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Sex addiction

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Ever since I was a lil boy. I always been very horny. Getting a hard on from girls on TV, movies, cartoon and even my own Family members. Not just cousins either. My own mom and lil sister. Didn’t care about the age either. Loved girls of all aged. I wouldnt hide my hard on at all. I wasn’t that big or small for been 10 years old. U could say I was above average. I use to love to stick my dick in the couch Cushions cracks nd pump my dick away. Been so horny my mom didn’t know what to do at first. First trying punishment. Then told me lies that if I kept playing with it. It would fall off. Eventually she started to like it. Telling me to sit closer, hug my tighter nd longer. Wearing lose clothes around the house. Until it was just panties and a bra. Then nothing but a bathrobe. Then telling my lil sister who 7 to wear just panties around the house. Cuddling my mom on the couch so close nd always seeing her like that. I touch her leg with my dick nd started to pump away at her Thighs. Going as hard nd fast as I could. Rubbing my dick on her Bareskin as my lil sister just watched me humping her leg until my mom laid down on the couch nd parted her legs open. Helping me between them and guiding my man hood In her entrances. Finding my target as my dick pumped in her like there was no 2morrow. Hearing her moan with every pump. Telling me that this is my hole now. I am no longer allowed to play with my self. I’m only allowed to fuck her or my lil sister anytime I feel horny. Telling me there alot to teach me and she can’t wait to see how I use my lil sister as a fuck toy as I fucked her for near 2 hours before my dick started to get sore and hurting just a lil.
Sorry if this is short or has any spelling Grammer. There much more to tell in this story if u want more.

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  • Reply Joseph ID:7zv3fg06i9

    VERY HOT !!! Did you fuck your mom or sister in their assholes

  • Reply J ID:22ltffsehj

    Wow I love your story I have been thinking about my mom

  • Reply Mind-Ya-business-111 ID:7pqjl2adzl

    Lots of grammar issues but overall it was a hot story looking forward to hearing more, I would type it out in a google or Microsoft word doc just to have it help you correct it
    Keep up the good work