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Big Brother – Little Sister

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True Stories, Innocent When We Started- Pretty Kinky by the Ending

TRUE Brother / Sister Sex Exploring
This is a true story of incest between a teen age brother (me) and my little sister, so we have pedophilia too, but that’s just the start, we got into almost everything, EXCEPT penis vaginal insertion, Like I say, she was my LITTLE sister too young to mention here.
And, it happened over 55 years ago so please don’t feel like you need to shame me/ us, it’s water well under the bridge.

Initially what we were doing didn’t seem really wrong – initially – , we knew it was “naughty” and we kept it as our secret, but at the time it started as innocent sexual exploration, mutually enjoyable and when it ended we were friendly and remain so to this day, tho we have only spoken of it once as I realized a big brother asking a little sister to play around was taking advantage so I apologized to her many years later.

The story:
I was 14 and she was several years younger.
We lived kind of rurally, few neighbors and our home was bordered by the woods.
One day we were playing alone in a small barn and an idea popped into my head to play doctor and pretend we had been snake bit and needed to suck the poison out like in the old cowboy movies.

I admit, the idea from the outset was sexual to me but my sexual experience was limited to jacking off.
Girls my age weren’t giving out yet.
So this was exciting.

When I asked if she wanted to play doctor, I’m pretty sure it didn’t set off the same tingle in her crotch as it did in mine. She just had this innocent look on her face like ’Oh FUN, my big brother’s gonna play with me’

That was about to change as it only took a few minutes to move from a bite on my arm that needed sucking to another on my thigh (that I needed to drop my pants for, a little excitement there)……and then, ….”I have one more, ….down there”

I’m sure she thought we were being a little naughty up till then, like we’re certainly not going to tell anyone what we were up to, but I remember the innocent look on her face, as I said “Down There”
No real understanding on her part it seemed … but when I pulled down my underwear and my stiff cock sprang out right in front of her face, we both knew right then and there, that we now had a BIG secret between us.

I doubt she’d ever seen a penis, let alone a hard one, but she didn’t even balk, she took it in her hand and started sucking, on the side of it.

It had been amazing getting to this point – all within just minutes, so after watching her for another few minutes, I said “I think it got bit on the end too”.
I was pretty eager to see her sucking the end of my cock.

She didn’t pause, just stuck it in her mouth and began sucking.
I encouraged her to suck harder, which she did.
Then I said something like ‘That feels really good, it feels even better if you go up and down on it” and I took her hand and showed her how to beat me off while she sucked.
I was in heaven!

I wanted it to go on forever, but I was gonna cum, and soon.
I needed to warn her about what was gonna happen here in a minute.
I said something like “A lot of times when nurses are doing this, some white stuff comes out. Do you want to see?”

Again that innocent face looks up and she nods yes.
I told her to hold out her hands and I shot my cum into palms, this was the first of many cum loads she and I would share.

I doubt this whole journey had taken more than 15 minutes, and even tho I’d just cum, I still had an overload of hormones swirling around.
I really wanted to see her little pussy, pry it open and suck on it.

I said, “So now I’m the doctor, did you get bit?”
Again, sweet innocent face nods yes. I had her sit on a bale of hay and go thru the now proven medical procedure of sucking her little forearm, then her thigh.
She was wearing a skirt, so no clothes had been shed yet, so I asked, ‘Did you get bit, ‘Down There’ too?’

She was quick to give me the nod to go ahead, and I will add right here, over the course of several years of “Playing Doctor” she was always willing, even eager to play, but I did always ask.

Any way, I pulled her panties down, and she sat back down on the hay bale and I went down on her little pre-pubescent virgin cunt.
Licking her all over, sucking on her tiny clit, trying to get the tip of my tongue inside that tiny womb.
To this day, one of the most memorable ever.

That was our first doctor play, and all told, we probably did this no more than 20 times, but it did go on for a few years and we had a lot more fun together and both learned a lot about the opposite sex.

Very shortly after our first sexplay, our family moved across the state. We weren’t going to play in that barn again, in fact it was awhile before we had a house at all, we camped for a summer as we relocated.
There were numerous car trips back and forth across the state with the whole family in the car.

