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My Naked Sisters And I

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The First Time My Naked Sisters And I Had Sex.

This story has a little build up to it, so I hope you can forgive me for that.
I was born with a disability that has prevented me from walking, though I’m still blessed to have a working brain, control of my bodily functions, and to be able to enjoy the company of the opposite sex, as you’ll soon find out.
I have vague memories from when I was only TWO YEARS OLD but started steadily retaining memories at three years old.
The most prominent of these memories were of seeing my family members naked around me, particularly my three sisters, who for sake of anonymity, I’ll refer to as Oldest, Older, and Youngest.
The oldest would shower in front of me as my Mother would potty train me and I remember seeing she had very big boobs complete with brown areola and hard nipples and a rather large ass complete with a rather thick bush of pubic hair.
The said could be same for my Mother when I had seen her naked when she showered in front of me.
But my Older and Youngest Sister who were much closer in age to me had no breasts to speak of and only small tight smooth coinslot shaped pussies between their legs, though I remember Older Sister having a rather large round tight looking butt which I found intriguing.
I had always found women intriguing and of interest to me, even at a young age, with my first celebrity crush at only four years old, and being a well known fitness model.
Yet that was just a crush I had in my mind and looking back my reality was much more interesting.
You see another prominent memory seared into my mind was the fact that from the age of three all the way up to the age of nine, my Mother often took I and my Older and Younger Sister to the local rec center to swim.
Not wanting her little disabled baby boy to be hurt in anyway my Mother always took me into the woman’s locker room and let me tell you I still have never seen so many naked women to this day.
What looked like hundreds but only had to be dozens of middle aged Motherly bodies with their large breasts and asses of varying shapes and colors all seemingly oblivious to each other as they changed, showered, and kept their own children in check.
I remember not being the only boy in their too and so no one ever gave us any grief.
On one of these particular visits to the pool, I my Mom and Older and Younger Sister had finished swimming and were stripping down in order to shower.
I was probably about five years old at this point.
My Mother instructed me to see if any showers were available and so dutifully I rolled myself over to the showers where an exciting sight greeted me.
It was a naked woman, middle aged, blonde with medium length hair, buxom smooth form with rounded hips, and VERY large boobs.
She was facing me as the shower water cascaded down her naked body but she paid no attention to me as she rubbed her face with both hands.
I remember on her left side was her son and on the right side her daughter.
They were obviously completely naked like her and had blonde hair like her but I didn’t pay too close of attention to them because my attention was on their naked Mother.
What was intriguing to me about her was that between her legs she had no hair and had a bald, smooth, tight, looking coinslot vagina between her legs just like my sisters and all the other girls I had seen my age naked had, except this was a full grown adult!
The naked women I saw in my home or in the locker rooms of the rec center all seemed to have hair between their legs and my undeveloped brain thought that was just how things were.
So mystified by this sight that without further ado I rolled over to the woman and stuck that flat of my fingertips and palm between her legs!
I didn’t actually stick my fingers up inside of her vagina, just rested my hand on the outside of her vagina, obviously not thinking about what I was doing.
However as the woman gasped and looked down at me with wide eyes I could only stare up with what had to be a dumb look on my face.
Looking back on it, I’m lucky I didn’t get my face caved in.
The woman’s face was all calm as she gently took my wrist in one hand and placed her other hand on top of mine.
She then crouched and gave me a warm, soft smile.
“That’s not appropriate.” She had told me along those lines and I had simply nodded before turning away and turning on a shower.
It was at this time my worried Mother had come looking for me with my Older and Youngest Sisters in tow who were all now naked,
Then as if nothing ever happened, I, my Mother, and my Older and Youngest Sisters, all showered completely naked in the locker room showers, before getting dressed and going home.
In the years that followed my childhood was pretty much like any other child’s.
My family weren’t nudists and so we didn’t do every little single thing naked, but when I, my Mom and my Older and Youngest sisters went to the rec center, we would see each other naked as well as other women, and I and my Older and Youngest Sisters would bathe naked together.
In the Summer, we had a fenced off backyard where we were often left to our own devices and that usually entailed being naked and skinny dipping in the kiddie pool, playing in the sprinkler naked, and playing with the hose naked.
Something particularly interesting we did would that we would dare each other to hold the cold water over each other’s genitals and see how long we could keep it there until it got too cold.
