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I became his personal puppy

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We met when I was 15 and, once I was old enough I moved to his place and became his new pet.

Disclaimer : this story contains animalification/babyfication, omorashi/piss play if not into it, I wouldn’t advice you to read it. It really is for a specific audience <3 and as always don’t mind the mistakes :3

It all began when I was 15 and tired of my sexual routine. I was still a virgin but I would exchange a lot with older men and women online for three years already. A few people I knew on Instagram kept on talking about how Twitter was a place full of people who were into “bad things”. When I asked them what these bad things were, I ended up taking an interest on them. From the most taboo kinks to illegal ones, I was definitely served. And I knew my boredom would be cured if I got into these communities which I quickly did, abandoning Instagram since it was too soft for me.
At first I just stayed anonymous, I didn’t interact with anyone and just liked posts that made me inherently wet. Oh I spend a long time looking through all these posts, users talking about their most unacceptable kinks. Was it bad ? Definitely. But gosh did that make my pussy drip.

A few months later and probably one or two accounts suspended (it was when killjoys weren’t so busy suspending our accounts in less than 5 days), I finally met Lucian. I loved each of his posts, all of them talking about his fantasies concerning his dog, Bella, and how he began practicing a few things on her. How he’d make out with her and touch her pussy. I touched myself so much on these I don’t even think he knows how fond I was of them. I even started to be jealous of his dog and whenever he posted detailed things of how he wanted or would touch Bella, I’d do the same things on myself. Laying in my bed and caressing every inch of my body thinking of my hand as his.
And I was so happy when he contacted me. Soon we became close, both as sexual partners and friends. He loved every inch of my body. Everything I hated was his favorite. I was only a 5’2 born female with basically no curves and chubby. Yet he’d compliment me on that. Finding out k had a hormonal disorder making me more hairy than other female, he asked me to stop shaving and I obeyed. I love the look on his beautiful face, the look of a child who was fond of his toy. And, in fact, I was his toy. Even though he was 21, which wasn’t that old compared to people I’ve sexted with by the past, I was all his. He proceeded to talk to me about other stuff he liked that he never talked about with anyone and I was so into him I was okay with doing everything he wished. You know that moment where you like someone so much you just want to fulfill every one of their needs so they’re into you and only you ? I even became obsessed with him and though it was definitely toxic I couldn’t help but wanting him for me. Finally, the ugly kid was able to have someone who loves them.

As the time flew by we then became romantically attached and once I was old enough to live alone I directly took a flight to Great Britain to meet him. Told my parents I was interested in studying in Great Britain when all I was gonna do is live in a man’s home to get fucked everyday and treated like I deserved to be treated : a fuck toy. And when we finally met at the airport I ran to him, hugged him so tight and could smell his perfume. We made out in his car for an hour or so before he decided it was time to go to his place. I could already see the giant boner in his pants which is where I rested the palm of my hand during the rest of the trip. He took me to his place first, holding me in his arm and then rested me on his couch while he was getting my stuff. Remember when I told you about his unusual kinks he never shared to anyone? Well Lucian directly took care of that. He undressed me, gently kissing every part of my cleavage. His hands were pressed against my waist and I never felt so secure in my whole life. Once totally naked, we smile to each other and he made me lay on the table and went to his bathroom to take what he needed. I saw the pack of diapers in his hands, he looked so happy. I spread my legs for him to do what he had to do and then let him pick me up as we made out again. As you may have understand, Lucian wanted me to be his baby or more precisely his puppy. And that’s how I spent my time at his home. I soon got turned on by how he’d grab my pussy through the diapers and would often ask me to touch me through it.
Of course let’s not forget Bella who was also here but this story won’t focus on her (yet).

