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One thing leads to Another

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After a night out with the girls I came home to a marvelous discovery

One thing Leads to Another
Once a week women of my work go out, get in for free and drinks bought from guys wanting to get in on the good time we share, the happy go lucky gals we present. With a fifteen year old son at home knew I couldn’t stay out all night and met no one I really wanted, a quickie with. I called a cab when all my buds broke up the party, leaving with someone. The ride home the drinks really hit me, wobbling to the door I managed unlocking, trying not to make too much noise though I needed to pee badly.
My son, Ed and I live in a two bedroom apartment, one bath. Desperate to go I didn’t bother to knock, swung the door open to see Ed stroking his hard, huge cock. Up my skirt and down with panties I made for the bathtub, sitting over the edge I let it fly, Ed still holding his hard cock of hand. Damn that thing is huge, reminding me of his father I lost ten years ago, asked Ed to pass the toilet paper.
“What are you doing,” stupid question but in my hazed mind.
“Mom,” answer came to my stupid question, Ed still holding his cock as I wiped clean.
“Mom, it gets so hard it aches, I have to rub it,” Ed watched my eyes go to his cock and back up.
“It hurts,” the concerned mom, I slurred out to his cock I couldn’t stop myself from admiring.
“Yes Mom,” realized my son was looking right at his mother’s hairy pussy with my panties, down to my ankles.
“How many times a day, do you have to rub it like that,” kicked off my heels and panties, Ed slowly stroking up and down his huge cock of at least eight inches and fat, the helmet head a light purple color.
“Four or five times a day or I can’t sleep,” 4 or 5 times a day, my son I wasn’t seeing but my husband. Missed him badly, he shared my need for sexual acts and always tried his best to satisfy my desires.
“What are you thinking about, when you rub it, like that,” in my mind thoughts of my husband jerking his huge cock to my pleasure. Loved his cum, loved to watch him jack into my mouth, and loved my husband spanking my pussy with his big dick and cumming down my throat.
“Mom,” again I heard in Ed’s tone of voice but still in my mind the cock I now wanted, didn’t register as my son’s.
“Answer my question, I’m your Mom,” confusion of mind I wanted to see cum spewing.
“Mom, you are making it hurt worse,” realized my son was looking right at my hairy pussy but the cock Ed was holding, belonged to his father.
“How am I making your cock hurt more and how did you get your father’s cock,” something was wrong here but couldn’t figure out for the life of me, what it was.
“Mom, you are like the most beautiful woman in the world and your pussy is like, the prettiest ever,” good looking I knew I was and husband had said the same of my hairy pussy, never wanting me to shave but that word Mom, kept ringing in my ears.
“Give me a hand,” help up from the tub I needed, with free hand Ed helped me to stand. My skirt I unbuttoned and let fall to the floor, removed my blouse and bra, letting out my 36 D’s.
“Does this make it hurt worse or feel better,” posed completely nude for my husband cock.
“Both Mom,” Ed stroking faster, I climbed up on the vanity legs spread.
“Perhaps if you put your father’s cock where it belongs, it will feel better,” some reason or the other I felt rather foolish but Ed didn’t hesitate and was up from the toilet aiming his huge cock of his desired target, placed my arms of his shoulders looking him straight in the eyes.
“Your father would be proud of you, fucking me with his cock,” my whisper slurred.
“Mom, don’t pass out, this feels far too good,” Ed cupping my tits and stroking my pussy with long strokes.
“I don’t want to pass out, I want to make your father’s cock cum over and over, I have missed out on so much,” I kissed Ed after snuggling of his ear.
“Is your Dad’s cock feeling better now,” in my mind I wasn’t fucking my son, Ed was only the bearer of his father’s cock.
“Oh yes, Mom! It’s everything I ever dreamed,” there was that confusing word again, Mom.
“Carry me to my bed,” arms around Ed’s shoulders and tits plastered against his bare chest my son laid me of my bed without losing penetration.
“Turn the lamp on, I want to see your father’s huge cock, fucking my hairy pussy,” Ed more than happy to comply.
“Fuck me sober and feed me your cum as many times as you can. I don’t want to wake in the morning thinking this was all a dream.”
Following my request, Ed pumped his cum down my willing throat, the taste of his father’s cock and cum was even more tantalizing than I remembered. After sucking to make sure he didn’t lose his hard, over onto my all fours I wanted Ed hitting my hairy pussy, doggie style. Magical in my mind I hadn’t had orgasms like these since Ed’s father. Yet in my fogged mind, these orgasms were far more intense and continuous, one orgasm building as another ended.
Even of my drunken state I knew something was wrong, Ed fucking his mother in every conceivable way and position. Jacking into my mouth the many times I requested, asleep we both fell, exhausted and well fucked. Awoke of the light of day, a hard cock stroking my pussy bringing me near orgasm, a cum stain of my pillow sharing me in my face. A hand from behind cupping my tits and toying with my hard nipples. Cock swelling inside me, knew the cock was about to explode, huge orgasm coursed through my entire body when I heard my son speak.
“Mom, my cock was aching when I awoke. I didn’t think you would mind after last night,” one thing leads to another. Thoughts of my mind and where do I go from here, Ed continued fucking his mother’s pussy with another huge orgasm building. My deepest, darkest secrets revealed during the night, to my son. Realization coming, the best fuck of my life came from incest fucking my very own son. Where do I go from here?

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  • Reply Jenni ID:28xlzovm9a

    Thanks for the amazing story, Alcohol does have a way of loosening us up. Even if the object of our lust is our sons, Thanks Jenni

  • Reply Sluttymum ID:2nhm7btfid

    I’m so jealous! Wish I had a son to fuck me, any teen boys want to use me call me mummy while you breed me

    • Yourson ID:mzgdgcd0

      Let me breed you, mom

  • Reply A ID:5u1d7cg20d

    Having your son breed you, is were you go next