None of us really kept score and looking back we probably just thought the cold rushing water on our genitals was invigorating.
When we weren’t in the backyard frolicking in the water nude, I and my Older And Youngest Sisters still managed to play around in the nude.
We would play music, dance around, come up with a silly game, and then either my Older or Youngest Sister would drop their pants and begin shaking their ass in order to make the other one laugh.
This would go on for a few minutes until one or two of us got naked and then the other or others would get naked and we would dance and play around until we got bored before putting back our clothes on.
Well one Summer weekday as we were left home alone so that our parents could go to work, Older Sister was 11, I was 7, and Youngest Sister was six.
I and my Youngest Sister shared a room while my Older Sister had her own room.
Oldest Sister was living alone by this point.
As usual, all three of us were listening to music while we jumped around in our Pajamas until sure enough it was Older Sister who turned around and dropped her pajama pants to expose her rather large rounded tight ass before shaking her ass up and down and left and right causing giggles from my Youngest Sister and I before she pulled her pants back up.
Then it was my Youngest Sister’s turn to turn around and drop her pants, showing her considerably smaller but no less smooth and rounded tight ass before she too pulled them back up.
After another few minutes of dancing I figured it was my turn and so leaning forward with my cheek to the floor and on my knees with my butt raised, (remember I can’t walk.) I pulled down my pajama pants to expose my ass.
This elicited a giggle from both my sisters and so with mission accomplished I pulled my pants back up and got into my seated position on the floor to continue the game.
This time, however, when Older Sister pulled down her pants she was facing towards us and so both I and Youngest Sister could see her vagina.
Even at 11 years old, Older Sister still had a bald coinslot shaped vagina, something I found enjoyable to look at, but then Older Sister did something I had never seen, nor KNEW she could do and that was taking both hands and using her fingertips to spread apart the flesh of her coinslot shaped vagina, revealing bright pink flesh underneath!
I remember not saying anything, just staring wide eyed in disbelief.
Youngest sister however did the same thing by again dropping her pants and taking both hands to gently spread the lips of her coinslot shaped vagina to reveal the pink flesh underneath!
Both my sisters did this with a giggle as they seemed to examine their own private area and so taking off my own pajama pants I spread my legs, wrapped my fingers around the base of my penis and pulled back so that my foreskin revealed the head of my penis!
To get a better look and for my shirt not to get in the way, I took off my shirt, leaving me completely naked, which both my sisters giggled at before they took a break from holding their vaginas open and removed their own pajama tops, leaving them completely naked as well, which in turn left all of us naked!
My Younger Sister and I gathered close to our Older Sister and there Older Sister told us about how in school she was learning about the differences between boys and girls, how they grew, and how babies were made.
With her vaginal lips still spread, Older Sister showed Younger Sister and I where her clitoris, “pee hole”, and vaginal hole was with her stating with a giggle “That’s where Brother puts his penis!”
At seven years old I didn’t know what to make of this but Older Sister simply sat on the bed before laying back and spreading her legs as wide as they would go, revealing in full, her small, tight, smooth, pink vagina.
I remember the pink part looking wet and the flesh of my Older Sister’s vagina looking as if it was moving back and forth.
Older Sister then invited us to touch her vagina and while I was apprehensive, Youngest Sister dove right in using both her thumbs to massage the pink part of my Older Sister’s vagina, not to give Older Sister pleasure but to satisfy her own curiosity.
Older Sister seemed to shiver and giggle, exclaiming it tickled but both sisters just laughed and Older Sister allowed Younger Sister to keep touching her.
After what seemed like a few minutes of this, Older Sister instructed Younger Sister to stick a finger in her vaginal hole and again without hesitation, Younger Sister did.
This caused Older Sister to yelp and bolt upright in a sitting position before laughing wildly.
Younger Sister laughed wildly too as did I and for who knows how long I and my Younger and Older Sister made a game out of sticking our index finger inside of Older Sister’s vaginal hole where once our finger was inside Older Sister’s vaginal hole, she would bolt upright and laugh maniacally only to lie back down again and allow us to do it again.
At some point, I got involved and felt the tight, smooth, warm, slippery flesh of the outside of my Older Sister’s Vagina.
When I stuck my finger inside my Older Sister’s vagina I was very surprised at what I felt.
Very tight, firm, not soft, but smooth, wet, and VERY hot.
After a while of this game, Older Sister invited us to lick her vagina if we wanted to and again I was apprehensive and so cautiously, Youngest Sister took the first lick and as if licking an ice cream cone or a lollipop, which made Older Sister giggle and shudder a bit but not back off.
Youngest Sister giggled too and took several more darting licks before I decided I wanted to try some and got in a few licks of my own.
