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Simple pleasures at school

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Sharing some different experiences in school. My urges become increasingly more important than study

A little fun

The hallways were bustling with noise, students rushing past me to their next classes. My need to pee and my constantly aching clit were were clouding my mind today. I’m so horny lately I can’t keep focused.

I squirm a little from urgency and squeezed my thighs together. I gathered books from my locker and the urge to pee subsided enough to make my way to class. Admittedly I had time to use the restroom before class but I found that my full bladder combined with the hard edge of the chairs sent shivers down my spine and help pass the time. I closed my locker and made my way to class.

I sat in the back corner I was quiet and by now know as a bit of weird kid so I wasn’t bothered very often. So I sat quietly like a good girl and took notes.

I could feel my pants straining against my filling bladder, the welcome sensation brining a slight pink to my cheeks. The feeling of my pussy pulsing distractingly I stretched and adjusted myself. Now sitting with the edge of the chair, the seam of my jeans putting pressure on my aching hole I look down at my notes innocently with pencil in hand.

Gently my hips rock, every so slightly side to side, front to back. My pussy getting increasingly more soaked with my slick juice as I quietly pleasure myself I glance up around the room. Everyone’s looking at the board or taking notes bored, I shiver with pleasure being so naughty. I can feel my pussy lips sliding against each other when I squeeze my thighs tight. My piss hole pulses gently reminding me of the water I drank last class. I clench it tightly, my muscles squeezing send more ripples of pleasure through me.

I know I should not be doing this, the guilt mixing with excitement. I can’t help it, I can’t control my urges as well as I used to. I try to keep my hands off my pussy at all times but this little trick was a loophole for me. I feel revile for my body as it disobeys my wishes. My heart is racing and I’m not even taking notes any more, my legs flex together a little more desperately. Glancing around Im relieved no one seems to have noticed me how lost I was. I cross my legs and squeeze my thighs and the ache subsided again. My pussy pulsing slightly I’m able to re-focus and finish class.

Increasingly Horny

My eyes were lost looking at the bulge in those dress pants. I was memorized imagining the shape of his cock and balls just from the slight outline I could see. I couldn’t look away even if I wanted to.

History class with Mr. P was my favorite. I was in the fist row of his class. A lot of girls sat in front, because he was by far the most handsome of all the teachers.

His chestnut hair cut short on the sides and styled on top sparkled like his ice blue eyes. He was charming too, always kind and willing to stay after school to help explain things. He made my heart flutter when he looked at me. He was friendly with all the teachers and parents. I was crushing hard on him.

I got into the habit of staying after school, flirting and talking about that days lesson with Mr. P. I would try and pick very revealing shirts under my sweaters to take off in his class. After a few weeks of our flirting we exchanged cellphone numbers and that’s when things got more serious.

I was overjoy that he messaged me when I got home, I laid in bed chatting. Our conversations spanned months through text. He said he he thought I was beautiful and how we had to be inconspicuous about our friendship. I agreed and soon the messages became increasingly more explicit. He wrote explicit descriptions about my body and how he pleasures himself thinking about me and we exchanged naughty photos. I remember sitting in his class looking over at the girls crushing on him thinking how lucky I was to have his attention.

I stayed after school almost twice a week now, passing by his room before the end of the day to verify if our “date” was still on. When the last bell rang I would rush to his room and we would begin studying. The door was closed and we laughed and flirted until the school was quiet. He would then stand up, and his cock would be straining against his pants. My pussy aching he went to his knees and kissed my mound, so gentle and loving he would lick my folds and tease my aching clit. I shivered with need as his gentle touch only made me crave more. He was always so soft with his tongue it drove me wild.

My hole was throbbing and dripping by the time he pulled his mouth away. I would be one the edge of orgasm but never released with his mouth. I turned around and bent over his desk, I felt his thick purple head rubbing at my soaked entrence. My lips greedily wrapped around his thick shaft as he pushed deeper inside me, the fullness of his cock stretching me in such a satisfying way. His rock hard cock then rhythmically fucked me, his balls slapping my clit each thrust sending me into a frenzy of pleasure. He would squeeze my breasts and pinch my nipples hard, the pressure sending more waves of bliss making me moan louder than I expected. Soon his hand was reaching around and playing with my clit, his cock grinding more than thrusting in me.

The pressure and tension building inside me suddenly releases and my body tightened. My pussy pulsed and shivered around his cock and I came hard. His fingers not slowing, my orgasm rippled through me, and then another crashing over me. I loved when he did that. My overstimulated clit now aches and is begging for rest, my body shaking and twitching with each stroke of his finger.

I’m trapped between the desk and him so I can’t do anything. His fingers keep caressing and massaging my clit, the nerves screaming in pain from being overwhelmed my body quivers another orgasm forced out of me. He then returns to fucking my pussy, thrusting harder this time in and out of me. He cums quicky after deep inside me hole.

We could kiss each other good by after theses fun study lessons and then I would walk home, my clit buzzing with afterglow.


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    Good girl, just make sure he breeds you. Also beware there are a few errors in spelling, but not many

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      you just need to be breeded

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    WOW that was fucking so hot! I had to pull out my cock and relieve myself. Such a naughty little slut and I love it. Damn I wish I could ruin it for ya!
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