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Babysitting Elly and Cody

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Fun times with my niece Elly and nephew Cody.

Elly and Cody were sat on the couch when I arrived, Their mother in a flap as she rushed to get out the door. “Thanks for this, I’ll be home at 6 in the morning, their dinner is in the oven, it’ll be ready in ten minutes. Thanks again, BYE KIDS”.

And she was gone. It was just the kids and me. I often got called in to babysit, my sister is twelve years older than me and had kids young, I was only six when Cody was born and Elly is a couple of years younger than Cody. I didn’t mind watching them, I was smitten by Elly and loved spending time with her.
I started getting plates and cutlery organized and set the table. We ate lasagna and it was delicious. The kids helped tidy up and elly asks “uncle stu can we please have ice cream?”
I say yes. Uncle stu always says yes to fun things. The kids and I have always had a good relationship, playing games and swimming in the pool together. Cody is now more keen on his computer games than playing with me but young elly is still very much keen to play with her uncle.
We enjoy our ice cream on the couch, elly and I on the big couch and Cody on the single seat.
Elly puts on a Disney movie and Cody is engrossed in his game boy.
It’s all very cosy with the heater on and the kids in their flannel pajamas. Elly is snuggled up against me and I’ve got my hand on her leg. I gently stroke the thigh, from the knee up to her groin. Slow stokes.
Elly is used to this, I always try and get my hands on her perfect young body every time we are alone. She has always let me touch her this way. When she was only three she would show me her pussy and ask me to touch it. I would play wrestling games with her and pull down her pants and push my face into her groin. Her pussy was just perfect, smooth and small and beautiful. I’d always kept it light and playful and never forced anything will Elly as I didn’t want her to feel uncomfortable and have her tell her mother about our games.
Elly shifted her body so her head was in my lap and stretched out her legs. She reached into her pajama pants and began gently rubbing herself. I rested my hand on her chest and gently rubbed it thru her top.
Elly got more into her masturbation and was slowly humping up into her hands and making short breathing sounds, Cody looks up from his game boy and scalds her, saying, “Elly! Mum said you can’t do that out here, you have to go to your room”.
Elly slips her hands out of her pants and looks up at me. She looks a bit sad and embarrassed. I say “it’s ok Cody, I don’t mind, it’s normal for people to play with their bits, it feels nice”
“Yeah” says Elly.
“It’s gross, she does that then touches everything in the house, and her fingers stink” says Cody.
I’m my head I think ‘I’d suck the pussy right off those little fingers’
“Ok, ok, that’s enough, you play your game” I say.
Elly rolls on her side facing the tv and I’m devastated my masturbation show is over.
I reach for the blanket on the other single seat in the lounge room and spread it over Elly, she looks up at me and I smile at her and whisper “now he can’t see you”. Elly smiles and rolls back onto her back and resumes her fiddling.
She keeps it quiet and I can tell she’s getting desperate to finish by her cute scrunched face, it seems like she just can’t quite get there after a few minutes of more vigorous rubbing.
My boner is aching in my jeans and I’m desperate for her to cum so I can get up and relive myself in the bathroom. But she doesn’t cum. She lets out a big frustrated sigh and goes limp. I look down at her and she looks disappointed, I ask if she is ok and she sighs again and stands up and looks at me. She says “I’m going to my room” and storms off.
I notice her light blue flannel pajamas have a distinct dark moist patch in the back of her crotch as she stomps off towards her room.
Cody looks up for a second and shakes his head.
I sit there for a minute and once I fell I can get up without my boner taking out an eye and I make my way to the kitchen to put our ice cream bowls in the sink. I then head towards Ellys room and slowly push the door open.
Elly is face down on her bed with her feet towards the door. Her flannel pajama pants down round her knees and be smooth bare butt thrusting up an down. I can see her creamy soft butt cheeks squeezing as she jumps down into her bed. I creep in slowly and see she is humping into her favorite soft toy rabbit, Hops. My boner is back and it’s hard as ever.
Elly is enthusiastically humping away and I begin to drop my jeans, she looks over her shoulder at me but doesn’t stop, she turns back and continues thrusting into her rabbit. I don’t know what to do, I know I’m not going to fuck this child but I’m definitely going to cum and soon.
I kneel down beside her bed and kiss her butt cheek as she humps into Hops. She looks over her shoulder at me again, smiles and continues humping.
I kiss ellys butt cheeks over and over. She humps into her toy rabbit with more rapid thrusts. I shift my position and lick deeply into ellys butt crack, searching for her hole with my tounge. Elly raises her butt high to help me in and I find her hole with my tounge. She lets out a deep sigh as I begin to work her hole with my tounge, her butt clenches and relaxes with her waves of pleasure. Ellys breathing shortens and she humps hard into her rabbit a few times then holds for a second and goes limp. She lets out a big sigh and a little laugh.
I lift my head as she rolls onto her back and smiles at me. Her face no longer scrunched and frustrated just blissfully soft, cute and relaxed.
She says “that was so nice”
“Are you ok?” I ask,
She pauses,
“Mmmm I’m dead” she says with a smirk.
We had played a game called “I’m dead” before, it’s where one of us lay still pretending to be dead and the other does things to them. We would take it in turns doing things like kissing tummy’s or necks will caressing bodies. I once used ellys underwear to get her off during a game of I’m dead. I was kissing her neck while palming her mound thru her underwear when I began to give her a slight front wedgie, I gently pulled her soft child’s underpants up into her mound and moved them side to side. She loved it and asked for it many times after, calling it a super wedgie.
This time “I’m dead” was going to go to another level, what was always innocent above the clothes play was to become much more physical.
I smiled back at Elly and said “oh no she’s dead, she can’t move, she can’t feel me do anything”
And I slid her pajama top up and her pants down. I began kissing her tummy and running my finger tips over her thighs and her bald mound. She closed her eyes and breathed deeply. I focused my touch on her pussy and she opened her legs a little. I kissed her tiny nipples and worked my hand into her crotch. It was wet and warm and slippery and beautiful. I found her tiny clit with my finger tip and she humped into my hand. Her breathing becoming short and my dick leaking and yearning for some touch.
I knelt between her legs and shoved her pillow under her butt, she was looking at me with a questioned look, I smiled softly and said, “oh no she’s still dead, she can’t move”
I positioned my dick to rest on her mound and began to gently thrust my hips, grinding my dick into her soft, moist pussy folds. She let out a sigh and closed her eyes as I continued to stroke her with my dick.
We bucked in rhythm and soon she was holding my waist and grinding into me as her breath shortens and she became warm and very wet. I continued to match her thrusts as she came again and as she went limp I held my dick and pushed it gently at her pussy, the tip sliding into her. Her face seemed relaxed as I slowly pushed in and out, looking down to see the head of my dick disappear into her tiny pussy. I came hard and it ran out of her and onto her pillow. I pulled out of her and she rubbed her hands thru my cum as she rubbed over her pussy. She smiled and sighed and said “that felt nice too”.
I saw her eyes look over to the door and I turned to see Cody standing there watching us with his jaw open and a huge boner poking thru his pajama pants.

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