Many of these trips were at night and us kids had a blanket over us in the back seat.
When this sister and I were next to each other, we would have our hands down each others pants. Me rubbing her little cunny and she massaging my dick.

We couldn’t do much more than that but it was kinda fun being risky like that in the backseat.

Eventually the folks got a house to rent, and it was in a neighborhood but the cool thing was it had a daylight basement that opened to a built in swimming pool in the backyard.
There’s a bunch of “Playing Doctor” stories that happened at this house, again maybe a few details have slipped my mind, and some stories may overlap due to memory loss but ALL of this stuff is true.

As I’ve mentioned, I always asked her if she wanted to play.
Several times I was asked to babysit, and I would pass her a note, “Do you want to play doctor?”
Sometimes I’d make 2 little boxes, for her to check yes or no, (It was always ‘yes’ BTW)
Then, “After everyone leaves, meet me at such and such a place”
After we had played doctor a lot, I’d give her little instructions about how to prepare herself.
Like “Wash your pussy. And get on the bed and spread your legs apart.”
I liked coming into the room like she was prepared for an exam.
Other times, like if we didn’t have much time, we just got down to business.

So, what did we get up to?
She already knew how to suck my dick, so we did a lot of that. I unloaded on her face, on her tummy, in her hair and of course on her pussy.
As I said at the beginning, we never had penis/ vagina penetrative sex.
Her hole was too little & would have hurt her and it just wasn’t something we were into.
We were into having fun.
Right around this time I got a polaroid ’Swinger’ camera for Xmas and started taking pics of our escapades.

In fact getting the camera is an interesting story, we were at the grand parents house for xmas and when I unwrapped that camera, I immediately knew what I wanted to do.
It took a while but I finally got her far enough away from every one, I could whisper “Do you wanna play doctor?”
She nods, and I ask her to “ sneak away and go into the basement.”

So I’m watching……she finally goes downstairs, I follow a couple minutes later with my camera concealed.
We have no idea how long we have so as soon as I got there, I just whipped my dick out and she got on her knees and started giving me a blowjob like she’d done numerous times before.

Porn in those days was a rarity, I talked a buddy into giving me one of his brothers’ magazines, and I had found a magazine by the road one time, that was it, so our porn, was basically us taking pictures of our own little fantasies.

It’s interesting to note that the things we were doing are whole fetish niches in the porn world:
Cum Play
We played around with all of them.

As our little stack of pictures grew, before a, Doctor/ photo session, we would look at them together and then try to make our own versions.
It was a good way for my sister to see that other people did it, or maybe what the ‘big girls’ did.

We took lots of typical shots.
Initially just pictures of my dick next to her face or in her hand or mouth.
I’m not not trying to brag, but my dick’s a little over 6” and kinda thick and if you’re trying to visualize, she was young, really young. I’m not saying how young on purpose, her face was young and cute, her hands were little so it looked like she was handling a really big dick.

I think one of the big turn ons in porn is when the girl is having fun, is eager.
We always tried to have her smiling in the picture, like she was enjoying herself, and I think she was.
I.E. I was super lucky to have a girl who was too young to really know what she’s doing, smiling into the camera and gaping her pussy as wide as she can for me.

One of the most difficult photos for us to get was me eating her out.
One of my favorite things was to lay down and have her slowly lower her little wet pussy down onto my mouth.

A few times we were left alone long enough for us to use the parents bedroom that had mirrors on the closet doors and were able to get some decent shots.
But trying for those pussy eating shots was the fun of it — her straddling my face with her slim legs and lowering her little virgin box onto my mouth was way cool.

One summer day I was asked to babysit her and she wanted to invite some of her little friends over for a pool party.
I wasn’t about to think of involving any other girls, but having all these tiny creatures playing about in their swim suits gave me an idea.
I was able to get my sister away enough from the group to whisper ‘Do you want to play doctor?’
She looked up at me with a bright slight smile and nods yes,
“Go to the bathroom and wait for me”

My bedroom and the bathroom were thru a door right off the pool.
After she slipped away, I told her little friends “I’m going in to make sandwiches, everyone stay in the shallow end till I get back please”

