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Happy Birthday Grandpa

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My Grandpas birthday ment drunk adults. I watch him fuck my aunt.

My stomach was tight and I felt sick with dread. Memories of his punishment still haunting my mind.

It’s been two summers since Mommy had me stay there. Grandpa hurt me so badly I don’t want to visit there. My pussy hole stabbed with pain as I thought about his abuse, my clit pulsed gently.

The days after his assault were hard on me. I was alone in shame and embarrassment after Grandpa caught me pleasuring myself in his pool. The Green scrubber used on my pussy caused my delicate skin to scab and crack. For days the skin was bruised and scratched and piss caused me to cry and wince in pain. Trapped in his house waiting another week and a half for Mommy to pick me up from vacation I spend most of the time in the guest room. As the wounds healed I tried to forget what happened and I didn’t mention it.

What happened wasn’t affecting my daily life that much and it definitely didn’t stop my urges so I didn’t say anything. I was also worried if I mentioned something it would happen again.

I begged Mommy to leave me home but she insisted I help her set up the party. She had me load up the car with party stuff and we started our drive to his house.

All my emotions came crashing back to reality the car ride to his house. My face was wet with tears, I tried to bink them away, my hand swiping them away quickly each time they fell.

Mommy and her boyfriend were chatting in the front but my stomach was rolling with fear and anxiety as I regained my composure.

Grandpa was already chatting with Mommy’s sister, Aunt Jay in the front yard. Aunt Jay was wearing tight black yoga pants and a T- shirt, I noticed she wasn’t wearing a bra and my heart skipped a beat. Her hard nipples poking very obviously through the thin material. Her face looked red from liquor and she was Laughing loudly. Grandpa’s hand stroked up and down her back and arms.

My older cousin and his girlfriend helped us with unloading the car. We lugged the cooler and party supplies to the back yard, I glanced at the pool and shivered. Fear and shame washing over me I went back inside to catch my breath.

Mommy gave Grandpa a big hug, he embraced her tightly and kisses her cheek.

The adults were setting up, sharing drinks. My cousin and his Girlfriend went out for a walk around the neighborhood so I went to roam the house alone.

I entered the kitchen and my eyes noticed a green scrub pad laying innocently on the kitchen sink, my heart races and I rush quickly away from the kitchen.

Vision burned, I felt my panic and my body reacting to memories of abuse. My body crawling in the places that Grandpa scrubbed.

I rush to the living room trying to get away from my mind.

My cousin and his girlfriend rush into the living room giggly from their walk. They push past me quickly, their hands groping each other in explicit ways the bathroom door closes behind them.

Memories of the bathtub flash before my eye, my eyes water and I blink away the tears angrily, embarrassed and struggling with my anxiety.

A breathy moan is came from the kitchen.

I peak the corner, grandpa and auntie Jay are in the kitchen.

They look like they’re just standing in front of the sink until hear my aunt.

“Mmm, oh oh oh yes” she moans leaning against the kitchen counter.

One wrinkled hand gripping the bottom of her ass, the black yoga pants squeezing her beautifully round ass. His other hand gripping and fondling under her shirt, the motions hidden from my view. They were facing the kitchen window, looking in the back yard where the firepit was still glowing.

I watched Grandpa kiss her neck, his boney hand slipping under her Yoga pants. Grandpa grabbed her pussy from behind, his finger thrusting in and out of her hole. The stretchy fabric allowing his hand to work her pussy roughly, the wet noises and her soft moans made my spine and pussy tingle with desire.

Grandpa moaned softly and grinded against her thigh as his hand explored her cunt. He tugged at the fabric covering her ass, pulling it lower.

“Please, please yes please. Use it Daddy” her whimpers sounded so cute and breathy.

Her pants slid just below her ass. Grandpa’s bare cock was now in his hand. He tugged at the firm rod with his hand roughly before he positioned it between her legs. He thrust once, twice, then moaned loudly as his hips thrust deep. He trempled and let out a satisfied grunt as his limp cock slipped out of her pussy, she pulled up her pants quickly and went back to washing the dishes. He squeezed her ass and made his way back to the firepit like nothing happened.


I hope you enjoyed.

If you want more please let me know, I’ve really been enjoying the response to the stories I’ve shared and I have plenty more.


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  • Reply Danny1003 ID:3057hz2fii

    I absolutely love your stories they need to expand it on significantly at its great start

  • Reply Mummyboy ID:5u0x7ka5qj

    Do you have any way for me to contact you i wanna chat with you

  • Reply Gonzo ID:fx7itald2

    WOW little clit that was fantastic to say the least. very well written and very good continuation of the story.
    The sex scene could have been better but hey that is nit picking a very good story. I look forward to more naughty adventures.

  • Reply Pedro ID:8bvy5nbb0a

    I Love It

  • Reply Well used ID:1ardd6te41

    My mom use to give her dad and my dad’s dad a good time whenever my dad was away on work assignments. Separately off course.
    Wasnt too long before i was getting sucked and sucking them too. Cant remember details but when i was 4 my moms dad got my older brothers to start fucking me while he watched. When i was 7 or 8 i was getting fucked by the adults. But fortunately it wasnt traumatizing

    • Gonzo ID:fx7itald2

      Sounds so great and a story in the making. so lustful and naughty.

    • Well used ID:1ardd6te42

      Oh nooo. I dont have the patience to write up my experiences. Id rather read what others have to say. Lol.