’s back doing the same thing. When I was younger, I did not know that they were making puppies till an older boy told me that they were.

After pounding away in her for several minutes he stopped with his cock all the way in Mom. They both got very loud and then he pulled out. I watched white stuff run out of her hole and drip down the inside of her leg. Mom spun around and took him back in her mouth. She sucked him for a few seconds then turned to me. She saw that I had my hand between my legs. She smiled and said, “See how it’s done? Come over and give his cock a little kiss.” When I hesitated, she got off the bed and took my hand and pulled me over to him. She pushed my head down toward his crotch. “Kiss it.” I gave it a little smack on the end. I saw it twitch.

Mom reached between her legs and scooped up some of his stuff. She held her hand out toward me with the palm up. There was a small puddle of cum in her hand, “Lick this and see how it tastes.” She put her hand right up to my mouth. I stuck my tongue out and touched the puddle. “More. Take a big lick so you can taste it.” I slurped the cum puddle into my mouth with my tongue. It tasted salty and a little bitter but not terrible. I made a second lick at her palm. “I guess that’s all for tonight, Honey.” I went to my room. Derrick was still there. In a little while I heard them making sex noises again.

In the morning, he was sitting on the living room couch naked. I was dressed for school and Mom was making breakfast. Derrick walked into the kitchen. He walked up behind Mom and reached around her and grabbed her boobs and pressed his hard cock against the back of her house dress. She reached back with one hand and held his cock and she giggled and then moaned. He came over to me, bent down and gave me a kiss on the lips. I felt his dick touch my shoulder. “Good morning. I should give you a treat. I should have you suck me off and shoot my cum load on your eggs to spice up your breakfast. Would you like that?” I made a face and said, “Yuckkkkk !” Mom laughed and said, “More protein is good for you, Doreen”. After eating I went to school. When I came home he was gone. Mom looked a mess.

We went to the charity store to do some shopping. Mom bought me some nicer and more grown up clothes. She asked the young man working there if he would take me into the dressing room and help me try on things. He looked around and then took me and the clothes in the room. Several times he touched me in my private places while I was trying the clothes on. He especially seemed to enjoy rubbing my small growing boobies. I saw a big bulge grow inside his pants and he rubbed himself there. I got some short skirts and some halter tops and other nice things. I was very happy. I thanked him and gave him a hug. He helped me fix my hair prettier. The boys at school started to pay more attention to me, even some that were a little older. The group of girls that I liked to stand near and listen to actually talked to me a few times.

One afternoon I heard Mom talking on the phone. She said that we would be there at eight. I asked her where we were going and she said to the grocery store. “But he closes at eight”, I said. “That’s Ok. We have a special appointment”, Mom replied. I never heard of an appointment at a grocery store. We got to the store at eight and walked in. The owner closed and locked the door behind us and turned the sign to say closed.

Mom gave me a stern look, “Doreen, I’m going to start shopping. I want you to go in the back room with Mr. Green and suck his cock. Do a good job and make sure that he knows that you are enjoying doing it.” “Mom, he’s old and I’ve never done it before”, I whined. “He’s sixty but that doesn’t make any difference. You know what to do. You’ve seen me do it and he will show you how he likes it. Now go do it.” “Mom? Why don’t you do it? Why do I have to?” My mother replied that he only wanted me to do it and he was letting us shop for free.

Mr. Green put his arm around my shoulder and led me into his back office. He stood in front of me and dropped his pants. “Your mom says that you know how to give a blowjob. Get on your knees and suck me off.” His prick was limp and not very big. I got on my knees and looked at it for a few seconds. He put his hand behind my head and pulled me to his crotch, “Do it. Put it in your mouth and suck it.”

I lifted his limp cock and put the head in my mouth. I rubbed around the head with my tongue and then I slid my mouth further down his shaft and started to move up and down on it while sucking like I had seen Mom do. Slowly he started to grow and harden. I took his ball sack in my hand and rolled his balls around. Mr. Green moaned and told me how good it was feeling. It took a couple minutes to get him fully hard but he finally was. I actually found that I was starting to enjoy blowing his old pecker. The feel of the soft outer skin sliding up and down on the hard inner shaft was great. I picked up speed and went as deep as I could till I started to gag on it when it touched the back of my mouth. I blew him for several minutes and my jaw was starting to ache when he held my head in both of his old hands, his ball sack tightened and he groaned loudly and came in my mouth. He held me there till I had to swallow. He didn’t make a lot of cum and it didn’t come out with much force. I guess that is what happens when you get old. He let go of my head and collapsed on the couch behind him. He was breathing so hard that I thought he was having some kind of attack or something. Finally he caught his breath and told me how good it was and how nice I was. We went back out into the store. He bagged all the food that Mom had picked out but he never rang up any of it on the cash register. He let us out and we walked home with our arms full of grocery bags.

During the next five or six weeks I gave a blowjob to one boy at school. He was two grades above me. He promised not to tell but he did. The older girls heard and asked me about doing it with him and started including me in their conversations. I did not tell them about my mom and me doing it for money.

