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This story is my second fiction story and It is dedicated to one of my favorite fans Chloë. I surly hope you like it. Much love Girl!

Without her knowledge the plan was set up giving her a shock of her life. See what Chloë didn’t know was her boyfriend secretly contacted me in the states to see if I was up for a surprise visit in Germany from Gonzo. He secretly told me Chloë lusted towards me and my stories squirting many a times from them. With our plan in motion we were going to double team Chloë fucking her brains out until she was unable to walk then fucking her yet again until she passed out. We planed on ravaging her body for days giving her the birthday present she will remember the rest of her life.

I arrived in Germany after many delays. I took a cab to a small comfortable bed and breakfast checking in then heading to the room. I called Chloë boyfriend to let him know I had made it and was at the bed and breakfast. I was really tired from the jet lag and being up so long. I slept that night after a wonderful German meal of Sauerbraten, German pasta with Brotchen Rolls. Being so stuffed from the fine meal I hit the bed and was out almost as soon as my head hit the pillow. The next morning I woke up and decided to see the sights. I had a wonderful time experiencing all the local foods and people. Later that day I called Chloë boyfriend setting the time for the surprise visit.

With the both of them at home I rang the doorbell waiting for an answer. When the door opens their stood Chloë looking sexier then I had envisioned. “Yes!, may I help you mister?” She responded politely. I look into her beautiful eyes with a huge smile, “Yes you sure can Chloë!, you have just been Gonzo-ed!” I said to her. Chloë’s eye were suddenly as huge as saucers and her mouth fell open in complete shock. Her boyfriend comes up behind her putting his hand on her shoulder “ Happy Birthday Chloë!” he says to her as she begins to scream jumping up and down almost crying. She reaches for me giving me a big hug and a kiss as her boyfriend winks at me giving me a thumbs up sign. After a few minutes of hugs and kisses and of course complete disbelief we go in side the house.

With Me on one side of the couch and Chloë’s boyfriend on the other Chloë sits between us still in complete shock. We finally explain out our plan for her birthday and she smacks up both on the arm yet boasting the biggest grin of her life. Chloë knows what is about to take place and It was then I realized she was already wet and squirming with excitement. After a drink or two to get loosed up I lean over and kiss Chloë on the lips. Within a few seconds her mouth opens and our tongues began to twirl darting in and out of our mouths. Chloë lets out a long moan grabbing my head pulling me in closer to her. I reach up brushing her hard nipples through her shirt causing Chloë to moan out again “OHHH”. Her boyfriend reaches around and starts playing with her pussy rubbing it through her shorts. Chloë moans again longer this time “OHH!, UMMM!”. I feel the vibration through my mouth causing my cock to stir and harden.

We both began to strip her, me pulling her top off exposing her beautiful perky hard nipples and breasts while her boyfriend pulls off her shorts and panties. We all stand up and Chloë strips her boyfriend then turns to me slowly stripping me. As she pulls the last piece of clothing off me being my briefs she slowly drops to her knees as my cock springs from them bouncing at full attention. Chloë slowly leans forward grabbing my stiff cock in her hand “What a beautiful cock you have Gonzo” Chloë says to me then lowers her mouth over my swollen head. I hear Chloë moan as my hard cock slides effortlessly in her awaiting mouth, her lips sealed so tightly around my shaft. Chloë boyfriend drops down to the carped floor scooting under Chloë licking and fingering her swollen throbbing lips and clit. She lets out a gasp as he flicks her rock hard clit with his tongue but the sounds are muffled with my cock being completely down her throat. She massages my balls with her other hand as she bobs up and down licking the underside of my sensitive head with her tongue.

I moan out in ecstasy “OHH!, God Chloë your mouth feels so wonderful on my cock”. She pulls my cock out of her mouth popping one of my balls in her mouth cleaning it thoroughly with her tongue then the other. With her boyfriend trashing her lips and clit he shoves two fingers in her dripping hole “OH MY GOD! that feels so good!” she lustfully screams out slamming her mouth down on my shaft frantically sucking and bobbing wanting my sweet male seed so badly. Within a few minutes I am boiling with excitement feeling my legs and balls tighten. Chloë feeling this being near her peak shoves her mouth all the way down on my shaft as her pussy tightly grips her boyfriend fingers and begins to spasm wildly.

Chloë’s orgasm is very intense causing her to thrash about wildly bucking and grinding on her boyfriends hands and face drenching him with her spewing juices. She would be screaming at the top of her lungs but my shaft is down her throat muffling her sounds. I erupt an intense orgasm legs shaking like crazy with Chloë’s hands wrapped tightly behind my ass cheeks pulling me in her throat as far as I can go. Stream after stream of warm jiz spews out the tip of my swollen throbbing cock down her throat. I can feel her throat almost massage my cock as I shoot load after load. Both of us are literally shaking with orgasm so intense we are almost in tears. Finally what seems like eons our orgasmic spasms start to fade both collapsing to the floor painting and heaving like a pair of desperate wild dogs.

