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A Teenage Boy’s Journal’s Pt8

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Two best friends find a way to keep the secret going.

A Teenage Boy’s Journal’s Pt 8

Arriving at the house, the three of us made our way to the house. The laughter, still going and so was the talking. Trent and I walking behind Brooke admiring her ass.
“Damn Brooke has a nice pumper bumper”, Trent whispering in my ear.
I nudged him softly with an elbow smiling. I couldn’t argue any of it. Hell, I personally knew how nice it was. My cock ran across the bottom of it earlier. Once inside Brooke stretched her arms straight in the air. Her back arching with the stretch, just showing how nice of an ass she really had. We just stared without any thought of being caught. We never even realized Brooke had turned her head in our direction.
“Y’all like what you’re staring at”?
“Uhm, yeah well you know its uhm yeah”, is all Trent could get out with his mouth hanging open.
“Guys, I have to get to bed”, I have a solid three-day shift starting tomorrow, and it’s getting late.
“Ok Brooke”, I’ll see you in the morning. Smiling at her after saying it.
“Yeah, I’ll also be thinking, I mean see you in the morning”.
I swear Trent has a hard time talking to Brooke, but I can also see why now. I just looked at him laughing, as he laughs back. Brooke walks off waving and laughing. What I hadn’t mentioned before, Brooke is a surgical nurse. She also works in Macon with Sandy, Trent’s mom. They work the same shift for three days staying at the hospital. When they need sleep, there is the nursing courters for them, afterwards they have four days off straight.
“Why do you have a hard time talking to her”?
“Because brother that is one fine ass Georgia girl right there”, the smile reaching each side of his face.
“I’m going to bed, you know where the guest bedroom is”, laughing walking away.
“Yeah, I’m good brother”.
Walking to my room I noticed Brooke’s door open just a little. Her head peeked out watching Trent go into his room.
“Hey, come here for a minute baby”, whispering in that cute southern accent with a sly smile. Smiling back at her I quietly snuck into her room. Once inside, and the door closed, she throws her arms around my neck kissing me deeply. My finger gently running up the spin of her back, then back down over her ass. Breaking our kiss, she stepped back. Slowly she undone her belt, then followed with her jean. Pulling her jeans down to her knees. With her finger she motioned me to her. That’s when she took my hand, and guided it in her very wet panties, and against her slick wet lips of her vagina.
“I love the way you feel baby”, whispering in my ear. I want you to think of my wet lips while I’m gone.
Then she gently kissed me once more.
“I love you Treavor”, I want to be your girl. I want to be the one you show off. Can I be that baby?
A soft moan left her lips as she stared into my eyes. I slowly moved my fingers along her wet slit, softly playing with her clit. I waited on giving her an answer. I wanted to tease her like she just teased me. Her moans and breathing grew. I could also tell her inpatients did as well.
“Oh, god please answer me baby”.
“I would love nothing more”, then kissed her once again.

Breaking from our kiss Brooke stepped backwards. She slowly stepped out of her pants. I could see the shinny slick semen from earlier stretched along her thighs. Pulling her panties down, and off she balled them up in her hand, and stood back up. Her lips glistened from earlier, and her own juices now. With a shit eaten grin, she tossed them to me.
“A little something for you to use the next three days”. You can thank of me.
Still looking at me she pulled her shirt off. Her perfect 34d breast in full view. Reaching to her bed she picked up another shirt. Slipping it over her head, and down covering her body just to the bottom of her ass. That’s when I realized, she was wearing my favorite t shirt.
“Night baby”, smiling at me as she climbed into her bed.
“Good night, Brooke”, smiling I left the room.

It wasn’t long before I was fast asleep. Brooke; s panties still in my hand. I also sleep hard from the night we all had. Hearing a knock on the door is what woke me up. Opening my eyes, I could see the bright morning sun, getting up and putting on some short I walked out the kitchen.
“Morning sunshine”, was the response I got from Treavor.
