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Sucking my Mum (Cont)

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The story of Billy sucking mum to porn star

We had lots of practices when Robin and Rose came more often. One night Rose brought a big cucumber and I had to show it to the camera and push it up my ass hole Iwas pretty big now so it didn’t hurt to much. Then I was given things from the the kitchen like oranges and apples and Rose would have me push one or two into her cunt one time we tried three but one popped out. There was a lot of pissing but most was me pissing on Rose espacially in her mouth Robin brought a pump thing he said it would make my cock bigger but it didn’t do much when he took it off
In the meantime Mum and I still slept together we sucked each other and tried a fuck but I think is with mums thighs being fat I couldn’t get in properly so just it up and down her cunt lips
Then Rose and Robin brought a young girl i’m sure she was younger than me and I was still not eleven. She was a brown girl and very pretty Rose said we had to do the same as we did sucking each other but this time I had to fuck her and Mum held her legs open and I could get in.It was easy as we both had been sucking, When I had to fuck her ass it was harder but she only cried a bit then was OK.

While we were own one night Mom explained to me that the photos we took were for very special people who didn’t want to see the good looking girls I see on the TV but young or old people and next week they will be bringing a very special person for us to take some photos
When she did come she did look alright really she was much older than Mum and Rose but was still quite nice looking in an old sort of way. Any way the set up the video and her and Robin stated to undress when she got to her underwear she was ugh skinny and wrinkly then Robin took her bra off and she didn’t really have breasts just wrinkly skin and nipples and when he took her knickers off her belly was wrinklly. Still Robin turned her round and bent her over and fucked her ass hole then on her back while Rose pushed her hairy cunt on to her face
When they had finished I had to suck her while she was sucking me she was really smelly
Then they took her into the garden although it was pretty cold and she lay on the lawn and we all pissed on her I had a big one as I’d been holding it in. Robin and Rose managed enough for the video to see the flow

Apparently the photos were for different web sites with Titles like Granny and Boys and Girls
and another one we were doing was Tits. I didn’t think I would be in this one as it was this very very big black lady with enormous tits and long nipples she lay down and Robin like fucked between them and cum all over her face and she posed with Jacks white cum streaming down her face and tits and Robin slapped them from side to side and things like that’

When Mum and I were in bed that night she said “lets try something you love your mom dont you” So we were both naked and she lay back and began to rub her cunt and pull the lips our then talking like “imagine your cock in mum” and “mumies warm cunt lips” then she knelt real close and played with my cock it had never been so stiff and when she rubbed her cunt juice on it all of a sudden I spurted like Robin. not thick stuff like him but kind of watery and mum kissed me and licked her hand were she had cought it.
She said I had to practice whenever i could as well as us practicing at night.

When Mum told them I was ready they brought a brown girl again but she was tinyer than the last one and we had to pose with our arms around each other an kissing before we lay down with her bottom on cushions and her little pusssy looked like a little puffy slit, I knelt down and pushed my cock in and she started crying and Robin was shouting harder and I felt that feeling and mum said “come out!!!” and I came out just on time to spray her with my cum I had to cuddle her until she stopped crying.

It was my birthday next week and then after ther holidays I would have to go to Secondary school and mum said it would be OK if I didn’t tell anyone and there would be my holidays when we could do more grown up stuff. then she gave me a big surprise she showed me my bank book (well mine I didn’t know I had one) and it had a lot of money in it LOADS and she said we could earn more Jack and Mary are going somewhere else and me and mum are going to do the stuff in a studio and we can go in the holidays before I sign in for school Then just in the holidays when my cock was bigger because mum said she was very proud how big it was now

So after mum had taken me into town to get me fitted out with my new school uniform and we had made an appointment to see the Headmaster being a new boy. We went home and mum said we would get a call from the studio sometime she didn’t know whereit was but must be near

We only had about two weeks left of the holidays when mum got a phone call she was very excited as the studio was only a bus ride from home and we had to go tomorrow for an interview and mum explained it was like what I was going to see the Headmaster for

We were shown into a big office all over the walls were lots of photos some of the ladies were lovely but really all sorts of men as well as girls and boys. There was a lady behind a big desk “Hello Mrs Jones and this is Billy the man of the moment My name is Norma and I run this establishment”
She was a talk lady I think about 40 maybe a little more when she stood up I could see she had a really nice figure especially her breasts and as she walked around she had lovely legs and her hair was nice and she had nice make up I just felt even more than mm I would do anything for her.
“Billy will be one of our in betweeners very attractive to the older ladies and then from what I am told attractive to anybody!!”
“Now mother you will be Billys chaperone will attend all shoots and should you not think anything is not right just shout”
“now lets see you Billy”
I slowly undressed and gave a twirl
“Excellent and can you get erect for me”
I looked at mum and she stepped forward and stroke me up to stiffness
“Just a little over 6″ and at your age thats very good and a good thickness ”
“could you touch me please?” I couldn’t help saying it
She smiled and stroked me looking into my eyes, I stiffened and she chuckled “well thats another half inch!!!!”
She took us around “not everyone is here on any particular day you understand “these are a camera and sound men and props thats the man who makes the scenery ”
Nothing was going on “Oh this is Angela she’s our main Granny you will probably work with her for a while”
Angela must gave been 80 but only by her face her figure was still good and she gave a smile and a wave
We were introduced to a few more people and

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