I don’t know exactly what we’d do, this was spontaneous, but we didn’t have a ton of time.
She was waiting in the bathroom, wearing her little 2 pc swimsuit, ready to do whatever I suggested.
For lack of a plan I just pulled out my dick and asked her to show me her pussy…then I get closer and turned the jacking off over to her.
She was sitting on the edge of the throne and as I get close to cumming, it came to me…
“Stand up and hold the front of your suit out, I’m gonna squirt into the crotch of your swimming suit”
She just has time to pull her swim suit bottoms out enough for me to stick my cock in and ejaculate my load all over the crotch panel.
Normally we would make sure we both got off, but we needed to get back outside. So she just repositioned her suit with all my sperm up against her cunt and went back out to her little buddies.
Thinking back on that, it was really kind of elaborate risky play for kids.

That bathroom down stairs, was the scene of a lot of fun. It wasn’t like a finished nice bathroom, it had painted concrete floor and walls. It was really big for a bathroom. It was just this room they’d put a toilet and shower in. It had kind of clinical feel, kind of perfect for doing gyno exams.

I say gyno exam. But neither of us knew anything about those, it was doctoring alright, and the “doctor’ would examine the patient while they held still and that sort of thing, but we were making it up from scratch.

I described the bathroom because one of our most exciting Dr. plays happened there and I think to this day a concrete basement room w no windows is a turn on.

Let me tell you about that one.
We had been at this for a couple years probably, pretty comfortable with each other. I had stuck the tip of my little finger in her vagina and tried to get the tip of my tongue inside, but that was the extent of our insertion play.

I really wanted to get some pictures of things stuck in her pussy, I doubt I even knew the word ‘dildo’ at the time, But I felt the desire to see one in action,

I started looking for something to use, I came up with ball point pens, I’d take them apart, wash them all up and had a nice little collection, but I hadn’t let her in on my plan.
I wasn’t even quite sure how to say it.

I waited for a safe time to be alone w/ her and I was pretty stumbling, but it went something like “Hey, I have some little things I think would be cool to take pictures of stuck in your hole”
Yes, that clumsy. She told me later that her understanding of “her hole” was that it was her pee hole and that was it, she hadn’t known anything about her vagina.

Anyway, an opportunity comes when we’ll be alone, I’ve got film, all the ‘dildos’, I’m ready.
I hand her a note, and it makes me smile to think about it now—“Do you want to play Doctor….(little yes/no check boxes)….she checks yes, I hand her another note “Go to the downstairs bathroom, get naked and I’ve got the things we want to stick in your hole lined up there, take one and stick it in your pussy and leave it there till I come down in a few minutes.”

Here was my plan: You could see thru the hinge side of the door w/o being seen. I was pretty shy about this dildo stuff at first.
The plan was to spy on her putting it in.

Any way, as I said, she didn’t even know about having a vaginal opening, but after a few minutes of her going down, I was able to slip down undetected, and watched as she was poking around down there until she happened onto her own cunny.

I couldn’t believe my plan had worked so perfectly, there she was on the edge of the throne holding her pussy lips apart with one hand, staring down at her pussy and trying very earnestly to insert this tiny dildo.
When she gets it in, she looks back up and holds it there as instructed. She still didn’t know I had been watching and the spying on her, I kept looking for a couple minutes, enjoying the scene.

I did eventually go in, she give me a big smile, “I did it!” She sez.
I congratulated her, and she tells me she didn’t even know about that hole and I realize, I need to tell her “Oh yeah, I didn’t know you didn’t know, that’s where the boys in the magazines are putting their dinks into the girls”
I imagine now, how the lights must have been coming on in her mind.

It was a big day all around.
Getting into dildos was a lot of fun.
BTW, we never broke her hymen but it got stretched some.

We liked what I now recognize as “Food Porn”.
I’d jack off on food and we’d take pictures of her eating it.
We cut a hole in a bed sheet and paper plate and stuck my cock and balls thru it and tried to set up shots that made it look like she was going to eat some cock. We put out silver ware, had condiments, hot dog bun with mustard one time.
All trying to make this really young girl hungry for cock.

We tried to do the same paper plate thing with her pussy but it never looked right.
We did get lots of cool pictures of small carrots and Vienna sausages stuffed in her though.

