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having sex with my brother

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this is the story of the first few times i had sex with my brother!

i’m 15 now and my brother is 17 – all this happened a year ago, true story!
since birth, my older brother and i were very comfortable with seeing each other naked. when i turned 14, i noticed he kept looking at my boobs but i didn’t think it was weird. in fact, i kinda liked it! i noticed his dick would get big every time i was around and we learnt in school that that means a man is aroused. so naturally i wanted to explore more!

so one day while he was watching tv, i sat down next to him and started touching his dick. it got really big and he moved his hand over to my vagina. i couldn’t help but moan as his hand rubbed against me, and i could feel myself getting really wet. i got really shy but i really wanted to kiss him so i kissed him on the cheek and blushed. i think he liked that because he then turned off the tv, sat on top of me, and slid his big dick into my now very wet pussy. it hurt at first but he went slow for me! his hands were on my developing boobs and he was kissing me passionately! his dick slid in and out of me faster and faster, and it felt really good. his balls were bouncing against my pussy and he shouted, “i’m gonna cum!” i told him to do it in me and he did, and we both orgasmed. after he finished i put his still hard dick into my mouth and sucked it clean. the cum tasted surprisingly good and apparently it’s really healthy so i wasn’t complaining!

another time, i went to his room and started sucking his dick because i was really horny and i couldn’t help it! it instantly got hard and grabbed my hair and pushed my mouth all the way down his dick. i gagged but i knew he liked it so i didn’t complain. i love my brother and i was willing to do anything for him. we made out for a bit after that and he rubbed my clit at the same time, and it felt so good. then he sat on top of me, told me to lie down and stuck his dick in me again but this time he went really hard and slapped me across the face! i was surprised but i think i liked it more this way so i told him to hit me again. he happily did while lightly chocking me with his other hand. then he pulled out and told me to open my mouth and he stuck his dick in again and cummed in there. it tasted so good and i swallowed it all up happily!

i am still having sex with my brother to this day and i still look forward to it every time!
thank you for reading, i hope you liked my story

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  • Reply Anonymous ID:4bn00en3fia

    I love this

  • Reply bradon ID:1eq7mmbtk6z9

    Wish I could fuck my sister

  • Reply East Coast Male: [email protected] ID:1bdsqxzrc

    Amy, I would love to talk with you.

  • Reply monisha_96 ID:63j3cyft0b

    I think incest is so common but hardly very few would confess. I remember i had kind of oral sex with my cousin years back when we were in our teenage. I was so attracted to his dick aroma and the way he would fondle my boobs and make me wet.
    It all started by him touching me at night and i kind of ignored it but later realised i like him touching me as it made me aroused and then it happened.
    He hadn’t fucked me yet but we had oral sex quite a few times, i have had his cum inside my mouth and he had kissed licke me everywhere.

  • Reply sonia999 ID:63j3cyft0b

    Lucky bitch
    I wish i had some brother

    • Dave ID:1d4v08m3zxyk

      sound good

    • Dave ID:1d4v08m3zxyk

      I wish I were your brother

    • Shivam ID:bmsexp4v1

      I wish i had sister like her
      Can you be my sister

  • Reply admirer ID:1zg1o7jb0d

    Amy you are a sweetheart

  • Reply A. ID:5u1d7cg49j

    Definitely let your brother breed you like the good girl you are

    • Scott ID:29kblwvk0j

      Very lucky brother to have such a hot nasty sister to enjoy and savor. Hope you both have a long happy sex life together.

  • Reply Rockin Strings ID:fx7ith8rd

    You should let your brother get you pregnant.

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    if any girls wanna chat.

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    Do you have snapchat amy

  • Reply Peter ID:5vyiv7c3t0b

    Horns tale

  • Reply Joe ID:8bw8pby49a

    I would like to read more stories of you and your brother fucking each other

    • Amy ID:1360jplzra

      hehe thanks

  • Reply Kevin ID:15ey4minoib

    Very hot

  • Reply Arthur M15 ID:2vqwknnr49c

    Decent story, it just needs some fixing on the capitalization. Otherwise, very hot, and very sexy.