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The Adventure of a Truck Driver and his daughter

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A truck driver finds enjoyment from the last place he expected

The weather had changed, and it was almost time for the summer to approach. Every year my daughter comes with me on the truck to enjoy us time. She says that she enjoys it, but I question it. This year was no different, but I wanted to at least have some real fun. I never figured this was going to happen.

The time approached, and my daughter, and I were off again. She is a teenager, and so many things have changed about her. She could pass as 19, but that is not the case. She is now 16, and nothing like when she was younger. She can no longer cuddle with daddy, and I tend to miss those days. The trip was going well. Nothing like listening to teenage music shit. After a day of that, night approached, and I was able to relax. Sitting in my seat my daughter went to the back to get changed. A few minutes later she hopes back up front. That was the point when I noticed the change in my daughter. It was hard not to stare, and not to wonder. She had put on a very short pair of night shorts. They were thin material, and very loose. The shirt matched the shorts in design, and material. Her breast was well rounded, firm with a 34c stature. The curve of her ass peaked out from the bottom of her short leaving the imagination to run wild. There were no outlines from a set of bra or panties. The front of her shorts showed the perfect shape of her pussy lips. You could tell they were puffy, and very noticeable. My thoughts were running wild, and my dick was growing hard.
After a few minutes of talking well, a few minutes of dreaming I decided it was time for bed. I went to the back sat down and started to get comfortable. My daughter comes back looks at me with a smile and ask if I would help her to the top bed. Not a problem I held my hands out so I can boost her up. While going up I couldn’t help to look as her legs spread as well as her pussy lips. A beautiful pink, hairless, and a slight glisten of wetness. Not paying attention I didn’t notice she was staring down at me. She had caught me starring, and never looking away. After her legs reached the top, she giggled asking if I enjoyed what I saw. Red in the face I chuckled and lay down. The only thing I could think was how stupid I was. No matter how wrong I told myself I was, I couldn’t get the image out of my head. My dick was at full attention, and it appeared it would be a long night.