I can’t believe I came so hard and intense as my cock is still hard and slightly twitching. Chloë just lying there feeling the aftermath of her huge orgasm. Her boyfriend just chuckles rubbing her back “WOW Chloë!, That must have been a huge orgasm” he says to her as she just laid there panting, pussy still twitching. Finally coming to, Chloë open her eyes looking at me and her boyfriend “Good God!, that was one intense orgasm!. Gonzo I didn’t think you were ever going to stop cumming in my throat, damn that was a lot of cum I swallowed” she says as she giggles shaking her head. Chloë looks down to my still hard cock “ Your kidding!, after all that and your still hard” she says to me. “ Yep!, when I cum really hard and intense it stays hard for a while” I exclaimed to her.

Chloë not wanting to waste a good hard cock “ Hell!, it’s still hard lets not waste it” she tells me as she climbs on me throwing a leg over me dropping down on my cock. With my Hard cock securely wedged in her tight teen age pussy Chloë begins to bounce up and down. Within minutes of some eager bouncing she is having another orgasm then a few more back to back thumping hard on my cock and balls. With the last orgasm being very intense she falls down on my chest huffing and puffing damn near spent. While she laid there getting her wits back Chloë’s boyfriend quietly positions himself over my legs behind Chloë’s ass. With my cock still in Chloë’s tight hole, He takes his hard cock rubbing it all over her spewed juices lubing it up the slowly pushes his head into her ass. Chloë screams in delight “OH my god!, I feel so full!” as he slowly fills her ass with his hard cock. I can feel his cock next to mine as he slid it it. She is bulged out and completely full of 8” cocks “OHHH!, Ugh!, Ugh!, Ugh!” she moans and groans as we begin to alternately pump her stretched out holes.

Within minutes Chloë is screaming “OH GOD!, OH GOD!, That feels so damn good!. OH God! don’t ever stop!” slamming her ass backwards to meet both of our hard thrusts. She is darn near spent from her previous orgasms but from the depths below she feel her internal fire begin to stir and boil. It is going to be a massive one that she has only felt a time or two before. She feels it burn and build up twisting it’s way through her body towards her crotch and pussy. Chloë feels our hard cocks in her holes getting bigger swelling in anticipation of an oncoming orgasm. We are both pounding her harder and harder with the full length of our 8” hard shafts in and out of her holes when the monstrous inner fire strikes between her thighs hard, fast and intense.

Chloë Screams out in sheer agony with her holes clamping down hard on our cocks like a vice. “OH God, Here it comes, It’s big!, Oh God it’s big!, Here it comes!, Oh God!, Oh G-God!, I”M CUMIMG!’ Hearing her lustful cries was enough for the both of us to be pushed over the top. All three of us were orgasming hard and intense, both of us spewing our loads deep within Chloë’s body and her literally drenching us in her girl cum. The three of us could feel our cocks pulse and twitch inside Chloë’s holes spewing thick jets of cum into her. Chloë screams out again feeling our warm cum fill her ass and pussy and lets go another series of orgasms. “OH MY G-GOD AGAIN!” she cries out thrashing, bucking and grinding on our spewing hard shafts.

The last series of orgasms were just to much for Chloë and she falls face first on my chest out cold completely spent except for her heaving chest pushing her tits and hard nipples into my chest. As her boyfriend and I just lay there we can still feel Chloë’s body and pussy twitch with our slowly deflating cocks still in her. Five minutes later he gets up and I roll Chloë off me onto her side still out cold putting a pillow under her head. I look to her boyfriend “Well it looks like she’s done for the night” I said to him as we both let out a chuckle. He asked me if I wanted a beer and I said “Hell yeah!, That sounds good!”. We sat on the couch talking for hours about everything that has been happening throughout the world. He looks to me and thanked me for coming all the way to Germany “ You know Gonzo!, she will never ever forget this her entire life!”. I just look at him and say ”I know she won’t!, The best birthday present ever!”

When we finished the last beers I was going to call it a night when Chloë finally wakes up. She gets up walking to me then hugs me hard. “I love you Gonzo!” then she kisses me deep and passionately then looks to her boyfriend “ I love you to you sneaks” then just giggles out loud. “That was the best Birthday present ever guys but my birthday isn’t until tomorrow” she says to me.

I look at Chloë and say “Well I guess I am just going to have to spend the night so we can wish you a Happy Birthday again and again don’t I. Chloë looks at us with this huge grin on her face as her boyfriend and I wink at her. Chloë just giggles grinning from ear to ear with delight not wanting her Birthday to ever end. She grabs our hands and lead us both into the bedroom giggling like a little girl in a candy store ready for round two.
It’s going to be the best birthday ever for Chloë.

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  • Reply It's Morbin' time ID:2vqwknnr20b

    Imagine getting railed and having to moan out “Harder, GoNzO”

    • devildick ID:t2pucyi8ra

      hiya what you upto ?

