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Fantasy 1

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I was 16 when my father sneaked inside my bedroom and slowly fuck me while I sleep.

Hi, I’m Ellie and this is one of my fantasies.

At 2 am when the entire house is asleep, my father went to my room. I have my room so I felt comfortable sleeping naked. Daddy walked towards my bed carefully trying not to wake me up. Oh and I have LED lights, I turn on the violet light before I sleep. Lifting my blanket, dad saw my young nude body. He ran his fingers on my back softly to see if I would wake up, but mom buys me sleeping pills cause I have insomnia so I don’t wake up easily. My dad knew this so he flipped me over on my back. He climb on my bed and sat down in front between my legs after he moved my legs apart. Seeing my hairless pussy made daddy so hard, that he removed his boxers and started stroking his cock while fondling my soft pussy.

Daddy leaned forward and took a whiff, going crazy by how delicious my pussy smelled. Sticking his tongue out and running his tongue on my slit, my dad couldn’t stop himself and decided that the night will not pass without him filling my soft pussy with his cum. Licking my pussy, again and again, I started making soft moans but I was still asleep. Daddy lifted my legs and circled my asshole with his tongue, loving the way that I taste and how clean I am.

When I was wet enough, dad went on top of me and put his boxers beside my head to stuff them in my mouth in case I woke up. He massaged my breast and put it inside his mouth, sucking it slightly, enjoying his daughter’s blossoming tits. After his jaw got tired from sucking my breast, he positioned himself and traced my pussy with his dick lubricating it so it wouldn’t hurt too much. Putting the tip inside, daddy groaned at how tight it felt, my pussy squeezed him so much it was almost painful. Halfway, my eyes started to open as I felt pain. But being on pills, I was half awake but my mind was not fully alert. I was groaning in pain but said nothing as I didn’t what is happening.

Dad heard my groans and noticed that my eyes are slightly open. And stopped for a second.

“Honey? Are you awake baby?” he whispered

He realized that my mind was probably not functioning so he continue to slide his dick inside me.

“ungghhh” I was staring at the ceiling still not fully alert when I noticed that dad was on top of me.

“unghhh uhhhh, d-dad?” I whispered, my face contorting in pain as my dad’s cock is almost all the way in.

“Shhh, it’s okay baby, it’s ok. Daddy’s here. Just lay back, the pain will be over soon” dad said. I nodded but nearly screamed when he pushed in all the way, breaking my hymen.

“arghhhhhhh-” daddy covered my mouth with his boxers and continued to thrust inside me, my blood making it easy for him to push his cock in and out of my pussy.

“ohhhhhh fuckk baby, so right so warm ughhhh” daddy grunts, thrusting slightly faster.

My dad’s 8inch cock felt so big inside me, I still didn’t know what was happening but after a minute or two, my dad’s thrust started to make the pain fade. When he noticed that I wasn’t screaming or making any loud noises, he removed his boxers from my mouth and kissed me softly, still fucking me. He kissed me and sucked my tongue, he kissed my chin, going down my jaw, to my neck and collarbone. He sucked and nibbled on my skin.

“Ohh oh ughhhh da-daddy ungh” my head was moving side to side as the pleasure I felt started to get intense. Daddy lifted his face from my neck and smiled at me, kissed my forehead, and went to my ears to nibble on my ears before whispering.

“How does that feel baby? Hm?”

“g-g-good daddy……..it feels-ughhh good,” I said panting. I put my hand on my belly .and felt it bulging, I can feel my daddy’s cock on my belly oh my god. I can feel his cock head whenever he pulls back and slams inside me, again and again, my dad fucks me.

“Ungh fuck baby girl, you wrap around daddy’s cock so well, do you like this feeling baby? Do you like it when daddy fucks you?”

“f-fuck? Is that what… we-were doing d-daddy?” I tried letting the words out but it was hard given the pleasure my father’s giving me.

“yes baby, daddy’s fuckign you. Do you like that?” his thrust started getting faster and harder.

“ughhhh ughhh ohhhhhh dad ugh”

“answer me baby, DO.YOU.LIKE.THAT” giving me hard thrusts with each word

“y-YES daddy, I love it ahhhh-” daddy flipped me and made me go on all fours, like a dog.

“Oh! Ahhhh daddy, what are we doing” I asked as dad entered me again and fucks me so fast.

“it’s called doggie style baby, it’s when you and daddy fuck like dogs, doesn’t it feel good?”

“yes dad mhmmmm ughhhh” after a minute, daddy slowed down when he realized that we’re making too much noise cause my headboard was slamming on the wall too much and he wants to fuck me hard and fast.

“go on the floor and do that position again baby”

I didn’t ask anything and went on my carpet, daddy followed and slips his cock inside me again, I was dripping wet, my pussy was letting out so much cream and with daddy fucking me fast, it looks frothy. Some of it are dripping on my carpet.

All of a sudden, daddy went super fast and pants.

“oh oh oh ungh argh baby, oh God fuckkk daddy’s gonna cum”

“ugh ugh ugh” I moan with every hard thrust daddy gives. so good so so good, it feels so good I feel like I’m gonna pee. My Legs starts to shake, I fell to the floor, but daddy held my hips, he thrust and thrust and thrust until one last rough thrust. I feel something filling me up, it was warm. Daddy went slow his cum still shooting inside me. I fell asleep a few seconds after my first ever orgasm but daddy was still fucking me softly.

Daddy woke me up at 9 am with my breakfast and a pill saying that my mom went to work already.

“do you remember what happened last night baby?” he asked nervously

“mhmm” I hummed while my mouth was full of pancakes. I swallowed and looked at my dad.

“daddy? Can we do it again? What we did last night?”

And that’s where my dad and I started our little secret.

Hiii! I’m still getting used to this lol so sorry in advance for any grammar mistakes, or spelling, I didn’t read this before I posted it. Oh and my English vocabulary isn’t as vast as it is only my second language. Please vote? And tell me what your thoughts are. Thank youuuuu😊

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    It’s your content that matters not your spelling and grammar. Those should improve with practice. Your content is great. [email protected]

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    Hot story I wish I had a daughter or sister

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    Reading this made me damn horny. Incest stories are always the hottest.

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    i feel like every girl should have a daddy like that no?

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      Would you like a daddy like that. Message me on [email protected].

    • ellie_17 ID:dj4olvs8l

      Ngl if my dad did the first move? I would just go with it.

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    Love your stories. Want to swap emails? Or pin?

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    What a great story, more please Ellie and do you have anymore pics on imgur?

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  • Reply A ID:5u1d7cg20d

    Good story, some grammar errors, but not enough to detract from the story. Like Gonzo pointed your writing is good. And your grammar is better than most whose post stories with English as a second language.

    • Dan ID:10zhlx7x20j

      Great story. I wish that happened to me.

  • Reply Gonzo ID:vuf0ifii

    I thought the story was really good. really sad on other peoples part that English is your second language and you are much better then most.
    I like sexual awakenings as all females should be able to experience an orgasm. It was a lovely fantasy that got me really excited wishing it was me instead. Please keep writing as I like your style and Direction.
    If you care to share other fantasies or other ideas I would love to share also possibly on KIk or Proton mail but only if you wanted to. I have lots of other stories of my life I still haven’t put on paper.
    Just let me know!

    • Gonzo ID:vuf0ifii

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    Maybe I should stick with no dialogue? 😬

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