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Naomi, my sister loses her virginity

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On our camping trip I got caught licking my cousin Gail’s little clitty by Naomi my father’s girlfriend.

On our camping trip I got caught licking my cousin Gail’s little clitty by Naomi my father’s girlfriend. She made me stop and told my sister and Gail to leave my tent ,then she proceeded to take me by force thinking that all I wanted was to fuck!! She did the deed and left me without a kiss, thank you or even a word as she robed herself and left my tent. I was shattered that she’d let me fuck her and coolly left me after without any passion, like I said in my camping series ,it was if she went around fucking 16 year old young men all the time.

Upon returning home Naomi, my sister and father began to unload our car, tents, food, clothing etc was carried into the house. I paid attention to Naomi as she bent into the car to retrieve some soiled clothing hoping to see those big titties again…. no luck her top rose up as she gathered the clothing and I didn’t get a peek although Naomi smiled… I think she knew what I was up to. Soon we had the car stripped of all the camping gear and I went up to my room, noticing Naomi’s firm ass in her shorts doing laundry as i went by. I flopped onto my bed and had almost nodded of when she entered my room, ” Hey you little fuck are you going to help put things away, or did your weekend tire you out too much” with a sassy tone inflection in her voice. I jump up and said ” yeah, I’ll be right there”. I went down to the kitchen and started putting the cooler stuff in the fridge, afterwards I took the cooler out to dump the ice and water and clean it. By that time Naomi was hanging Sherryl’s and Gail’s swim suits on the lie outside along with a load she’s washed. My eyes followed her curvaceous tit’s as she reached up to put the clothespins on the line. Her ripe breast were larger than I remembered see them last night. My dick started to swell…

Supper time came and everything had been put away, we had burgers on the grill and sat at our picnic table. Dad, Naomi on one side and the girls and I on the other. I sat opposite from Naomi who had changed into a halter top, her globes now shined in the top , it caressed her breasts and left nothing really to imagination. You could tell she wore no bra as her perky nipples showed thru the fabric, yes those large nipples I saw the night before with the light colored areola. My cock again started to expand in my shorts. Naomi’s light red hair wasn’t brassy and was natural, it was obvious that she didn’t need to dye it from my prior experience! Again a smile from Naomi at the table.. WTF she was acting strangely today, almost nice. After supper the ladies cleared the table and we al went inside after the sun had set the mosquito’s were out and no one wanted to stay out on the porch. The girl’s and I sat in the den watching a movie, me in the recliner and the 2 of them on the sofa, as we watched Naomi brought in two bowls of popcorn she’d made giving one to the girls and one to me. AS she handed it to me she smiled and I could swear she wink too. We finished the movie around 11 pm and we were all tuckered out from the weekend I went to my room and the girls did too. My father’s room was downstairs in the house of the parlor. He had already succumb to the day’s rigors and was sound asleep by 11pm. Naomi was still up when us “kids” went to bed. I stripped of my shorts and tee shirt and climbed into my bed in my boxers. Good to feel a matress under my body after spending the weekend in a tent on the ground.

I quickly nodded off into the splendor of the cushy bed, probably around 11:20 or so. I was tired also. I dreamt of Naomi’s titties and how she “made” me fuck her at camp and her warning about leaving the girls alone… I don’t usually dream about sex or girls but tonight I did… Sister Sherryl’s warm caramel colored cunt lips and tit’s, yes even little Gail’s glory hole and then Naomi’s red fur cover opening… ahh a lot had changed this summer.. At around 2 am I heard the creak of my door and it semi-woke me. I thought to myself is someone there? Christ, I hoe it wasn’t one of the girls. I cracked my eyes open to see my sister Sherryl creeping into my bed. “hey, how are you” I replied “tired not tonight” . “Ok, I just wanna talk, what did Naomi say last night?” she quizzed. “Not much just to leave you two alone and not have any sex with ya!” Sherryl nodded, “is that all” Pretty much ,”I lied to her. “Well there’ll be other times for us ok” “yes, I just want to sleep Sher, go back to bed” She slipped off the bed opened my door and was gone. I tried to get back to sleep.

