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My sexy step brother

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My mom,dad and siblings except my older brother went out of state. It was just me and him. Im 13 and he is 17, I have always had a thing for him. I think about him at night and touch myself while i watch porn thinking of it being him touching me. Later that day my brother came up to my room and asked me if i wanted to go swimming with him in our pool outback so i said yes eager to have my chance. I put on my most revealing sexy bathing suit and headed down to the pool so i could be near him as much as i possibly can. I could see his bulging cock thru his swimming shorts, it was making me tingly and hot. I went close beside him to try to touch it. Without him noticing i reached over and touched his dick thru his shorts for a few seconds and pulled away so he wouldnt notice. His dick is so big and it makes me want to touch myself. We swim and have fun til i get tired of swimming and head inside. I went to the bathroom and started to take of my bathing suit, just as he walks in he slams me against the wall and kisses me,im half way naked at the moment, my titties hanging out still wet from the pool,he grabs my tittie with one hand and pulls my bathing suit off with the other,exsposing my virgin pussy to him. He procceds to take off his shorts and grabs me and yanks me up onto the wall, my legs wrapped around him as his bulging cock touches my sweet pussy. He shoves his dick inside and starts to fuck me roughly, i scream out in pain being a virgin. He covers my mouth and says ‘shut the fuck up you stupid slut, you asked for this when you touched my cock in the pool, i go quiet and let him ravage my sore pussy. He holds me where i cant move and roughly uses my pussy as his personal toy, he holds me against the wall as i moan and groan, feeling so good. My legs are shaking and im coming close to my climax, i cum hard on his dick and my warm pussy wraps tight around his cock, causing him to release his thick warm load into me, he pulls out and it comes oozing out of my pussy. He shoves me down to my knees and grabs my hair, forcefully making me suck his cock clean. I stay still and let him use me to his pleasure, he finishes and leaves me in the floor panting for breath. I get dressed and go to my bed, barley able to walk. I loved every second of his cock and i hope he will continue to fuck my pussy for his own simple pleasure.

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    15 here, could you maybe give me a social? Would just want to talk, not even sexually if you dont want to

  • Reply HornyGirl ID:1yqn6ot0i

    So if that’s all right you can add me sc Zywia23

  • Reply HornyGirl ID:1yqn6ot0i

    I can be a slave but I don’t have any brothers

  • Reply Hannah sweet ID:bo1u79ihk

    Guys i wrote this… this didn’t happen. it’s fictional but a fantasy

    • Hannah sweet ID:bo1u79ihk

      Hi sure here’s my Snapchat hannah_sweet346

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    No thank you

  • Reply Hannah sweet ID:bo1u79ihk

    Yes I have Snapchat but my daddy wouldn’t like it if I added you

  • Reply Gilbert ID:hd34dg209

    wow this is soo fuckin good

    • Hannah sweet ID:bo1u79ihk

      Thank you