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My mum’s sister who was younger than me

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My aunty was younger than me and I started to have horny thoughts

My mother had a sister who was the younger than me the mistake they called her she was 12 and u was 13. She often had to stay at ours and I had to play with her after school as everyone else was at work. I soon had the sexual thoughts about her when my wanking started and I was looking up her skirts and at her little boobs when we played and i was trying to plan how to see and play with her private parts . I had a idea we would play mom and son where she was the boss and we played for a bit and I had the idea of saying I hurt myself and mom needed fix it ,She asked where and I pointed at my grion area on my jeans and said it hurts you need see what’s wrong which she did just that reached onto my jeans and rubbed which felt great my cock was getting hard her little hands over my jeans she looked at the little.bulge and asked what that was I told her it’s what’s hurting you better look inside my jeans her nievity was great as she reached undone the button and pulled my zip down to expose my boxers by now my cock was at its full 7 inches and buldging I said it’s under there she looked and then said is it your pee pee I nodded it’s sore you need rub it better mom .She laughed when I said mom but she reached under my boxers and grabbed it and pulled it out Wow she said its hard and hot and soft .I was in heaven I stuttered move your hand up and down holding softly it will make it better,She did it I’ve never felt anything better as she unknownly wanked me the best I had had her small hands on my cock moving slowly as o asked can you go faster please she obliged and I could feel my balls getting ready to shoot my cum at her ..She was going faster when she asked is it better I said it will be soon then I shot my cum out onto her and she kept wanking I said wow its better now you can stop your such a good mom . She looked atvme and asked what came out and I said it’s what baby are made from she looked confused I told her I would explain a other day but we need clean up in the bathroom up we went me withmy limp cock still out and her with sticky hands we got cleaned up and I said it’s our special game don’t tell anyone ..She agreed and said it was fun can she do it again tomorrow I could not say no as we sat watching tv on the sofa. We had about 1 hour before anyone was home and all I could think about was that marvelous wank ..

👄This will be the best oral sex you have ever experienced.👅

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