Oldest Sister’s vagina simply tasted like flesh on my tongue, and for the next few minutes or whatever Youngest Sister and I took turns making darting licks between Oldest Sister’s legs before eventually taking darting licks simultaneously.
It was at this time I noticed a bittersweet fleshy tasting liquid on my tongue which I paused to figure out what it was.
As I did so I remember Oldest Sister had stopped giggling as I and Youngest Sister licked her and now wore what looked to be a tired yet somehow excited look on her face as she breathed heavily.
She was sweating too but before I or my Youngest Sister could ask what was wrong as she asked if she could see my penis to which I obliged and let her as I lay back on the floor with my legs spread noticing that between them my small seven year old penis was pointed at the ceiling and looked to be twitching with the head of my penis having emerged from underneath my foreskin.
I also remember him feeling very tight and hot, almost uncomfortably so.
Oldest Sister than sat on her knees in front of my penis while Youngest Sister sat on her butt with her legs spread revealing her tiny, pink, smooth, coinslot shaped vagina.
I remember Oldest Sister than reaching out and wrapping her fingers TIGHTLY around the shaft of my penis where she began to rub my penis up and down, using my foreskin as a natural guide.
I remember gasping at feeling the tight hot pressure on my penis which if I were to try and describe it now, I guess I’d describe it as a stirring tight hot pressure on my penis.
Youngest Sister joined in roughly stroking on the neck and head of my penis while using her other hand to squeeze and fondle at the tight skin of my scrotum which looking back on it, I was thankful my testicles hadn’t descended yet otherwise Youngest Sister probably would’ve hurt me.
Still the rough, awkward pulling and squeezing that lasted for who knows how long was not what you’d say pleasurable for me.
It didn’t hurt either, rather, it was an experience to sate my curiosity at what it felt like to be touched down there, but after a while, my Older Sister seemed to get bored and asked me if I wanted to try putting my penis inside of her vagina.
Now that was an exciting concept to me and so I quickly agreed to the act and with an excited giggle, Older Sister fumbled around with how to get my little penis inside of her almost equally little vagina!
At first Older Sister simply knelt on top of my crouch and tried setting her vagina down on my penis.
This only succeeded in pressing the underside of my penis against my pubis and causing me a considerably large amount of discomfort, so much so that I shouted that Older Sister was hurting me to which she quickly apologized in a frustrated annoyed tone.
But then Older Sister told me to hold my penis straight up and keep holding it as she held her vagina open and brought her vaginal hole to the head of my penis.
I couldn’t look away, my heart pounding, and excitement filling my eyes at what I was about to see and feel.
However once I saw the head of my penis press against the tight pink entrance of my Older Sister’s vaginal hole and then FELT my penis press against the tight entrance of my Older Sister’s vaginal hole, I let go of my penis and cried out in panic at feeling the incredibly tight almost crushing heat of my Older Sister’s vagina.
From here I remember a frustrated look on my Older Sister’s face as she grimaced trying to get my penis inside of her.
I was aware of her calling to my Younger Sister to help get my uncooperative penis inside of her.
I remember lying flat on my back, crying out, crying, shaking from side to side at feeling not only the immense pressure of my penis being enveloped by my Older Sister’s vagina but then feeling an even greater pressure as my Older Sister’s ass and thighs sat on my groin.
From there it was staring at the ceiling, having my vision clouded by blotches of color, trying not to scream and cry and control my breathing while also not being able to do anything and so digging my hands into the carpet.
My older sister was bigger than me and so I dared not trying to fight her off.
The only thing I was feeling was that incredibly tight pressure squeezing my penis accompanied by the incredible crushing pressure of my Older Sister’s ass grinding my pelvis.
As for my Oldest Sister herself, I could only look at the ceiling as I listened to her quick heavy pants and grunts.
Eventually it was over and I finally felt the weight of my Older Sister’s ass get off from from on top of me though I still lie there for what seemed like hours still feeling the hot throbbing pressure on my genitals.
However my Youngest Sister’s face soon came into view and she asked if I was okay to which I nodded to not worry her and shakily sat up.
Between my legs was red and wet but there was no blood.
Looking across at my Older Sister I saw she was sweaty with her legs spread and that while her vagina was red and sweaty too there was no blood there either.
On her face Older Sister seemed to look disappointed as if having my penis inside of her vagina wasn’t that much fun for her.
So for the longest time it seemed the three of us sat in awkward silence, completely naked, our legs spread so that each of us could see each other’s genitals.
After a while mine had stopped aching but for some reason my penis continued to stay hard. (I later learned that this a condition some disabled people had where they got erections for hours because they couldn’t be satisfied.)
Eventually my Youngest Sister tried to lighten the mood and stood up with a wide grin before spreading her vaginal lips apart and asking me if I wanted to touch between her legs.
