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Real cousins part3

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what happened that night will always be a memory of lust, life and sexual growth.


Yes this story is wholly true , I am a white American male and live in the northeastern part of U.S.. I’ve changed some of the names to protect family members.

The week droned on and Sunday never seemed to come but Saturday night led to my anticipation of being with Becky again. Over the week my mind compared Gail’s little girl frame and tits to her sisters melons and how each of them responded to me “fucking” them with my fingers!! The first time I fingered Gail she was tight and it took a while for her pussy to flower enough for me to get a finger inside, so too was Becky. After a couple of sessions with Gail she opened to the point that two fingers would enter her and she would ride them, although she didn’t seem to have a heavy flow of cunt juice like Becky, it was enough to lubricate the fingers to make her happy. Gail also came differently, she didn’t seem to heave her hips ,more like almost sat up as she exploded inside her womb. Well Sunday morning finally came and I got ready for church.

I arrived at our church looking around for Becky, I ran into Gail and she told me Becky was home ill and wouldn’t make church today and she grinned at me, as to say she knew what was going on! I was torn on weather this was a ploy or if she really was ill. I decided to try and skip out of the service and go and see if she was ok. I asked my Dad if I could miss part of church to see if she was ok and he said not to be too long. So I hot footed my way to my uncles house and knocked on the front door it was locked. A few moments later Becky came and let me in. I asked if she was ok and she smiled at me and said she was having her period and that was all, she had cramps. So she didn’t want any fingering, her and I both laughed and I gave her a hug and she kissed my neck and I returned to church. That Sunday seemed rather hollow but I understood.

The following week dragged on as the previous one, my thoughts about how wonderful fingering and sucking Becky’s tits was. On Friday Gail road home with us, she was staying til Sunday and going to church with us. Friday night after everyone was asleep me included Gail slipped into my bedroom and got in bed with me. She pecked my cheek and reached for my rod. Gail was an imp she wasn’t shy nor jaded about sex she was always interested in it. Soon she was jacking my cock and it was as hard as ever, I reciprocated slipping my hand between her legs and felt her lips open to let my fingers into her. After about 15 minutes of mutual stimulation we both had orgasms. My spunk spewed all over her little hand as I ejaculated. She let me continue fingering her hole until her fresh orgasm pushed her to almost sit up in bed. She quivered as she came her legs quaked as if she was having an epileptic seizure. She then leaned over and said,” Becky will be ready for you Sunday, I wanted you first!!”I cleaned up my spunk mess with a Kleenex and she snuck back to my sisters room. (Little did I know at the time my sister was just outside my door and watch us with the door ajar I was enjoying having my cock pulled to notice her).

