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There is always more, my wanta be hippie family

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Been sucking dad #2, now mom, sister and brother too

It was another night of crawling into bed with dad and mom. But this time, as I was under the covers sucking on Dad, and enjoying his great cum… mom lifted up the sheet. I stopped, looking up at her. She told me to keep going, and started rubbing her fingers over my pussy, which had started getting nice an wet all the time now. Her fingers slid in, moved around, and made my pussy feel fucking fantastic. Of course dad was awake, they started talking, the whole time I am sucking up dads cum, and cuming all over moms fingers. Mom had a deal for me, I could suck dad’s cock for his great cum, which she agreed was great tasting, as long as she got to finger and eat my pussy. Well fuck, the fingering was great, and I had never been eaten, but if it was lick sucking dad, what could be wrong with it. Well there was nothing wrong with it, she ate for the first time that night. I am sure, that is or was the first time I came.
I thought I had dad all to myself, well with mom too, until I came walking into the living room to watch TV, and there was my older sister leaning over mom’s chair, her butt in the air, and dad sliding his hard cock into her pussy. My sister and I got along great after that. Dad had been fucking her for over a couple years, he came and walked away. So, I loved dad’s cum, and had gotten really into eating moms pushy… talk about best of both, eating a pussy full of dads cup. Mom got into this too, had dad fuck her, and me eat her out. Of course my older brother gets in on all this after finding out. He was my first full.
I am laying on the living room floor, watching TV one night, my brother laid down onto my back, but mostly his weight was on my bum, and I could feel his hard cook between my butt cheeks. He started humping me, his cook picking at my butt and pussy as he pumped away. Did not take him long, and he had his hard cock going in and out my pussy. Great feeling, but I was unable to eat my own pussy and enjoy the cup from inside.
After only keeping my brother fucking me secret for about a week, my dad had to start too. He had me start bending over a chair like my sister, and he would go at it until pumping his cum into me.

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