“Why are you up so early”?
“Shit man, I’m up this early everyday”. If you would bring your ass to the farm, you’ll know.
“Did Brooke leave”? sitting down next to him.
“Nah, I think she is the shower”.
From there we talked about what would happen today. We had work to do at his house. I told him I would help. Afterwards we planned on meeting up with the girls. Trent wanted to see Brittany again.
“So how was it last night with her”?
“Oh, it was great”. I owe you brother big time. I mean like, I’m in debt to you.
Just as he said that Brooke walked out wearing her scrubs and grabbed some coffee. I could tell there was a difference in her look. The scrubs were new, and a little tighter. They defined the shape of her ass, and the size of her breast. Her ass swallowed the back of them as she walked. This made it easy to see she wasn’t wearing her regular panties, if any. The outline of her bra showed it wasn’t the normal boring sports bra. her blond hair in a bun, exposing the beauty of her face.
“God damn Brooke”. I know what I’m thinking of all day.
She smiled at Trent thinking him as she sat down next to us with her coffee.
“So, what are you guys doing today”?
“We are going to the farm to work”. Then track down Brittany so Trent can act like a puppy dog.
“What the hell brother”. I’m a man, and uhm yeah.
The laughter filled the room. We continued to talk till I got up to go change. A couple minutes later Brooke walked in.
“Hey, baby I have to get going”. Grabbing both my hands. So do you like my new outfit, asking as she swayed her hips at me.
“Yeah, I really do”, but are you even wearing panties?
“Well, duh”.
Then she pulled the front of her scrubs down showing a black see threw material with every thin string that held it up. You could fully tell it was a thong. Then leaning in she gave me a kiss and asked me to walk her outside.
As Trent, Brooke and I left the house Sandy just pulled up. Her and Brooke carpooled going to work. I could tell Catherine was in the car as well. She stared with a dirty look when she saw Brooke.
“Trent, honey make sure you get your chores done today”.
“I will mom, Treavor has volunteered to help”. Isn’t that right brother.
Elbowing me as we waived bye to everyone. Right afterwards we left and headed to the farm. His dad was out working already. You could tell he was pissed about something.
“My dad didn’t get any last night”.
“How do you know that”, laughing while I asked.
“Because he is angrier than a rattlesnake with a splinter in its dick”.
I just stared at Trent, still trying to figure out where he comes up with this shit. Not even bothering his dad we just started to work. Trent knew everything that needed to be done. We done it and done it right to stay out of his cross hairs. While cleaning out the barn Trent’s older sister came in.
“Bout time you showered up, fucking troll”.
“How about you leave us be, and fuck around in the house Kelly”. Trent saying in a pissed way.
“Whatever”, I guess you and dad are both alike. Don’t get no pussy, and your mad at the world.
“See I told you that’s why”.
I just stared in amazement. One at how they knew that, and the way Kelly always spoke to her brother.
Kelly was eight-teen, and now a senior. She wasn’t all that to look at. She was around five foot five. Long solid black hair, a normal ass. Her tits did come in at 34dd, but you could tell they sag on her small body. Her hair always in a ponytail. She wasn’t popular really, so we never hung out. She just stayed to herself. Hell, I never understood downing Trent. This dude was my height, built, and played football. He had the farm boy shagging black hair that curled a little out of the bottom of his hat. He never looked homely, and the only reason why he stayed a virgin till the other night, is that he’s shy.
“Damn I hate her ass brother’. One day I’m going to get her. She is such a little bitch.
He was right about her being a bitch. We continued to work after had she left. About two hours later Trent’s dad found us
“You boys get everything done”?
We both answered with a yes sir. Trent then asked if there was anything he needed us to do outside of the barn.
“Nah, its all done”. You guys can take off if you want to. There are cold ones in the frig down at the shop. Only a couple. Take the back roads so you are not seen.