There was one game we played just 3 times because it took a lot of set up and if anyone came home while we were doing it there was no way we could put it all away in time.
It was called “Thanksgiving”
It was my brainchild and I remember when I first told her about it, “It’s Thanksgiving, and you’re the main course for dinner, and were gonna stuff you”
It started with her naked, trussed up like the turkey on the kitchen counter.
Legs spread ad tied apart and ankles pulled back behind her neck.
That she was able to do that was cool, because it tipped her head forward so she could watch herself getting stuffed. I tied her hands under her butt.
Like I said, we needed privacy and time.
Then it time to stuff her.
I had gathered all types of little veggies, trimmed them to fit and would take turns pushing them in and taking a picture.
The grand finale was shooting a load into her.
I pulled her but to the edge of the counter for this.
She had the cutest little puffy mounds on either side of her cunt.
I’d spread her lips apart and press the head of my cock against her, making sure our holes aligned.
When I let go of her pussy lips, it looked like this little girl who was way to young was about to be impaled.
I always took a few pictures of that.
Then I’d jack off, making sure my dick hole stayed lined up to her pussy hole so all my sperm would go in her. She always said it was warm and felt good.
Before I pulled away, I had the camera ready because there were a lot of cool views.
I tried to get a good one w/ my cock still right there as the cum started coming out, then more shots as more came out went down her ass crack onto the counter.
I wish I still had those pictures. I burned them up during a christian shame phase I went thru—damn.

As I said, we only did this 3 times but the last was over the top.
I had found a turkey baster in a kitchen drawer one day, and my plan began to develop.
I didn’t let my sister in on the plan. I figured she would be down with it….and she was.

I started saving my cum when I jacked off in a jar that I kept in an old chest freezer in the basement.
We didn’t have a chance to play Thanksgiving for a long time, when we finally did, I had a pint jar probably 2/3rds full.
So that “Turkey Stuffing” went pretty much as the others, right thru the part where I jack off into her. Then I brought out the jar of cum I’d thawed out. She didn’t act shocked or freak out in any way, I mean she’d seen my cum a lot by then, I think she thought it was kinda funny and would be fun

BTW, if any readers are wondering if this is true….here’s a little scientific verification fact, there’s something that happens to it, it kind of separates and turn more watery. I know, we really did this.

Any way back to the stuffing party, After I unloaded myself into that sweet little cunt, I brought out the baster and the jar of cum, She figured it out real quick and got a little smile as she watched me take the rubber but off the end and pour all that sperm in.

The tip was smooth and had a little rim that sealed her up real nice.
Obviously her little womb wasn’t going to be able to hold all this and it was messy, sperm all over.
We got lots of cool pictures.

There was one doctor playing episode that was unique. We had been active for over 2 years at this point, and I had gotten my drivers license.
Our mom had let me drive this olde 2nd car they had to school and to pick up my little sister at the grade school and bring her home because she was going to be gone.
I was pretty excited all day about this. I had taken a few girls my own age out and cars were a great place to “get a little”, but it really was just a little from those girls, my sister tho was way into kinky stuff with me by then, so I was eager for school to get out.

I rolled up to the front of her school and she came out with all these other kids, saw me and got in the car. I pulled out and went around the corner and pulled back into the school parking lot. We went to the back corner where it was out of the way, but there wasn’t much going on anyway, they were teacher’s and staff’s cars and they weren’t leaving yet.

I turned off the car, like we were gonna chat, I probably asked how school was and then—“Do you wanna play Doctor?’
That totally surprised her, but she did wanna play, seemed kinda excited actually.
I said take your panties off and spend you legs apart, lean back against the door and hold your pussy open for me to see while I drive.
This car was an older sedan type and had fairly deep seats, you couldn’t even see her whole head thru the window, so it seemed more of a fun little game than a big risk.
She knew I like seeing her gape her pussy and was giving a good show.
I slowly pulled out of the parking lot and slowly drove around the school again, pulling back into the U shaped drive where parents were picking up their kids.
It was stop and go, mostly stop, we’re just slowly moving forward.
I asked her to sit up so she could see out the window better, and so she could be seen, from the neck up anyway. But down below. Out of sight it was a different story, I told her to pull her pussy lips so wide it hurt a little and to look out the window and make eye contact with any of the kids she knew.