Saturday morning came and Gail, my sister ,father and I ate breakfast together. All the while Gail fixated her eyes on me. You could almost see her lust for more in them. I knew tonight I’d have another visit…. the day seemed to flash by and night set in around 8:30. Th girls and I were watching a movie and my dad made us some stove top popcorn and we sat there tl about 11pm. I got up and brushed my teeth and got ready for bed. I always slept in boxers during the summer and not much else. Around I saw my door open and this time I was scared for both Gail and my sister entered, no this wasn’t going to happen. Both girls were 14 ,both were thin Gail was a true blonde and my sister had dark black hair and an olive complexion. They tee heed as the both dropped onto the mattress, Gail whispered that my sister was there to watch and pick up some pointers?? Pointers ?? I questioned? “she wants to see what we do.” I begged off and told them both that this wasn’t cool and if Gail wanted to have fun, my sister would need to leave. Gail told me Sherryl and her were playing with one another also and she wanted to find out new “stuff” What had I created ,my own sister was not getting Gail to make finger love to her and vise-versa. I told Gail I wasn’t comfortable having my own sister watch us, to which she said” Well she watched us more than once have “sex” from outside your door”. Now I felt really ashamed , my own sister had seen Gail masturbate my rod and saw everything I did to Gail. I was getting worried that I should stop before it got so out of hand that the elders would find out. They both laid on my bed Gail pulled her panties off and said “cmon” and Gail pulled me down towards her. So what to do I guess if Sherryl was doing it with Gail I guess watching us wouldn’t hurt, after all she’d seen my finger fuck Gail before. Soon my fingers were massaging Gail’ s clit she moaned slightly as she scooted her ass across the bed to give a better view of her open hole to my sister. She responded to my finger sliding into her by gyrating some to accept it. Soon 2 fingers were in Gail’s now open glory hole and she responded in kind starting to rhythm my finger plunges. I notice that my sister had closed the distance to Gail and that Gail was massaging Sherryl through her panties, what a turn on… seeing your only sister being toyed with by my cousin, my rod jerked to full attention and it wanted some love. This went on for a few minutes and soon Gail exploded in a rush of passionate squirming as her orgasm took over her rubbing of Sherryl’s pussy subside and Gail just cooed and returned to rest her ass on the bed. She was finished and smiled to me …”thanks cuz it was good”. She then sat up and whispered in my ear…. “you want to finish her” talking of my sister who was partway to paradise as her panties were soaking her love juice’s through them. I hesitated and Gail took my hand and place it on Sherryl puffy pussy, I froze, was this happening was my hand on my sister’s crotch. And how did my sister feel about this, her eyes were closed so it’s possible she thought maybe Gail’s hand was back for more stimulation. I pulled my hand back and Gail pulled Sherryl’s panties down across her thighs, I saw the most puffy patch of cunt hair I’d ever seen , Sherryl’s snatch was puffy with the black matter and her clit lips dangled below it. Gail pressed my hand back to my sister’s mound , I could feel Sherryl’s warmth and then she splayed open her legs, this seemed to draw her lips upwards and they no longer dangled. She rose up a little and settled back down on the bed looked up at me and nodded. So that’s how it is, she’s not afraid of big brother? I very slowly began to lightly almost like a whisper in the wind flick my fingers across her clitty and lips. She responded in kind to opening her legs wider and slipping her panties off her right leg, her pussy lips were fairly dark due to her olive complexion and her cunt hair made her pussy pout out not anything like Gail’s. She seemed more mature down there, more like Becky’s pussy but yet she had darker cunt lips than Becky. Gail’s hair growth wasn’t that much, she was blonde and her pussy hair seemed sparce compared to my sisters. I had once seen my mother coming out of the tub and her hair resembled Sherryl’s thick and dark. I began to feel my sister move under my teasing fingers, soon she was gliding her ass across my bed as I teased. I really didn’t want to finger her and tried to get Gail to take over but she was having none of it. Gail whispered” it’s ok she’ll love you for it”. I wasn’t so sure of that but i figured I would just rub her clitty til she had enough. Sherryl propped her knees up so her cunt was very open to me I could se the changes of color as she squirmed under my touch, her hole grew lighter on the inside. Sherryl was ready for her big brother and guided my hand with hers. Soon my fingers we past her clitty and ruffling the flaps of her lips and the it happened my finger slid into her (my own sister) she gasped my finger was considerably larger in diameter than Gails. Her opening slowly convulsed not allowing my finger inside, but flicking it up an along her lips soon allowed it to go into her fur covered hole, she gasped again and I pulled it back to which she grabbed my hand and pressed it towards her inner women. I was almost sweating as I slowly dipped the finger deeper and deeper into Sherryl opening , I could feel her muscles contort around my knuckles on my finger her pussy throbbed along the sides as it slid deeper into her. Within a minute Sherryl was ready to drool her orgasm all over her brothers finger, about that time I noticed Gail raising my sisters top to expose the cutest pair of titties I’d ever seen perfect sized and proportioned titties like hers on her thin frame. As my finger gouged into her women hood my cousin began sucking Sherryl’s right tit, that was it my sister was losing herself control, Gail’s mouth made her orgasm and her girl cum was oozing from her and down her ass. Within 30 seconds she was done, she seemed spent, She whispered to me, ” thank you for making me happy, I always will love you for tonight. A few minutes to calm everyone down and they both were gone. Christ, I just finger fucked not only my cousin but my own sister too. God only knows if they went back to Sherryl’s room and play some more.

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