We both said yes sir again and went to grab them, Trent’s dad was cool about those things. Running the dirt road, we headed into town. Brittany told us to meet up at the BBQ place where we hang out. Pulling in we went to meet the girls.
“There you are”, Brittany looking at Trent.
He had a confused look on his face staring at me.
“Go sit down with her bro”. just be normal like you were before. Trust me.
Trent sat down next to her, and I sat down next to April.
“So, I heard from Mia”. Seems she left because of what she saw.
“We all looked at her wondering what she was talking about. Trent thought it was about him, and Brittany. Right at that time Lori also walked up saying hi to us all.
“What do you want”? April asked hatefully.
“Be nice she just wants to hang out”, I shot back at April.
“OK, ok sorry”. At least eat something. your too damn skinny. You need some country meat to your bones. We all kind of laughed and agreed with her. Lori then sat down and took the food April gave her.
“Ok, so what the hell are you talking about”? looking at Brittany.
“Oh, yeah right”. So, Mia told me she went into the woods, and saw you with Brooke. Apparently the two of you were having a good time. She stayed till the end, and said it was a happy ending. So, my question is, are you dating her or what?
I just stared looking around the table with a oh fuck look on my face. Trent had a I can’t believe you look, while Lori’s mouth hung wide open. Then Brittany continued.
“She also said that it isn’t right that a skinny twig like Lori got you, and now the slut Brooke”. Those her words not mine.
That’s when Lori picked up the sandwich stuffing some in her face. The look of pissed was written on her face, and not just because of what Mia said.
“YOUR FUCKING BROOKE”? Trent breaking the sudden silence.” Even though Brooke is uhm well you know”.
“You know what”? Brittany asked.
“Yeah, what”? April followed.
“Well, uhm she is, well hell you tell them”. Trent looked back at me.
“Well Brooke is”, I paused right there thinking of something to say. Lori looked like she was going to burst out the answer. I was quickly thinking before she could.
“Brooke was with someone till last night”. Quickly coming up with an answer.
“She’s like twenty, what are you doing with her”?
“April, what the hell are you saying”? you are with the kindergarten drop out that is twenty-two and fucking him”. Trent coming back at her.
Brittany spit her food out laughing as April just lowered her head. I stared over at Lori with a look of bitch don’t say a word. Looking at me she just went back to eating.
“Brother, you know we have to talk about this”.
“I know, I know”. Is all I could respond with.
“Why just you two? Why not all of us”?
“Because it’s a guy thing woman”. In this relationship you’ll have to understand that.
“Oh, so we’re in a relationship”? smiling back at Trent as she said it.
“Yes, so uhm yeah we got to for now”. Pointing his finger towards the door looking at me.
Getting up we start heading out.
“Well, if we are in a relationship than give me a kiss before you leave stud”.
“Oh, yeah if forgot about that part”.
Trent quickly turned giving her a kiss, then headed for the door. The girls just laughed shaking their heads. Quickly we got into the truck leaving for Macon.
“Where are we going”?
“I have to go see Brooke”.
“Oh, by the way brother when the hell were you going to tell me”? I thought I was like a brother to you. I mean your fucking Brooke.
I glared at him after that comment, and he knew that was too much.
“Ok, yeah that was to much sorry”, but I mean damn. She is uhm you know. I mean I can’t say I wouldn’t have done the same. I think I would. Like my mom is old, so probably not. Brooke though, yeah probably so. Fuck all I can think is why, but also you lucky bastard. I also think I’m jealous. No, I know I’m jealous.
“Are you done yet”?
“Yeah, I might be”. Give me a minute, and I’ll know for sure. Just one question brother. How did this start?
Since we had time, I went ahead and started telling him everything. From the first night, to the last when we all were together. Trent had a blank stare. I told him about how we make each other feel alive. I also told him how Brooke was happier than she ever had been.
“So now that you know everything, I have a request”. Trent looked over at me and said OK.
