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final camping day

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sex wasn’t an option!! it was the order of the day

After Naomi basically raped me, I watched as she strolled back towards the cabin. I could see Gail and Sherryl watch her as she stepped by their tent. It was hard to believe my spunk was drooling down Naomi’s 32 yr old leg as she entered the cabin. I settled in and fell asleep trying to forget I got caught with Gail’s pussy on my face.
The next day was pretty tense to say the least Gail and my sister stayed as far away from Naomi as possible. We all at breakfast together and then the girls and I went for a swim around noon time. On the way there bot girls asked what happened last night with Naomi. I really didn’t want them to know so I told them that Naomi had warned me to leave the “girls” alone. Gail her perky little self said “fuck her, she’s not my mom” “I want more of last night… she stop us just as I was beginning to enjoy you licking me” “Well we can’t be doing that again she’ll catch us anyway we’re leaving later today” I said.
The two of them took off their robes and swam, I got a dip and laid on my rock to tan. I closed my eyes and dreamt of Naomi’s titties and her fur covered pussy and how easily my young cock sank into her fleshy mound… my cock grew hard think of last night. The two girls were swimming and frolicking when I noticed their swim suits were off. Sherryl tits looked bronze in the sunlight as they ebb and dipped the water she swam to the edge of the creek and squatted near the edge ,her lithe legs and fur covered bush now showing dripping with water. “Wanna come in ” she teased. I knew what both of them wanted and it wasn’t a swim. I got up and headed towards where she was and she turned and went underwater, she emerged like a nymph first her ass then her smooth back and her head came out of the water. As I went in I dove at both of them. I treaded water near Gail and felt her grab at my dick but she really just pulled my swim trunks down “take em off silly lets have fun” So I reached down and threw them onto the bank. Now the three of us we naked . It didn’t take long for Sherryl to swim over and grab my hard cock…. Oh he’s ready Gail ” both girls laughed. I swam to the other side of the creek and the girls followed they both emerged from the water Sherryl’s pussy hair dripping. I found a soft spot on the bank to sit my cock hard and standing upright.
gaily came over and stood above me and spread her little pussy in the sunlight her cunt hairs were barely visible…. I began to lick her wet lips both from the water and her own brazen want. Soo she swayed in the sunlight affixed to my tongue lapping and licking her lip folds, I proceeded to lick at her clitoris and she moan and than thrashed her hips to my tongue probing her, within seconds she climaxed and gave me a taste of he young women hood. She had a stronger musky taste than Sherryl ,but she had a meager flow also. “oh wooh that was the best yet ” Sherryl lined up and sped her furry crotch ,it looked like a women car wash for christ sake. I took my sisters folds into my mouth using my lips to tug at hers. She squirmed a bit and then pressed her hips forward to allow me a better grip with my mouth on her love hole. I darted my tongue between her folds and into her opening , she spread more and my tongue darted some inside her hole. She quivered to my tongue entering her pussy. She was now grinding her hips on my face enjoying my tonguing of her open snatch, I flitted my tongue in and out like it was fucking her and she finally began to cum, oh did she ever her cunt juices began to slide down my tongue and she squirmed on my face her love flow began to cover it and dripped from my chin.. a few moments she stopped gyrating and pulled back, as she did I saw the her opening and her cunt lips dripping her orgasm…..oh how I thought I like to fuck her but she’s my sister that will never happen… After the girls had been “serviced” they both took turns blowing me first Sherryl for a few moments and then Gail… this time it was Gail who wanted to finish me off. She sucked and deep throated me as best she could.. and then my nut spokec to my dick and told it my cum was ready to be released. Gail still had my cock in her mouth when it let loose and began drenching her oral cavity with my spunk ,she gagged, and opened her mouth wide and gagged again as I shot my load across her teeth. My sperm drooled out the sides of her lips but she used her fingers to catch it and sup it up. MMMMM, it’s hot and somewhat fruity” she said licking her lips. We all took another dip and got our suits on and returned to the campsite. Once back at the campsite we each took turns changing in the cabin bathroom. It was a nice weekend except now someone knew we were fucking around with each other! As for Naomi she watched us like a hawk for the rest of the afternoon before we left. I wasn’t done with her or Sherryl yet.

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