I was definitely getting a boner doing this and really was looking forward to cumin. We soon got to the intersection and had to pull out onto the street. I said come over and suck me off and jack me while I drive. This was something she’d done lots, but never in a car, And we had to drive all the way across town, probably 20 minutes away, but we didn’t go home, I went up to this bluff at our end of town – overlooking the town probably 10 more minutes, so I’m getting like a half hour blowjob.
When I finally stopped in the pullout, I parked with her side of the car faced town, I got out and went around to her side and open her door. This is in broad daylight mind you. I said turn around here and show the whole town you pussy. Spread it wide.
It would have been possible to see her if by chance someone was looking with binoculars, I like to think someone did, but probably didn’t happen.
I just jacked off watching her do it, then had her jump out and get on her knees and give me a little more blow job, just right there beside the car. When I was ready blow my load, I told her to grab her panties and hold them out so I could shoot it onto the crotch panel- pretty advanced shit for a girl her age. After I got every bit of com onto her panties, I told her to put ‘em back on.
We got back in the car, and it was a shot ride home.

I was still horny and we knew nobody would be there for awhile we went to the parents bedroom to use the mirrors. We didn’t take pictures, I don’t remember if I didn’t have film or we didn’t want to have a bunch of paraphernalia out if some one showed up.
What I do remember tho, was looking over to the side and watching her lower her damp little cunt onto my mouth.

People may think a girl this age can’t orgasm, I can tell you for a fact they can, I remember distinctly her cumin that day and she had been for awhile. I’d told her to rub herself in bed and showed her how to use the hose shower head to tickle her pussy when she took a bath, I even snuck in a couple of times and watched her.

When we used dildos, her little pussy would cream up, I loved eating her out when she was creamy. I even put some of her own cream on her tongue a couple times.

There were a lot of other photo taking doctor sessions, but most weren’t all that elaborate. Usually we would turn ourselves on by looking at our porn collection and deciding we didn’t have something we wanted or get a better one than what we had.

I just remembered akin of different one. My bed was one part of what had been a bunk bed, the corner posts were all the same height and I had put a sheet of plywood over the top for a slot car track.
It made it slightly cramped if I put my legs over my head, I could use it to push against and suck my own cock.
I showed that to my sister one day and we decided to do it together, She got in bed with me and I got into position and we made out a little bit, we never had done that either before, and then we took turns sucking my cock. When I was ready to cum, I started kissing her again and shot my load on both our faces.

What made us stop is we got caught. We had done some risky stuff and I knew some of our brothers and sisters were around, but we were in my room with the door shut, masturbating each other, just laying naked on the bed, she was jacking me off and I was fingering her clit. All of a sudden, our sister opens the door and sees us. She was my sister 2 years younger than me but 5 yrs older than our little sister who’d been beating my meat.
FUCK FUCK FUCK FUCK FUCK—I begged and begged her not to tell and I’m pretty sure she didn’t because I never heard anything more about it, but we never did it again after that.

👄This will be the best oral sex you have ever experienced.👅

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    aww lots of love in ur fam

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    Reminds me of me and my big brother

    • Big Brother ID:1yt1zot9zj

      well, I told you mine, got any stories of yours to tell?

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    Its bad after all the fun yall had you did get to pop her cherry

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    You are a sick fuck fuck you

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    What a waste of Chance and training

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    I liked the confession type story and loved you two were so close. It is to bad you stopped as your love for each other would of blossomed into something special. O can’t say it was erotic but it was definitely good reading. Starting her at 7 and ending at 9 you had trained her well already and she was so darn eager to join you.
    I loved it and it is rather depressing you two stopped. I do have to ask who stopped it or was it mutual?

    • Big Brother ID:1yt1zot9zj

      OK, technically we did play around a few times after that, what really scared me off was our folks finding out. Those swinger cameras had a pull away backing that looked similar to a negative, and I had put a batch of those from our last porn making session in the house garbage, right on top-really stupid. Anyway, mom found those. Pics of her little girl sucking cock, gaping her pussy, fucking herself w/ a dildo. I got in a lot of trouble and that’s what scared it out of me. Plus girls my own age were starting to get interested in sex.