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He gives better head than his mother

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I discovered that my son was gay in the most shocking way possible. He gave me a blowjob in the shower.

I was taking a shower with my 11 year old son, my usual morning erection was a bit delayed and it suddenly sprang up while I was in the shower.

My son, who had probably never had and certainly never seen an erect cock before, was suddenly confronted with mine twitching at him, and he stared right at it with a shocked expression on his face, “It’s alright, Son, yours will grow like this in a few years.” I said.

But he didn’t respond or acknowledge that he had even heard me, I clicked my fingers, “Alex. Yo – Earth to Alex. Hello!” I said.

“Huh?” he quizzed, finally snapping out of his gaze.

“Never mind.” I said, then I went back to showering, I put shampoo on my hair and was giving it a good wash when I suddenly felt him take hold of my cock, I had to very quickly rinse the shampoo out of my hair.

“Alex – don’t do that.” I said, firmly, knocking his hand off my cock, “What did you do that for?” I asked.

Before I could react he lunged forward with his mouth wide open and he sucked my cock in to his mouth, sealed his lips around it and started to suck it, I backed away right up to the wall in complete shock, but he followed me and my cock never left his mouth.

At first I was too shocked to do anything, but then came to my senses, “Alex!” I snapped, I tried to push him away but he had tensed his muscles up and it was really hard to move him, and he just kept sucking on my cock.

I wasn’t gay or bisexual, never have been, but his small mouth around my cock as he sucked up and down my shaft actually felt pretty good after a while, so I stopped fighting him and let him go at it until he’d finished.

“Oh shit…” I said, realising I was about to come, “Alex – Son, you need to stop now. Alex?!” I said, but he wasn’t listening to me, and I couldn’t hold it in, “Ooah shit. Ooh – Ooah – Ooah – Alex – Oooah.” I groaned and groaned as I ejaculated in to my boy’s mouth.

Things were a bit awkward immediately after that but we both got out the shower, didn’t speak a word to each other, and got on with our day.

That night I sat him down and got him to open up about what he did that morning, he told me he was attracted to boys and that him sucking me in the shower was the first time he’d ever tried it, and that he got an urge to do it and he couldn’t help himself.

I told him it was okay, and that I was fine with him being who he is, but he shouldn’t be doing what he did to me in the shower, at least not with me.

The next morning we were in the shower again, we didn’t make eye contact and remained quiet for most of it, but then I got my morning erection again, and I kind of enjoyed the blowjob he gave me the morning before, so I looked at him, “If you wanted to do it again – that would be – fine with me.” I said, casually.

He smiled, and then lunged straight for my cock again, slammed his mouth around it and sucked me off.

Now, me and my son have fun in the shower every morning, have done for nearly a year now, I’m still not gay, it’s just that Alex gives much better blowjobs than his mother does, and it’s a great way to start the day.

“Good boy.”

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