“I’m calling in that favor you owe me”. Never tell a soul. I also need to know if you will keep this up with us? I need the truth from you. Are the three of us good, or not?
“Hey, you’re my brother. My best friend, we are always good”. You don’t need to call in that favor. I got you. Staring at me while he said it.
“I’m just jealous”, laughing while trying to say it.
Once we got to the hospital, we both walked in threw the ER. Brooke, and Sandy were standing at the counter. Sandy turned seeing us walking up.
“Hey, you two what are you doing here”? is everything ok?
“Yeah mom, we had a question for Brooke and couldn’t get through on the phone”.
Brook’s eyes widened, and she smiled big when seeing me.
“Yeah, those damn phone are screwed up sometimes”. Sorry about that.
“Hey, can we talk somewhere”?
“Yeah, come on”. We can go to the nurse’s room.
Once inside she turned back towards us both.
“What’s going on guys”?
I could tell the concerned look on her face. Taking a deep breath, I began telling her what was told to us. I also told her how Lori was there and heard it. Brooke’s hands went to her mouth. I explained how we covered it up.
“So, you know Trent”? You must think I’m horrible. Her eyes started to water.
“No Brooke I don’t”. I’m cool with everything, and it will stay with me. I just want you to be happy as well, if this makes you, and my brother happy then I’m good.
Brooke stood up hugging him tightly. Giving him a kiss on the check, she told him thank you, and she loved him. Trent told her the same.
“So how do we deal with this”? Looking at us as she asked.
“You know what you have to do brother”. You are going to have to get some real good dirt on Lori. Maybe another video?
“Nah, I’m not going to do that to Brooke”. No way!
“Brother that is the only way”.
Holding my face in her hands, Brooke agreed.
“You do this ok, ill be fine. This is for us. You guys just make sure its good”. Trent, can I have a moment with Treavor please.
“Yeah, I’ll go find mom”. Give her a bullshit reason why we are here.
With Trent leaving the room, Brooke grabbed my hand leading me to the bathroom. Once the door was shut, and locked she quickly kissed me. Her tongue deep inside twirling. It was hot, passionate and the heat of the moment. Going for the waist of her scrubs I grabbed them shoving them to her knees. I quickly assaulted her pussy with my fingers. Moving away from the kiss, she buried her mouth against my neck. Spreading her lips, I began to explore her whole pussy with my finger. With each movement I felt her getting wetter. Brooke used my neck to muffle her moans. In five minutes, I had Brooke’s pussy slick and very wet. Her hand reached down pulling my shorts off me. Grabbing ahold of my dick, she stroked fast and hard. Brooke was acting like she had been deprived of cocks for years. At this moment I felt like the virgin again. With the aggressiveness I knew I wouldn’t last long. Picking her up I set her on the edge of the counter, with her legs up and against my chest. Her scrubs still halfway on. She took my cock rubbing it against the slit of her pussy. Coating the tip with her wetness. Our breaths were rapid. Brooke’s eyes glowing, and a smile formed as she looked at me.
“Fuck me baby”.
With a smile formed on my face I waited till she placed my cock at her opening. That’s when I pushed hard into her. Brooke’s head went backwards with her mouth wide open. Her eyes rolling into her head. I had filled her with one push. I was at her cervix in one shot. I had taken her breath from the lungs that held it. Holding her legs with my chest, and her hips with my hands. I fucked her fast and hard. Reaching between her legs, Brooke started rubbing her clit. Bringing her head back forward, she bites her lower lip. I didn’t slow any. I keep with long steady fast strokes. Brooke is normally tight, but in this position, it was even tighter. Every part of her pussy was getting pleasure. Her finger was rapidly working on her clit. Time wasn’t on our side.
“Baby oh my god fuck baby”.
Her breathing hard, and her speech short. That’s when she stiffened with her mouth wide open. Her hand stopped. Her climax was hard, and long. Her breath stopped, and her eyes disappeared once again. That pushed me over the edge. Pulling out quickly, I emptied everything covering her smooth pussy. Letting go of her legs I stepped back breathing hard. I starred at the well-used woman in front of me. Her hands down to her sides, she just tried to catch her breath. It took a good five minutes till we could talk once again.