15 or so minutes had passed and I lie there tossing and turning trying to get back asleep when I heard my doorknob turn and the door creak again, oh fuck now it’s Gail’s turn.. By this time I was to the point of locking my doo…I’m glad I didn’t. In the dim light I saw her, scantly dressed in a purple colored teddy, her breasts brimming from it’s top and her red cunt hairs protruding from it’s bottom, she swung around and I could she that perfect ass as she closed my door. Now what the fuck had I done? Naomi traversed the room towards my bed The moonlight shining into my bedroom hi-lighted her red shoulder length hair. She stopped looking down at my bed with me in it and wet her lips (my eyelids we cracked open to see all this). I just laid there and saw her sizing me up . She reached down between her legs and unsnapped the teddy and i could see her touching her fur covered opening with her fingers, my pole started to acknowledge her being there by making a little tent in my boxers and sheets. She slid her fingers up and down along her pussy lips parting the red of her cunt hair, She moved slightly to the rhythm her fingers we giving her now blood engorged pussy lips. She swayed to and fro and soon she turned two fingers into her gapping opening. I continued to watch as her two fingers became drenched with girl fluids. After about 4 minutes she stopped and reattached the snaps and skulked out of my room…. oh tank god for moonlight, I finally went to bed.

Next morning my father and Naomi both took Gail home. They told us they need to get some food and probably be gone about 3 hours. I saw the glint in Sherryl’s eyes as they left. She bounced up the stair and called down to me, ” get your ass up here Dave”… I replied trudging up the stairs “yes”. There she was naked, the taut curves of her breasts, her long caramel legs and her black pussy hair . She truly was “special”!! She giggled and said “get comfy” as she tugged at my shorts, both of us were now naked and she led me into her room and shut the door. She hopped onto her bed her long black hair flying into air, her tight ass cheeks hardly moving. She rolled and all her splendor was displayed. Breasts pouty and firm, her black fur covered slit with it’s dark lips displayed. Cm..here” she reached out her hands, before long we we’re sucking each other’s tongues exotically. Sherryl was hornier than I had ever seen before. She hugged and kissed like a lover instead of a sister. My cock had a mind of his own and was on full pole as we kissed and rolled in each others arms. Sherryl broke our osculation finally and I wonder how luck I was to have a fox like her for a sister, not only that but one open to allowing her brother to take liberties with her. Sherryl spun around and before I had a chance to move my cock was being sucked on by those luscious lips. She wasted little time going right down to my root using her tongue along it’s length… Each time sucking hard on my knob as she bobbed on it. The feeling was intense she was becoming quite the cocksucker . I fingered her pussy as a jester of equal stimulation and she squealed and squirmed on two fingers…. My blowjob was halted when Sherryl let my cock slip from her oral opening, she said “I WANT YOUR COCK in ME”!!! This was going too far oral , fingering ,blowjobs were one thing nobody could get hurt, but fucking your own sister??? what if I knocked her up . “NO absolutely NOT” I yelled. “WHY you fucked Becky” Why not me “? ” Because your my sister and if I got you pregnant it would screw up the entire family!!” She then said I was silly and that early this spring Naomi got her on the pill just in case boys wanted her. I was torn after all what would our relationship be like after I bedded her? I really needed more time to think it over, but time today was short.. only 3 hrs and the clock was ticking. It wasn’t that I didn’t want the sex but it was my sister. She leaned over and started to kiss me again, her warm extended nipples poking into my chest.. “.love me” she whispered. Our embrace became very heated Sherryl ‘s legs wrapped onto my torso, she clung to me now and her hot tongue darting inside my mouth made me hug her close, I could feel her warm body almost glow against mine, now was the time damn it I rolled onto her and she parted her legs, I lowered my head to her snatch and sniffed her hole like a dog. She was already wet and juicy when I licked it a few times. Then I rose upwards and Sherryl raised her knees upward and legs outward to accept her brothers stiff cock, I was going to fuck her yes fuck her, I wanted to feel those caramel cunt lips on my rod, I now wanted to feel her insides quiver from my pole slamming into it. I slowly lowered myself to a point where my cock head would meet her dark furry opening ,I pushed slightly forward and my cockhead stopped….. I tried a second time and this time my head penetrated her. She gasped as my bulbous head entered her.. I waited as she realigned her ass to accommodate my member. I cautiously started to give Sherryl a little more of my cock a 1/2 inch at a time. Her love lips caressed my tool letting about 1 inch past my cock head to enter, she was tight her first cock was going to be hard to take. I pulled back the extra inch and she sighed…”oh my god I don’t know if I can take you big brother” she said almost crying… I inched in again trying not to hurt her and her pussy accepted it. I gave her some more of his length now she was up to about 4 inches total with my cock head and shaft…”ooooo your soo big” , of course I was she’d never had a cock up there before. “Lets take a break for a few seconds ok” i said and she nodded ok. I left my cock inside her hoping her muscles would retract some and they would get used to my cock girth.