What I loved the most was when I got on his lap, it was innocent at first. He was rubbing my back and we were watching a kid movie on Netflix. I was resting my head on his chest, listening to his heart beat for me. We were so happy together. I hugged him tight and, as I moved slightly forward, I got needy. I told him in a sleepy voice that I wanted to pee but instead asking to get changed I started grinding on his lap, feeling the diapers getting z little into my slit as I was literally putting all my wet on his leg to feel him the closest possible to my cunt. I heard him chuckle and he encouraged me by caressing my hair and back lovingly. I wasn’t wearing anything on top which let him an easy access to my which tempted him to slowly play with my nipples as I kept grinding on his lap. I was whimpering without even retaining myself. Lucian was muttering fuck under his breath and sucked on my nipples. I have puffy nips and he has always loved that, I could feel his lips sucking around them, his tongue slowly sticking out everytime he did so. The pressure on my lower tummy cause by my bladder being full got almost unbearable and I slowly let myself pee in my diapers. His hand were gripping my waist harder, signaling me he was really getting into it.
They ran down to my hips and ass then looked up at me before kissing me and taking me to his bed where he took off my diapers and directly rubbed my wet pussy. I could feel his hands pressing hard against my slit, spreading my lips and spanking me softly. I whimpered and begged him in a small voice to spank me harder. He smiled and executed harder spanks, each making me squirm and whimper louder. He then proceeded to kiss my body again, his kisses were so gentle it almost tickled. Lucian slowly went down to my pussy he already had roughly spanked and admire his artwork. My lips were red and swollen and all wet from different substances. I felt him kissing my clit then lick it as he did so, his hands were holding my thighs keeping me from squirming too much as I tend to get easily overwhelmed from being touched. Lucian got more and more hungry of me, I don’t know how long he ate me out but I loved it. I loved seeing how I was his property, how much he just loved me and couldn’t get tired of me. I was getting exhausted from all the pleasure, my eyelids felt so heavy but I couldn’t stop smiling and touched his hair as he was already going down my ass. He knew I didn’t love anal but was fond of his to gue against my hole hence why he just slowly thrust his tongue on the verge of my hole, looking into my eyes to make sure I was enjoying it. I told him he could finger me a little. He knew how to do it so I’d like it. The tip of his finger slowly went inside me, he didn’t go any deeper and just fingered me like that. He’d kiss my slit from time to time and, when he was sure I was satisfied he stood up and undressed.

His body was perfect to me… Not to mention his cock that was the perfect length and the perfect width. Not too large or long, just enough to send me over the moon at each thrust.
He was already so hard it must’ve ached, I looked at him and he saw that I felt bad. His hand reached my cheek and he slowly rubbed it to comfort me.
“Now Daddy’s gonna use your hole baby, and when he’s done he’ll clean you and you’re gonna have a good rest. You’ve been such a good kid for Daddy, haven’t you ?”
I nodded and we kissed as he rubbed the tip of his cock between my lips. We were moaning against each other’s lips, each of them followed by another thrust of his hips against my pussy. Once satisfied, Lucian slowly put his cock in my hole, started teasing it a little before he got too impatient and just thrusted it all inside me, hurting my lower tummy. He apologized, chuckling a little, his hand reached my neck, grabbing it enough for me to know my place. Following that, he fucked me even longer than he licked me. My lower tummy was all sore from his dick yet I loved it, it was just like a reward to be able to be hurt by him. For more than half an hour, he was fucking me mercilessly to the point where I’m sure his neighbours could hear his bed crack and my moans as I was so exhausted I couldn’t control them even if I wanted to. Tears rolled down my temples, his hand was choking me harder and he ended up cumming deep inside me.

He then pick me up and cleaned me in his bathroom, kissing my lips and body. Though we had a different lifestyle from other couples, I knew I was safe with him and that’s why I was happy even though I was his literal pet.

Based on a fantasy I had with a guy who really wanted us to be like that <3 Still son’t know if I really wanted that or not but I’ve never talked about this with anyone and wanted to somehow “take it off my chest”

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  • Reply Trixxie kitten ID:2nhm7btfid

    Oommggg this is AMAZING I can only dream if finding such a great Daddy

    • Mydaddyisnaughy ID:1a5sui0q6id

      I be your stepdaddy 🙂 as long as you have nice panties [email protected]

  • Reply Gonzo ID:7ylrenaoi9

    wow i really liked the fantasy Kitten. I was already horny but this was just what I needed to blast a good one . I like the naughty and the kink as well. it was well written and I really enjoyed it.
    Keep those finger moving cuz every female deserves a good orgasm no matter where it cum from. hehehe!