“Hand me a towel baby”.
Looking behind me I stumbled to the towel rack.
“Which one baby”?
“That pink one”. handing it to her she wiped her pussy clean, removing my cum, and her juices.
“Do you want me to go and buy a new towel baby”?
“Nah baby, its Catherine’s”.
Smiling as she pulled her panties, and scrubs back up. Then she hung it back up where it was before. She turned giving me a devilish grin. Getting straighten out we went and found Trent.
“Hey, you two where did you go”? Sandy asked.
“We grabbed something to nibble on”.
Her grin still devilish on her face. Trent had that look you lying lucky bastards.
“Hey, you guys make sure to take care of that problem for me”. The right way.
Sandy looked confused at what Brooke just said.
“Oh, I just told them the pool needs cleaned”.
“Well then, you boys do it right”. Sandy said looking at both of us.
After that we left headed home.
“You’re not going to tell what just happened are you”?
“That’s cold brother”. I would tell you. Well maybe not, you might kill me. Damn you lucky bastard.
“I tell you what. You want to help me with the Lori thing”?
“Hell, yes brother”. Let’s do this.
Two hours later we reached the house. We didn’t have to go searching long for Lori. The little bitch was waiting at my house. Getting out of the truck we walked to the house.
“What’s up Lori”? Trent asked.
“I need to talk to you”. Can we go inside?
Opening the door, we all walked in. Trent and I sat at each end of the couch. Lori stood in front of us with her hands folded
“So, what’s up”? looking up at her.
“Well, since I know I’m thinking someone should know”.
“That’s bullshit Lori”. Why would you do that? Just because you want to fuck Treavor again.
“Why not”. He’s fucking his mother. So why shouldn’t he fuck me whenever I want? Afterwards he can address me as his girlfriend to people. Its time I get my damn respect.
“Oh, you bitch”. That’s cold to do to him, and Brooke.
“Trent, hold up bro”.
“Ah hell no brother”.
“TRENT, just hold up”. So, you want it, do you?
“Yeah, I do”.
“Right now,”?
“Ok, go in my room, and get undressed”. I’ll meet you in a couple of minutes.
“Ok, just hurry up”.
Lori turned and walked to my room. Looking at Trent, I told him, we are going to fuck this bitch. I made sure he knew to put his cell phone on video and prop it up when we got in there. He totally understood where I was going with this. getting up we walked into my room. Lori was laying on my bed completely naked. Her pale skin, small breast, and bald pussy on display. The girl was bony as hell. She turned her head shocked when she saw Trent come in as well.
“What’s he doing here”?
She tried to cover herself while asking.
“Well since you have demands, so I do as well”. This time you get Trent, and I.
“That’s right”, Trent said looking at her.
Lori just laid there for a minute. You could tell she was thinking. You could tell she wanted me bad enough she would do it.
“Ok, ok but…. No one knows about this”.
We both nodded and got undressed. Blocking Lori’s view, I saw Trent place his phone pointing at the bed. Once naked we walked to the bed. Trent grabbed the blanket and tossed it to the side. Grabbing Lori’s legs, he pulled her to the edge of the bed. That’s when he kneeled to the floor. Spreading her slim legs, he buried his face into her pussy. Lori quickly grabbed his hair shoving her hips into his face. Her mouth opened wide with sudden moans coming out. I stood there stroking my cock getting it hard. Trent focused right on her clit. Once hard I moved the top of her body to my side of the bed, so her head hung over it. I was going to let this bitch taste the dried cum Brooke left on me. Lowering down I shoved my cock deep into her mouth. The tip entered her throat causing her to gag. Trent looked up smiling, then went back to his assault. Lori’s hands the went to my legs. I could feel her trying to push me back. Feeling her struggling to breath I back out a little. Trent looks up.