After what seemed like forever, I finally fell asleep. Sometime during the middle of the night, I hadn’t noticed, but my daughter climbed down from the top bunk. Normally I feel the truck move, but this time I didn’t. Nor did I feel her climb into my bed. When I started to come back to reality is when I noticed her. She had my cock out of underwear slowly stroking it. She was steadily starring at it. Thinking I should say something I didn’t. I was too busy enjoying it. In my mind I’m thinking what the hell, but damn it felt good. Keeping my eyes closed I continued to act like I was still sleeping. All I could think of was what’s next. After a few minutes I fell her softly move on the bed. She was repositioning herself. Easily she lifts one leg over me so that she is straddling me. As she softly lowers herself, I feel the tip of my dick slide against her wet lips. With the touch I could tell she was no longer wearing her night shorts. She slowly moved her wet pussy back, and forth on my cock. Never allowing in to enter her pussy. The softness along with her wetness was driving me crazy. My daughters breathing was increasing, but she keeps her moans to a bare minimum. I would feel the tip of my dick rub firmly, but slowly against her clit. Once she found that spot, she moved it right back to her opening. Never allowing it to enter. Her pussy lips were very swollen at this point. The feeling was like they wrapped around my cock. The heat her pussy gave off was unbelievable. I wanted to cum as hard as could, but was greedy, and wanted to feel more. Her hips were moving slowly in every direction. I wanted to just grab them and guide her pussy to my cock. I didn’t want her to stop. So, I stayed playing like I was asleep. I could tell she was about to cum when she came to stop. At that point I figured the adventure was coming to an end.
Slowly moving forward, I was waiting for her leg to move back over me. I was going to have to just live with what I got. She slowly moved forward and arched her back. Reaching behind her back she grabbed ahold of my cock once more. Sliding the head of it between her ass she slowly leaned forward raising her ass slightly in the air. She lined the tip of my cock to the opening of her ass slowly pushing down on it. The pressure she was using was strong. I could tell she never had a cock in her ass. I wasn’t even sure if she ever had one in her pussy before. With a pop I felt my tip enter her ass. A strong gasp came from my daughter’s mouth followed by a deep moan. She held her position for a minute to get used to her ass being opened for the first time. I couldn’t take it anymore. I softly placed my hands on her hips opened my eyes and told her go slowly. Opening her eyes, she stared down into mine. She had a shocked look, but at the same time I could see lust. I raised one hand to the back of her neck grabbing ahold of it like a dog would with his bitch. I pulled her down to me a kissed her hard. The moans were heavy, and loud now. Separating my lips from hers I told her once again go slowly down. My daughter did exactly what she was told.
Now that the opening of her ass was at the base of my cock, I knew it was time. I grabbed the back of her neck once again. My other hand on her hip I told her to move her hips once again. The first movement was slow and long. Bring the opening of her ass to the tip of my cock. The next straight back down. Repeating the same motion. Each time the speed would increase. Her ass was wet from the juices of her pussy. Every time she pulled out her wet pussy would provide the lubricant to slide back down. Her upper body lying flat against my chest she gripped ahold of the pillows tightly. I moved both my hands to her ass grabbing ahold. While being weak from pleasure I made sure she didn’t miss a stroke. Her wet pussy sliding along my stomach allowing her clit to be messaged while being fucked in the ass. With a fast and swift move, she buried her face in my chest echoing out a loud moan, and scream following. Her ass gripping once again around my cock I knew she was about to cum. With one hard push my daughter slams her ass down holding it there. Her body shacking her pussy flowing wild. I could feel cum all over my stomach. Her orgasm was intense, and I knew she had never felt one like this before. After what seemed forever my daughters’ body just went limp and laid on top of my body. I knew this was far from done, but she wasn’t going to be able to finish from the top.
Grabbing ahold of both her ass check I lifted her slowly. With every inch that came out she shivered. When the tip came out a sigh of relief came from her. You could tell her ass has never been touch, but also, she was mixing a slight pain with a whole lot of pleasure. I removed myself from underneath her, leaving her laying on her stomach. The whole time she laid there trying to catch her breath. I grabbed two of the extra pillows, and slowly lifted her stomach area. Sliding the pillows under I then positioned her legs perfectly so I would be able to get full depth. Running my hand up her thigh to her wet pussy I ran my fingers over the opening. Stopping I took a finger and slowly circled the opening. Slightly pressing in I could feel she was still a virgin. My daughter took in a big breath. I circled the opening to the top so I could gently press against her g spot. My daughter’s innocence quickly turned to spouting out every curse word she could think of. Her pussy spasming with the slight rubbing I was applying. Her pussy dripping the sweat wetness that a man loves. With every turn of my finger, it would drive her even more insane. I keep moving my finger until my daughter orgasm again. My daughters sweat pussy sprayed cum all over the pillows and bed underneath her. With every breath she also followed with oh god. Her body by now was completely done, but I wasn’t.
Climbing in behind her I used two fingers, and slowly brought her juices to my cock stroking it getting it slick again. I was going to go back into her ass. At this point I wanted to cum, and I knew I wanted it in her. Placing the head at the opening I gently pushed forward. My daughters’ hands locked into the pillows while she screamed with pleasure. The first stroke in was easy, after that it was with a heavy, hard stroke. I was the one breathing hard this time. I could feel the cum build up inside me. Grabbing the back of her shirt I used it to get a better grip. Her ass was mine at that time. Fuck this felt so good. Every inch going in felt good. With one hard push I felt the tip of my cock reach deep into her. My daughter yelling out fuck my dad please cum in me. That’s all it took. It felt like a never-ending orgasm. I left it in until the last drop fell from the tip of my cock. Slowly I inched out of her ass. Her beautiful ass that felt so damn pleasing. Cum slowly starting to show from the opening of her ass. Her body completely worn out. I stood up from behind her and removed the pillows underneath her worn body. Her body collapsed to the bed. I could tell she was worn out. I wrapped her in a blanket, and I decided to sleep up top.
Once the next morning came it was back to work. I got up before my daughter. I left her in bed and let her sleep. She woke up later that day. I got a big hug with a good morning kiss on the check like always. We never talked about it. We spent the rest of the summer having all the fun we could have.

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    I used to date a trucker. I was with him in Buffalo, NY. That’s where I got pregnant, in that sleeper fucking like animals. I had a boy.

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