We laid there for a few minutes brother and sister engaged in sex stuck together by our organs, I asked her “you ok” again she nodded and I pressed another inch into her I only had about an inch or a little better before she had my entire cock inside. I slowly pulled back out of her she was tight and her pussy “sucked” at the skin of my shaft. Her juice was covering my shaft and she was lubricating to the point my dick should be ok for another plunge, this time i left my cockhead in her and press downward into her hole and my dick slid down almost allowing our hips to touch I again retracted it and plunged this time she screamed as my cock bottomed out against her uterus tearing her hyman in the process. I had opened her finally and blood trickle along her outer lips and down her ass. I retracted again and waited a second. “are you ok” I asked ,she had tears in her eyes. “yes but your too big, you hurt me” . I explained that the first time a girl is opened up her hymen the tight opening will sometimes tear a little to allow her partner entry to her. I also told her it’d be better now… I intruded into her again slowly i began the dance poking her cunt slowly in and out ,in and out then with a little more speed ,Sherryl was begging me to stop but I couldn’t I increased the number of times I rammed my cock into her hole and varied the depth of my cock into her…. “ohh your killing me” she said.. as I pumped my cock into her, I kept her pussy guessing on how deep I would drive it. Each time a different depth. Soon Sherryl was changing from a girl to a women, my cock saw to that, I kept driving into her and soon the cries of pain had changed to crie of lust. ” take me big brother.oh DAVE FUCK ME ” Now that the unpleasantness of losing he hymen was over Sherryl began to accept my cock warmly into her womb keeping pace with my thrusts her wet hole lubricated my rod on every stroke. We moved as one together in her bed and Sherryl’s first orgasm with her brothers cock implanted in her pussy was epic. First she moaned.. “Fuck me fuck my pussy you bastard!!” then her body began to quiver in my arms and then she exploded all over my cock with her warmth..”ooh brother I’m cumming ,I……’m cummmmming” SHe went rigid just as my cock head began to spray my thick goo cum into her warm comforting cunt. We held each other in our arms for what seemed like minutes enjoying each others complete merging of our sexual juices. My cock still deep inside Sherryl’s now open and spunk drench hole. We finally broke apart an Sherryl flopped back onto the bed panting, her legs splayed apart dripping traces of blood and globs of my manhood. her nipples erect looked like 2 pea sized amber beeds. She smiled a fulfilled smile, “you can fuck me anytime Dave!!!!”.

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    Nice, but I really hope that her big brother takes her arsehole cherry next time…

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    Really good reminds me of when I first fucked my sisters

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      Tell more

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