I was filling out rapidly. My tits grew to a full B-cup and I started to get pubic hair but Mom had me keep it shaved off. I also sucked off three guys that Mom brought home on different nights. One of them had already fucked Mom’s cunt, or at least I think he was in her cunt. His cock tasted bitter. It took me a long time to get him hard again and get him off in my mouth. He gave Mom fifty dollars. The girls at school were right. I did come to enjoy doing it and the taste of cum.

Finally the big night came. Mom brought home a guy and I thought I was going to be giving another blowjob but I heard him ask Mom, “You’re sure she’s a virgin?” She said that I was and the guy gave her two one hundred dollar bills. “Doreen, it’s time for you to graduate to the final level. Take him to your room. He is going to fuck you.” I was nervous but also excited. As soon as we got into my room he started removing his clothes. I matched him and stripped out of mine. He was white and about forty. He had a nice body with a very hairy chest and he already had a hard-on that was probably a little over six inches but kind of thin.

I got on the bed and waited for him. First he brought his cock to my mouth and I gave it a good sucking. While I was sucking him, he pushed a finger deep enough into me to reach my hymen and confirm that I was a virgin. “Are you ready?” I nodded my head yes. He climbed between my legs, used his hand to help his rod find the right place. He slowly pushed in till he felt the resistance of my hymen. “Here goes, Honey.” With that he slammed thru my cherry and buried himself balls deep in my no longer virgin cunt. I screamed out from the pain and yelled for him to take it out but he didn’t miss a beat. He pounded me with long hard strokes like I remembered with the dogs on the street. I could feel his balls bouncing off my ass. I bit myself on the wrist and cried but he kept screwing me to the bed.

When he came in me I felt the flood of his warm juices filling my vagina and womb and overflowing onto my bed. My pussy still hurt but not as much as the horrible sharp pain when he first split me open. He wasn’t big down there but I still felt stuffed since it was the first time I had ever had anything shoved in there. He held my wrists, keeping my arms pinned to the bed and kept his spent cock pushed in my pussy while he nursed on my little breasts and kissed me, sticking his tongue in my mouth. After several minutes he started to slowly move in and out of my tender quim again and he re-hardened. As he regained his erection, he returned to a hard fucking of my cunt. This time he lasted a lot longer and it started to feel good. It felt like an hour but was really about ten minutes.

With the pain gone, he was able to fuck me to an orgasm. It was the best one I had ever had, much better than getting my clit rubbed. He finally blasted another load of his baby seed into my already full cunt. I knew that I was going to have to change my bedding before I could go to bed. He finally pulled out. He wiped his cum and blood covered cock on my thighs, got up, got dressed and left. As he walked out of my room he said, “That was really good, Little Girl. Your cherry was worth every penny.”

When Mom had let him out, she came to me. “Are you OK, Doreen?” I told her that it hurt like hell when he first put it in and that it still was a little sore. “I know how to fix it.” She climbed on the bed and put her head between my legs and started gently licking my abused pussy.” She kept at it till I had a small orgasm and collapsed onto the bed. “Tomorrow I guess I have to make you a doctor’s appointment to get you on the pill. We don’t need any babies to take care of.” I slept well but had some very erotic dreams.

Two weeks later Mr. Hernandez, my Spanish teacher told me to see him after class. “Doreen, I understand that you know Fred Foster.” I thought for a minute and answered, “I don’t think so. The name doesn’t sound familiar.” “I know that you do. He is the man that paid two hundred dollars to pop your cherry a couple weeks ago. He is my brother-in-law and we got talking and I figured out that it was you that he was talking about. I think you need some extra tutoring if you want to pass my class. Come back here an hour after school ends for the day and I’ll give you what you need.”

I was a B student and hoped to go to our local community college. I would be the first person in our family to go beyond tenth grade. A bad grade from him would not help my chances to get in. I entered his room and shut the door behind me. I was sure I knew what he wanted and it wasn’t giving me a Spanish lesson. Mr. Hernandez was short and chubby and about forty years old. He was sitting at his desk with his pants off. I walked over to him and bent down, taking his short but fat cock in my mouth.

He mauled my still growing tits while I blew him and then he made me lean over his desk. He pulled down my panties gave me a Spanish lesson that I would not get in class while he fucked me. He pulled my hair back and said in my ear that I needed to learn these Spanish words: La cocha means cunt or pussy, verga means cock or penis, puta means whore or bitch, prostitita means prostitute, chingar means slut, colgados means your tits, and more words. He had me repeat them back to him each time he said them. This was my extra credit Spanish lesson on the end of his cock. Finally he pulled out, gave my ass a hard slap, spun me around and stuffed his prick back in my mouth just before feeding me his load of jizz. “Swallow every drop puta.” He told me that I would still need him to give me some more lessons and then he let me go home.

In less than a year I had gone from an innocent young girl to a cock sucking fuck happy slut with a mother who pimps her out. The men seldom go to Mom’s room any more. I thought over the time and smiled. I couldn’t be happier at the way my life was turning out. It all started with getting a free steak from the butcher.

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