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Well we all had our first times

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I was the little sister, older 15 year brother and 13 year old sister. We had wanted be hippie parents, grass and nudity around the house was a norm.

I loved to lay in front of the TV and watch cartoons. I was around ten, or a little younger. My parents sat in their chairs, my brother and sister had pick of the sofa. I just enjoyed laying on the rug, chin in my cupped hands, and going along with the hippie vibe of our home, totally nude. My butt right there for them all to see, as I was between them and the TV. I would say most of the time my legs were spread wide open. Heck, it felt good. Took my sister telling me, that dad and our brother got hard cocks often, looking at me and not really watching TV. Dad and mom went to bed, and fucked, heck we could always hear them. And my brother began fucking my sister to get his horny out. But I think my sister was in on getting him to start in on doing shit together. I started to have this thing about seeing dad’s hard cock, and in the hot tub, bath or shower I took many chances rubbing on it.
It was a night of a storm that I got to really hold his hard cock. The hard rain and wind had me walking into dad and mom’s room asking to stay with them. Not best timing, well for them, not me. They had been doing it, and stopped on my entry. I was allowed to stay, and climbed on into the bed, between them. Mom had moved on her side facing away from me. Dad turned on the same side, which had him facing me. I felt his hard cock rub my side, I put my hand down moving it over his cock…. nothing. I began to wrap my fingers around it, dad said nothing. It felt so good, and it moved. It was wet and slippery, which I did not know why at the time. I started moving my hand over his cock, which to me was huge, and for sure bigger than my brother. I had rubbed dad’s hard cock for a long while, and slowed, then stopped. Dad whispered to me to keep rubbing, and I started right back up. I really thought he had been asleep. Before I knew it, dad was getting me and the bed all wet. The wetness was hot, slimmy and sticky. Dad had been moaning. I asked what happened, he said he came. I knew about all that, just had never seen or felt it. It was all over me, I moved my hand an arm up to my face, it even smelled, I did like the smell. I moved it around in my fingers, and as I smelled it some more, I took a link. Well sticky for sure, but I loved the taste even more than the smell.
I put my hand back onto dad’s cock, which was still hard, I wiped more cut off into my hand. I was gonna lick it. Dad asked what I was doing, and I told him, he told me I could just lick and suck on it, his cock. I moved down, started licking cut off his cock. He told me to please suck on it too. I did, could hardly get the soft end in my mouth, but I sucked it good. As a major shock to me, dad came again … in my mouth and all over my face. I feel asleep sucking his cock.

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    Am so hard an leaking pre cum reading this story

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    I love fucking my daughter her mom had to hold her when I took her cherry

    • Bima ID:1bqrd7cjb0d4

      Oh yes yes yes

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    I had this experience with my daughter. Yum.

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      Please tell