“I think she is ready”.
Standing he lines his cock to her entrance. With a hard shove he was all the way in. I keep my cock still. Her moans, and screams of pain vibrated my cock.
“You ready brother”?
I nodded at Trent, and we both started pumping hard. Trent grabbed her ankles lifting her legs up, while spreading them. I matched each trust with his. Lori continued to scream and moan on my dick. Trent’s thickness stretched her pussy wide. It wasn’t long before her white cream appeared covering her pussy. Drool rolling down her checks to her hair. She was getting fuck hard. Just like she wanted. The tip of my dick, hitting the back of her throat with each stroke. That’s when Trent pulled out.
“Hey brother wait up”.
Pulling my cock out, I waited for Trent. Lori’s body laid limp. Laying on my bed, Trent pulled Lori on top of him. Grabbing his cock, he guided it back to her creamed cover pussy. Quickly he was back in her. Lori laid flat against his body. grabbing ahold of her hips, he fucked her hard once again. She just took it. Walking behind her I could see her ass lubed by pussy cream. Her boney ass checks spread wide. It was forcing her ass open a little. Getting on my knees behind her I told Trent to hold up. Lining the tip of my dick to her ass, I pushed the tip in.
That’s when I pushed further. Lori cursed every inch I put in her.
“Ok, bro I’m in”.
With saying that we both started moving our dicks in and out of her. We couldn’t go fast, because of how tight we had her holes. A small amount of blood coated my dick from taking her ass virginity. Lori’s words sounded like a foreign language. We fucked her hard for ten minutes in this position. That’s when she started shaking. Her orgasm hit hard. White cream flooding out of her pussy. It was thick, and steadily covering Trent’s cock. Seeing this I felt myself ready to cum. Pulling out I sprayed all over her ass. Trent followed suit. Pulling out he sprayed all over her gaped pussy. Once he was done, he rolled Lori off him. both of us stood up looking at our work. Lori just laid there. Her head resting on her arm, while trying to catch her breath. We both put our shorts back on. Trent grabbed his phone leaving the room. I just looked at Lori.
“Once your ready, meet me in the living room”.
Lifting her head, she just staired.

About ten minutes later she walked out dressed. Trent, and I was talking and laughing to ourselves.
“So, you know the deal, right? Don’t forget it because I hate someone to find out”.
She looked at me with her arm crossed.
“I also expect you to show up tonight, so we go out. I want everyone to see us together”.
She stood there waiting for me to respond.
“Yeah, see I don’t think that will work”. I finally responded
“Well, I guess everyone will just find out. Maybe my mom should know as well. I’m sure this is frowned on at the hospital.
That’s when Trent, and I started laughing.
“What the fuck are you two laughing at. I’m serious about this”.
That’s when Trent held his phone up and pushed play. Lori’s eyes widened, and her face went from pale to red.
“You’re going to listen to me know. If you say a fucking word Trent will push send. It will go to everyone we know. We will send both videos to your mom. I will also make sure everyone at the hospital sees it. This will the last time we fuck. This will be the last time you mention anything about Brooke, and I”.
Standing up I walked right in front of her. I could see her eyes watering.
“Now bitch are we clear. You will do what Brooke told you before. We can go on as friends, or your snob ass mother can be shamed out of town. What will it be”?
“Friends uhm friends, I promise not to say anything. Just don’t show that video to anyone. Please”.
Tears were flowing from her eyes. I could tell she knew I was serious. This time she took mine, and Brooke’s words to heart. After our talk I let her straighten herself out before leaving. I didn’t want anyone thanking we done something to her. After she left, I closed, and locked the door.
“Damn brother, you are ruthless. You think she will tell anyone”?
“No bro, I think she cares to much about what people think. I also think she fears her mother”.
“Hey brother I need a favor”.
Looking back to Trent, I seen he was smiling big. I could only imagine what is next.

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