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Father, Daughter Time part 3

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My family head out for a trip to the cinema and I stay home with my dog, what could go wrong…..

(Read part 1 and 2 for context)

A few days after my dad fucked me, we would spend more time with each other, when ever we could we would have sex or I would suck him off.

It was the weekend so my brother was out with his friends and my mom and dad decided to go to the cinema so it was just me and my dog Rax at home, I was in the living room, only wearing a long top with no underwear watching tv when Rax came in and looked at me the barked, I got up and opened the door thinking he wanted to go out but he just looked at me and barked more so I closed the door and then Rax jumped up at me pushing me to the ground, so now I was on all 4 when I felt something warm lick my pussy, I looked between my legs and saw Rax going to town with his tongue, I just froze as I liked it but didnt deep down I wanted Rax to do more.

After a few minuets or Rax tasting me he put his front paws on my shoulder and I felt something big poking me thigh, I looked between my legs again and saw his cock, one minuet it was there the next it was inside me, I let out a big moan “AAAAAHHHHHH FFFUUUUCCCKKK”, as his cock was bigger then my dads and brothers, After a few minuets of Rax fucking me he started to cum inside, it was warm and his cock only got bigger, bigger to the point I pass out.

When I wake up I see Rax sleeping on his bed and stained cum on my legs, I still could feel a lot of his cum inside me and that made me more horny, I cleaned my self and the floor before my mom and dad came home.
As my dad comes through the door he hugs me, he whispered in my ear “Give me a few minuets and meet me in my room”, I head to my dads room and wait, after about half an hour my dad walks in and strips, he then strips me and places me on the bed and puts his cock inside, we fuck for about 5 minuets but it felt like an hour, my dad then came inside me, my dogs and dads cum inside me, it felt amazing.

(Part 4….)
(This is all fiction)

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      Moresalynn you should be be open with them about what you saw . Say you are proud of them being big girls and if they have any questions or if they need a man to practice on you would be happy to help them

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      Is there dad still in the picture

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    I don’t like fiction incest stories. There are many real incest stories. People should share those real incest stories

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      Maybe on email
      Do you also have experiences to share

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      @Mrs naughty
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    make the story longer and stop rushing it

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