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Is this rape? – Part 2

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I took your guys advice from part 1 of ‘Need advice, is this rape?’

Thank you guys for responding so fast and though a few of you were jerks, I really appreciate the genuine comments especially from the girls who know what they are talking about.

Everything has been normal this week but because of your comments I decided to try talking to my boyfriend about it when we got in bed to sleep, wanting to know if it was true when you guys said that he might just be into rougher stuff and has been hiding it this whole time. Maybe if I show him that I like it too he will stop raping me when he is drunk..

As he was falling asleep I started to press into him, kissing and biting on his neck a little bit when I felt his hands reach to my hips, as gentle as always, his touch loving and soft.

I hesitated before I spoke, asking him if we could try something new tonight and of course he agreed, looking down at me curiously. I bit my lip, a little nervous, and asked him to pin me down. It took him a few seconds to realize I was being serious and he nodded, moving so he was on top of me.

“I really want you to be rough with me, baby..” I said softly and he seemed to get the hint then, his touch getting much rougher as he started to grab me, all the while his eyes dragged over me with a look I had never seen before.

“Yeah honey? You want me to hurt you a little bit?” His voice was rough and I swallowed thickly, nodding and before I even knew what was happening he had me flipped around with his arm under my hips to pull me back against him and he was so hard against me all I could think was that you guys were right and he had been needing this all along.

“Say yes sir!” He demanded as I felt his hand come down on my ass and I cried out, not expecting the slap to hurt so bad. He had never spanked me before and it really hurt so I did what he said, whimpering out a “yes sir” as I felt him pulling down my pajama shorts and panties just past my butt, shocked when I felt his fingers push inside of me with ease because I was even a little wet this time. I breathed in relief, maybe it would hurt less.

My boyfriend wasted no time in shoving his entire length inside of me and I cried out in pain, my back arching from how deep he was inside of me. He shushed me and grabbed my hair, shoving my face into the pillow like he did when he was drunk, leaning down against my body and fucking me roughly, my moans and cries muffled into the pillow.

“Fuck… yes, just like that… little fucking slut—” I had never heard my boyfriend say such degrading things and his voice sounded so different, so husky and deep. He lasted much longer than he did when he was drunk and it felt like it was never gonna end, each thrust harder than the last and before I even realized what was happening I felt something building inside of me and I started to fight back against him a little bit the more intense the feeling was but he just got even rougher, slamming into me with his entire body weight keeping my tiny body pinned underneath him.

“What a dirty little whore, cumming on my cock like this.. I knew it, I knew you liked being raped.. Hng.. Slut, take it..” I cried out as the feeling overtook my body, tightening around him as I orgasmed harder than I had ever experienced in my entire life, no longer able to fight back or do anything but shake and take it.

Luckily my boyfriend followed suit, his hips slamming into me one last time as he pumped me full of his cum, stroke after stroke filling me to the absolute brim. He was groaning and holding me down still, his body sweaty against me as he kept panting and breathing heavily. I was still shaking underneath him, my legs numb and hardly able to breathe as he started to brush my hair back with his fingers gently, kissing over my shoulder and wrapping his arm around me to resituate us so that we were spooning with him still buried inside of me. I had a lot on my mind but with his body against me and his gentle touch on my skin I quickly fell asleep.

This experience was much different from the last few I detailed in the first part. I really want him to love me and hopefully now everything will be okay again. I will update you guys again soon! Not that any of you care but I don’t really have anyone I can tell about this type of thing.

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  • Reply Cracksniffer ID:2e0667zb0a

    Do all you can to please your boyfriend. You clearly loved him being rough with you. Now let it go even further. Not Just nasty name-calling, But slapping, fisting, Even water sports And scat. Enjoy!!

  • Reply HiiiiI’m#twilight ID:pvn9tamm1

    Hey! So I care, just like everybody else who wrote comments, but I don’t have advice to give you at all. I do try to listen tho! (And I LOVED this) You should definitely make more stories!

  • Reply Anonymous ID:4mxe5kdiz

    Ok you saw that he is VERY much into rough sex and you seem to like it a bit to though from how you described it it seems like you want a rough fuck but not as rough as that plus you seem somewhat overwhelmed with how long he can last and its more than you prefer but overall ig this means that the drunken nightlies will stop (will prob happen as norm sex now with consent most likely stiil rough)

  • Reply Drachenlord ID:7sp1xnqj

    I am proud of you. You grew as a person and overcame your fear. As as a eward you Boyfriend is super happy and you got a superb orgasm.
    After all his suppressed feelings and fantasies for you led to the rapist-like behaviour when he as drunk.

  • Reply FatherLust ID:2kydsxufi9

    Sounds like you’ve managed to redirect some of his pent-up aggression into a more loving rough fuck. Good job. If you want him to keep loving you, you must show how unconditionally you’ll service his needs, drunk or not. See if you can’t get him to get rough with you in other normal parts of the day. On top of that you need to make sure you’re truly showing him all the love you can too. See if you can’t give him a blowjob in the morning or when he eats dinner. I promise you, that’s the best way to keep your man loving you.

  • Reply Gonzo ID:1rou10zj

    That last part is not necessarily true. there are some people that care and I for one will listen. I have experienced many things around the world and one thing I am good at is listening. If you care to talk about any and everything just get a hold of me on kik or proton mail. I am all ears and some advice maybe to.
    KIk ricowillhitit or olderLoverboy69 @protonmail.com all is anonymous and safe. I have wickr to but that is only after initial contact. I keep Wickr to only select few.

    PS. I id love your story and It was def better.

  • Reply im trolling hoes AND helpin victims here ID:1fr5vpzrd

    lemme tell you sum you seem around my age (underage) and imma tell u sum, thats fucked BUT as long as you have someone supportive that is not the person your fucking like a best friend that u trust that can help u if u feel the need to run just do it. hit up my homie (I despise all gaming consoles#1972) on discord if u need to talk bout that shit she good at listenin

  • Reply Blacknight ID:vuf0i2zl

    I care keep me udated