  • Reply Chloeswetasfuck ID:e0uno4s41

    I imagine Chloe knows and security cums thinking about Paul fucking Phoebe. She probably gives them time to fuck all the time. Uno you love the thought don’t lie just let them carry on. You can fuck joe when he grows

  • Reply Gonzo ID:7ylrenaoij

    Even though the ratings got destroyed by a stalker idiot I sure thank all of you reader for the wonderful feedback through my other contacts. I must of had 20 people tell me they loved this story and I am so grateful for the wonderful comments. I have even had contact from many countries around the world that said they loved all my stories.
    I love you all and THANK YOU KINDLY!
    PS. Yes I will be posting again here shortly as I have many part 2’s to write hehe stay tuned for more very slutty life adventures of Gonzo.

    • Phoebe's wet ID:e0uno4s41

      Does Chloe know bout Phoebe Pluss I want a meet ya one day. Show me how to be a dad

  • Reply Gonzo Stan (here 2 stay till chewsday) ID:nikes2rm4

    Not gettin rid o me that easily papi

    • Gonzo ID:vuf0ihri

      Fuck you fagget how’s my dick pic doing in u r ass fagget.

    • not bodyshamings, big gonz stan ID:bra7e1dv9d

      fuck yea it’s so good daddy gonzo

      does not look like a pepperoni stick at all

  • Reply Anonymous ID:14gs800lqrb

    Wow gonzo only a few people can make me cum hard and that’s you I’ll forever be a reader of yours

  • Reply Apex48 ID:bttbqosbzi

    Really great story dude full star rating from me

    • Gonzo ID:7ylrenaoij

      Yeah thanks so much. The low rating were the suck fuck posing as a girls on line. well at least he has a pic of my dick and I hope he likes it.

  • Reply Gonzo ID:fx7italhm

    Why such low fucking score though. My god even really shitty fucked up stories get these score. what did I do to deserve this shit. Fuck I bust my ass to try to write a good story and this is the thanks i get in return.
    Fuck why write i might as well quit while i am a head as it seems no body fucking cares.

    I will not write another story unless I am asked politely. That’s just plain fucking hatred and biased as hell.

    • Carolina or Texas ;) ID:1fr5vpzrd

      do not worry as you wont have to write for much longer 😉 hows that long hair doin ya btw

    • Gonzo ID:fx7italhm

      I tract your IP address sweety. See some military members do have tracking capabilities fuck wad. Trust me sick fuck I got U back and you won’t even see it coming. HA, HA,HA. got nothing ass hole but I DO!

    • *kisses u* ID:1fr5vpzrd

      the thing is i want you to do somthing take out my wifi rq for 11 minutes to prove you are somthing

    • Gonzo ID:7ylrenaoii

      Sorry fool thats to small for me I go for the jugular.
      Hello every body This fucking fool is posing as a fucking girl on line like the chicken shit that U R. what a faggot. Funny thing is 10 minutes later I found an 18 year old and am talking to her on my phone right now.
      Plus I am coming for U faggot little girl. IP’s don’t lie with no VPN FUCKING FOOL.

    • Gonzo Stan ID:1fr5vpzrd

      ooo the jugular what is it, i am so intriguedd. what is my location then whats my city at least retardo.

    • Gonzo ID:7ylrenaoij

      DOnt worry Ip look up in my software took care of that FAGGET. like my dick pic fucking queer. FAGGET GIRLY GIRL

    • *kisses you* ID:1fr5vpzrd

      and what are you doing with that ip and what proof u got of it the only thing u probably have is your 4 inch thing that barley even qualifies as a dick

  • Reply Chloë ID:4mxdnkkzk

    Oh Gonzo.. Baby i fucking love you so much.. You look out for us young ones, you truly understand the lustful mind of a women … Tony says it all the time there’s nothing better than Chloë after she’s been gonzoed .. Hehe I’m laying here on the couch with my legs spread wide a big wet spot on the cushions , vvspray marks on the coffee table from my squirt.. Thank You Gonzo this was the best gift i could ever ask for… I was on my way home from work and Tony text me said before you do anything as soon as you get home go to stories 69 boy am I glad I listen for a change hahaha please write to me [email protected]

    • Gonzo ID:fx7italhm

      I tried to get a hold of U before I posted to get permission but no luck at all so I blindly posted. U R my fav fan and I love U so much.

  • Reply Tman ID:7zv3a3kk0j

    Absolutely loved it. Keep up the good work.

    • Gonzo ID:7ylrenaoij

      Thank you it was the least I could do for Chloe.

  • Reply Chrissy G ID:fx7italhl

    Wow I can’t believe these jerks gave you such a low score. Fucking haters and jealous as I thought it was great. I am sure who ever Chloe is she sure will love this. Wow I wish you could personalize a story for me making me that much more wetter. I love your stories Gonzo keep em cuming hehehe!

    • Sunny ID:3zarg0kx49j

      Hey Chrissy….I can make u wet in a different way

    • Chloë ID:4mxdnkkzk

      Hey girl ain’t he the best I have been banging my pussy to his magic words for a while he has never let me down I hope to someday repay him all right keep thinking is if he can write like that imagine what he could do in person I love him and my boyfriend knows it and accepts it hahaha you can write to me if you want maybe we can share some stories Chloesalwayswet@gmail I love women as much as I love these dirty old men

    • Gonzo ID:fx7ita6v4

      Love you Chloe like no tomorrow. hehe!