Seeing my Youngest Sister smile made me smile and it my Older Sister smile and with that we obliged my Youngest Sister’s request and so she lied back on the bed her little smooth shapely legs spread wide for us so that my Older Sister and I could take turns rubbing, licking, and even sticking our fingers inside our Youngest Sister’s vagina.
Youngest Sister’s vagina had the same taste and texture of Older Sister’s vagina did on my tongue and lips.
I took the same darting licks on Youngest Sister’s Vagina that I did on Older Sister.
Older Sister did too but she also laid sucking kisses on Youngest Sister’s vagina which made Youngest Sister squeal, giggle and shudder.
Because she was much younger and had less experience than Oldest Sister, Youngest Sister was a little more jumpier and so when Oldest Sister and I took to taking turns and eventually giving Youngest Sister oral sex, she would squirm and jolt like crazy.
When my finger first penetrated my Youngest Sister’s vagina, she would squeal and sit upright like my Older Sister BUT what was surprising was that my finger seemed to go in easier to Youngest Sister’s vagina.
It couldn’t be because Youngest Sister’s vagina was bigger than Older Sister’s but maybe it was because I was more confident in my fingering abilities.
After who knows how long of playing around, Older Sister asked the big question to Youngest Sister if she wanted my penis in her vagina.
Youngest Sister looked apprehensive but she eventually smiled and nodded and so getting off the bed, Youngest Sister sat in front of me with her legs spread revealing her tiny smooth tight coinslot shaped pussy to me.
I did the same spreading my legs and leaning back on my hands so I was still in a sitting position but leaned back and my small yet still hard penis pointing towards the ceiling.
Oldest Sister suggested that Youngest Sister place her vagina on my penis whilst we were both sitting and so sitting behind my Youngest Sister, my Older Sister picked up her legs from behind while Youngest Sister held herself up with her hands.
Then with my help I grabbed hold of my Youngest Sister’s right butt cheek which was smooth soft fleshy warm and tight while simultaneously guiding her tiny smooth warm coinslot shaped pussy towards my small yet still hardened penis.
When Youngest Sister was close enough I unsheathed my foreskin from the head of my penis and Older Sister gently spread open Youngest Sister’s vagina from the left with one hand.
Both Youngest Sister and I looked at our genitals inching closer to each other with wide eyes until finally the head of small red penis connected with the equally tiny entrance of my Youngest Sister’s vagina and with me pulling my Youngest Sister onto me from one side and my Oldest Sister pushing my Youngest Sister from the other, my penis slowly began to sink inside my Youngest Sister’s vagina.
My Youngest Sister was obviously tighter than Older Sister but somehow my penis seemed to fit easier inside of My Youngest Sister, probably because, one, I knew what to expect and slightly how to do it better, and two because Youngest Sister was a lot more manageable.
However as I penetrated my Youngest Sister, her eyes went increasingly wide and she began to panic at feeling me enter her.
“UH, UH, UH”! I remember her exclaiming wordlessly and as my penis continued to sink into the deep squeezing pressure that was my Youngest Sister’s vagina she began to scream this high pitched shrill scream that filled the room while simultaneously her little features scrunched up with her face turning red and tears streaming down her face.
At seeing my Youngest Sister cry I seized up holding her little naked now sweaty body to mine.
Older Sister was annoyed and pressed Youngest Sister closer to me demanding I hold onto her as if that would solve the problem.
Youngest Sister continued screaming and crying while thrashing her little naked body around trying to get away but Older Sister held her strong.
Eventually Youngest Sister stopped crying and began shouting that we let her go.
All this was too much for me and so I felt the pressure between my legs dissipate meaning my penis wasn’t hard anymore.
Older Sister released Youngest Sister who rolled off my lap and covered her vagina with her hand while crying profusely.
I demanded to see between Youngest Sister’s legs and thankfully, while very red there was no blood.
With that over nobody seemed in the sexual mood anymore and we all got on our pajamas again and headed into the living room to watch television.
By that time it was ONLY noon and so it’d be a while before our parents arrived home and all that time I was worried if any of us would spill the beans about what happened…TO BE CONTINUED!

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    well…. It’s quite good

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    just an observation.let’s see the continiation can’t wait

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    superb story; a slow build up makes it more believable than so many of the 500 word “I fucked my 10yr old sister with my 8″ cock when I was 12” nonsence.
    the next part could feature the oldest breaking her hymen on you cock as she finally gets wet enough to ride you hard. Then, as she runs to mum saying there’s blood running down her lega, mum asks what happened and eventually joins in helping her to get relief.

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      That’s not how things happened

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      Of course things don’t happen this way. It’s just bullshit.