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Fresh Dead Flesh

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This is a gruesome horror with a necrophiliac theme so dont read this if its not for you.

Let me introduce myself. My name is Rebekah, I am 22 years of age and live in a cottage far from the city area, surrounded by woods and fields.
When I turned 16 years old my dad committed suicide after a divorce from mum, his body was found in a local woodland where he used a knife to cut his own throat. After this fatal tragedy of losing my dad, I moved in with my auntie Sammie who also lived with her daughter Kayla.

See the story: Behind the Mirror.

Both my aunt and Kayla were nymphomaniacs. Sammie was also into the dark arts summoning supernatural entities. I found out she was into this when I woke up in the middle of the night to get a drink from the fridge hearing moans in the living room. Gently tiptoeing into the room I saw in shock and horror my auntie getting anally fucked by a demonic entity. Sneaking under the dining table as the entity pounded her hard and fast, I lifted the cloth slightly to see just as the creature emptied his load inside her and then slowly disappeared into the floor as the floor became a pool of liquid. The demon slid down my aunties legs until it was gone, leaving my auntie orgasming, filthy with its thick cum running down her leg as large amounts of it trickled beneath her feet. 

As soon as I turned 18 Sammie taught me dark arts so I can summon supernatural beings to indulge in sexual activity.
When I got more into the dark arts I eventually realized I was into necrophilia, reanimating dead people for sex, probably because it stems from me losing dad. I mainly reanimated those who lost their lives through either suicide or murder.

I spent a lot of time reading the newspaper and articles to see if anyone had taken their lives through some situation, allowing me to summon new meat.

The first person I reanimated was somebody who was murdered by having his skin removed, his killer put him under an anesthetic and then slowly removed his skin using a knife, slowly leading to blood loss and eventually death. What a painful way for someone to die. Feeling so much empathy for the unfortunate young man, I needed to reanimate him for a tasty fuck. Since my room was a little too small I approached Sammie in her room to ask,

“Would it be OK if I could have sex in the living room tonight?”

“Have sex in Kayla’s room she will be out tonight, and won’t be back until morning.”

I had a little difficulty making out what she said as she had the door locked, I presumed the nympho slut was naked and fingering her pussy in front of a porn video.
Kayla told me the number of times she caught her mum, whether she was fucking someone, masturbating, or even walking around the house naked. Sammie had no shame in getting caught.

My cousin’s room was big, it had a nice bed and a full-size mirror permanently fixed onto the wall. One of the strangest things about living with my aunt was whenever Kayla was in her room or if I was in there, the house became very quiet, almost as if Sammie had vanished into thin air.

Looking into the mirror I removed my thin summer dress revealing my skinny tight body I had small tits, with pointy nipples and I was 5’3 tall, with straight ginger hair that stopped at the neck. I got out a moisturizer gel and applied it all over my body, then all of a sudden I could hear a noise. Sounded almost like a slurping, squelching type of noise, and then it got faster, the sound was as if it was in the walls. I placed my ear against the wall close to the mirror and by the time then it had stopped. I finished applying the moisturizer then I waited till midnight for my treat to come.

That night my undead partner came, his body had no skin, no blood either just the muscle tissue fully exposed. He looked so innocent as I stared into his eyes, I know he didn’t deserve what happened to him. He had a nice 7inch sized cock, hard and ready to fuck me. Holding his face with both of my hands we kissed, feeling his skinless body with so many ridges and different textures, and his hands running up and down my back caused me to orgasm quickly, my pussy dripping wet. I turned around to face the mirror, standing and then bending over.

“Fuck me, fuck me as hard as you can!” I moaned licking my lips at the same time.

Slipping his cock into my tight wet pussy with his hands gripping my waist, I placed my hands on the wall on either side of the mirror he pounded my tight pussy hard, feeling the soft skinless ridges of his cock teasing my clit and sliding up and down my g spot.

“Oh oh oh oh.” Climaxing never felt so good.

“Please, more, more.” I moaned.
He pounded me even faster and faster as I orgasmed heavily, then within a minute, he emptied his load and pulled me up straight playing with my nipples. My partner completely exhausted all of his energy. It was now time for him to go, slowly he began to sink into the ground returning to his dimension of the undead. Feeling his hands sliding down my body one last time, I cried as he slid down my legs and then to my feet before completely disappearing.

“I love you.” I cried as tears ran down my cheeks, my pussy drenched my legs, the strange noise from within the walls was back this time I could hear breathing as well, this I placed my ear against the mirror and the noise had stopped. I had a suspicion that somebody has been watching me the entire time.

Sammies’ sexual behaviour was growing out of control, I needed to move out as soon as I could she was abusing the dark arts too far allowing entities to possess her body, on one occasion I was fast asleep, she got into bed with me masturbating and cummed all over my face. Forcing my eyes open using both of her thumbs she grabbed my head and pressed my mouth against her ringing wet pussy her sweet cum running down my throat, the demonic entity was so strong inside her I couldn’t force her off, as soon as she finished off she got on all fours and crawled out of the room.
I sat up on the bed shaking for hours making sure the door was locked.

After turning 20 I got my place in a cottage far out in the country where I can practice the dark arts on my own, now having my privacy and space all to myself I had continued fucking more undead men without anyone knowing.

Finding another article in the paper where a teenage boy was violently dismembered, with both his arms, legs, and head chopped off became my next treat.

 After midnight summoning him, his dismembered body along with arms legs, and head appeared before me moving, wriggling on the floor. Getting on top of his limbless torso and fucking it the hands crawled up my legs splayed my ass open and fingered my ass hole. With two fingers up my ass his erect cock in my wet pussy, I started fisting the severed open neck feeling the soft tender meat, climaxing and licking my fingers of the dead juices enjoying his delicious raw meat. I picked up his head giving it deep tongue kisses before pressing it against my tits. His feet moving closer to mine stroking my soft soles with his toes, I climaxed even further squirting all over him. Pulling his fingers out of my ass and turning around to a reverse cowgirl position I inserted his cock into my ass and viciously pounded him.

My pussy continued to squirt more and more as I placed his severed head onto the wet floor getting him to lick it all off, soon enough he blew his load into my ass hole with almost a pint of cum filling me up just as he disappeared into his dimension.
I got up and walked into my back garden naked lying down on the grass thinking of who I’m going to fuck next. I think it is time for me to reanimate my dad. I miss him so much.

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