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My dad’s anal punishments

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Growing up I thought the spankings were normal because other kids got spanked too but when I got older I realized it was wrong

My little sister and I grew up with my parents in a house in a small town in the US, with no neighbors and a tiny school with just a few teachers.

My parents started spanking me before my sister was even born, just normal spanking like other kids experienced. My mom started to work nights because she was a nurse and so my dad would watch us at night and dont get me wrong me and my sister loved him but when I turned six or seven and my sister was only two or three the spankings got worse.

He would use any excuse to spank me in front of my little sister so she wouldnt act out like me but when she wasnt around his spankings were violent, he would make me hug a pillow to bury my crying and sometimes even screaming into the pillow while he spanked me for what felt like hours and left me bruised.

When I turned ten and my sister was six my parents had only spanked her a couple times which I remember always being grateful, as much as I wished it had been that way for me. I just thought I had been a worse kid, that I deserved it.

After my tenth birthday daddy said I was not a little kid anymore and that he was going to punish me like a young woman now. I think my mom was working that night and she had asked me to clean my room for a few days but I still hadnt. He didnt spank me as long this time and I stupidly was glad until I felt his finger push into my butt all the way to his knuckle. I cried out from shock, having never felt anything like it and it hurt so so bad. I was clutching the pillow to my chest and screaming into it at the same time, clenching around his finger painfully as he forced it in and out of me roughly.

I begged him to stop but he said all dads spank their daughters when theyre bad and that it hurt him more than it hurt me. When I asked a couple girls I knew in school if they get spanked and they said yes so I thoguht it was okay.

My dad started to use objects not even a couple months after he started using fingers during spankings. He only did it when my mom was out or working and told me shed be mad at me if I told her he had to punish me.

The first object was the smooth end of my hairbrush, I was throwing a tantrum while he tried to brush my hair after a bath and he pushed me over the sink, spanked me a few times, and shoved the handle in my butt. It was excruciating, I cried and screamed and begged but he didnt stop for at least a few minutes when he decided the punishment was over after a few more spanks that hurt even worse with the entire handle shoved inside.

I dont think he ever did anything like this to my sister. He always talked about how she was a good girl and his perfect princess.

He didnt use the next object until I was 12 and this time it was a real dildo, and it was big. I dont know where he got ot but he had a pretty solid base for him to hold and he would get so rough with it that I bled the first couple times which only made him angry and rougher. He would say I was so ungrateful, that he was even nice enough to ‘prep me’ which was just him pouring a ton of lube on my hole and then shoving it inside. Whenever I felt the lube after a spanking I only had a few seconds to feel panic and dread before he was inside me.

This happened until I was 14 or 15 and when I started my period I didnt tell my parents because I was so embarrassed and I just got some pads at school. When my dad pulled down my pjs to spank me and saw I started and hadnt told him he was so mad. He shoved his finger into my virgin hole and it hurt so bad, but he said that my hymen will slow down the bleeding and make my periods longer. He took his fingers out and made me take a shower and washed his hands. He even bought me pads and small tampons and showed me how to insert them. It kind of hurt at first but I got used to it.

A couple days after my period I woke up with my dad on top of me. I was a stomach sleeper so he was sitting on the back of my thighs and his hand had a tight grip on my hair to keep my face buried in the pillow. I could tell my pj shorts were pulled down and before I even knew what was happening he was inside of me, his entire length shoved into my tight virgin hole. Other than his finger when he broke my hymen I had never had anything inside that part before and it hurt so bad, for some reason felt so much more violating than when he used objects in my butt. He never used his.. thing.

I started to cry out and fight against him a little bit but he put his whole body weight on top of me and I was still just a little girl so I couldnt do anything. He shushed me, his hand still gripping my hair as he brushed it off my shoulder to lay soft kisses next to my tank top strap. He told me to be quiet, that I was going to wake sissy and hed have to do it to her too. He said he was turning me into a woman, that I was always his favorite little girl and he wanted to be my first. He said all good daddies are their daughters first and that I would understand when I’m older

It only took him 10 or 15 minutes of aggressively raping me to finish inside of me, his entire length inside of me as he pumped his cum deep inside of me and collapsed on top of me breathing heavily. It felt so gross but I thought he was telling the truth and that it was okay. Plus I didnt want him to hurt my sister so I always did what he wanted. No matter how much it hurt.

~dont get butthurt in the replies im just a young girl with a fantasy~

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