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Dear Diary 1/?

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A little girl’s pining to satisfy the wicked evil desires of older men. Part 1/?

Dear diary. At school today we had to write about what we want to be when we grow up. But I didnt know what to put because I know what i want to be is not apropriate for school. I want to be a lot of things but their weird and dirty and bad. I want to be kidnapped. And I want to be hurt and forced to have sex. By a much older guy hopefully. see i learned about how some men are whats called pedos and it got me really nervous and excited. They like young girls like me because we’re cuter and better than older girls. When I was in the living room with my mom one time she thought i was asleep and put on a tv show, and I heard a story on the show about a guy who was a pedo and he kidnapped girls my age and did really bad things to them and killed them. I think he got caught at the end which made me feel sad but oh well I dont know if it was real or just tv pretend. It made me feel funny and I rubbed my privates under my blankie thinking about how it would feel to have those bad things done to me. I do that a lot in bed now and think about special stories about what I want someone to do to me. So im going to write them here so I can read them later when Im playing and hope they come true.

Dear diary. Most of the time when im at home after school Im alone in my room playing with my privates. It feels really good and its my favorite thing to do. I know I have to keep it a secret because thats what you do with sex things and your private parts. I wish I didnt have to. How will pedos know how cute my body is if I have to hide it diary?? I wish I could go outside in no clothes and let guys look at my privates and touch me there and i could look at their thingies too. By the way diary boys have penises for privates which are like long sausages with balls under them and they pee out from there. They are very pretty to look at I love them I think. But anyway, thats not how things are sadly. So I sit in my room with my pants and undies off and find out what feels good or sometimes bad but also good on it. I like rubbing and humping on my plushies and putting little toys inside my hole. One day I even went to school all day with a littlest pets shop doggy inside me but i left me kinda sore and itchy so not again probably unless I find something better. My toothbrush is a good toy cause the handle feels good inside but the brush part feels really sharp on my button (the part at the top that feels the best to touch, diary.) since then i try a lot of different things to hurt it since i know one day a pedo is going to take me and hopefully hurt my button and insides really bad until i cry. The worst pain for my button is snapping a rubber band right on it. I also use a binder clip to crush it or poke it with a unfolded paper clip when I want to hurt it. Thank gosh for all my school stuff lol. I have to be careful because that makes me moan and scream pretty loud sometimes. It makes my hole really wet thinking about a pedo doing it to me so I dont even really mind the pain part 🙂 I hope I make my pedo really happy some day

Dear diary. Today I did something really naughty and exciting. When I was at school I got a marker and snuck it in my pocket before first bathroom break. Then on break I went potty and took my undies off under my uniform skirt and threw them in the trash (they were the kinda ugly green ones dont worry) and above my privates i wrote “rape me” and drawed an arrow pointing to them. then I lifted my shirt and wrote “hurt me” and “kidnap me” above my nipples. and I went all day with no undies and dirty words on me, scared but hoping maybe someone would notice and follow the instrucsions. No one did 🙁 But I will do this more it made me so excited when I got home that I laid in bed and had 2 orgasms (thats what its called when your body gets all tingly and you pee a bit after playing with yourself a bit, its AMAZING it feels like hevan diary!!)

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  • Reply Joe ID:1bfepuyz6i9

    Inwould love to kidnap you . Take you to a house in the country and repeatedly rape you , making you scream in agony . Smack your smooth cunt and tits making them red raw . Pierce your nipples and clit and then attach electric probes to them and turn on the power giving you shocks .

  • Reply Pampered ID:2nhjfq5oi9

    I love your stories ❤

  • Reply Chris ece ID:gnrwbamm4

    Amazing story can i get ur email so we can sext dirty