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Taking advantege of my godson

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This happened when I was 17 years old so around 2 years ago-

– My god son came to visit (he was 11 at the time) and he wanted to sleepover so I had to babysit him also. He was gonna sleep in the same bed as me.

-He was playing on his phone and the volume was to loud, I asked him if he can turn it down he said he didnt want to. I picked him up tossed him over my knees and spanked him a few times very lightly. I stripped his pants and undies enough to reveal his ass and spanked him a few more times-

It neve enjoyed anything so much as spanking him. I got a hard boner but he didnt seem to notice.

i was touching him all over. I spat in his ass a few times and fingered him. Made him kiss my feet like im the king. I spat in his mouth. Best way i ever disciplined him cuz he didnt say anything to anyone and the next time he came over asked me if we can play that game we played the last time-

– He started stripping and he laid on the bed.

I got there and started spanking him while touching and fingering his ass.

I later got him in the shower with me and pissed on him but said it was an accident and that i just had to pee.

I got completely naked and made him stroke my cock for a little bit, i didnt want to cum so i stopped him. The best thing i could think of is him sucking my cock so i made him do it also for a little while he never complained. On his 12th birthday i devirginized him. He never complained, we still fuck to this day.

– Best decision i ever made was to spank him, wich i still do

DISCLAIMER- I dont think of my self as a pedophile cuz he is the only child i ever did stuff with and the only minor that i ever had sexual thoughts about

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  • Reply Peter ID:5vyiv7c3t0b

    Love it
    More cocksucking next one plse

    • good ID:vzg6a0qj

      Come Take my cock

  • Reply Luke ID:1ardd6spd4


  • Reply Alex ID:fx7ithd9j

    Is this okay? Im 28 and have sexual thoughts of my cousins. But theyre legal now, soooo

  • Reply lucas ID:gnrqosc41

    im 13, can someone reply to me and fuck me so hard please?

    • Adam ID:7sqsmm9c

      Ofc I can fuck you

    • Jason ID:2pdvnvmxi9

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  • Reply DOM55 ID:7zv2v6s543

    I had posted this before but it seems an appropriate response to this.

    When I was 12 I used to have sleepovers with a boy 1 year younger than I. By that time I had been sexually active for 3 years but always with girls about my age or slightly older. Having an almost 24-7 hard-on at that age and nothing to play with I would use Bobby as my fuck toy. We would take long showers and his mouth was mine to use. One weekend I decided that I wanted his virgin ass and decided, whether he liked it or not, to take him. I had him standing on the floor, face down on the bed with my hand on the small of his back, my cock lubed with olive oil right on target when his mother walked in.

    She was wearing a short robe … I remember her saying ‘what is all that noise’. I think I blushed in shame and wanted to run away. Then she saw what I was going to do and told me not to stop. In today’s lingo my thoughts would have been WTF. Next thing I knew her hand was on my ass pushing me forward. Bobby screamed with that thrust (I am not hung like a horse but quit thick). I didn’t last very long and Bobby’s mom watched me convulse as I unloaded in her son’s ass.

    That was surprise #1. I pilled out and she looked at my softening cock. She told me that its best if I cleaned his ass out before fucking him again. She grabbed my balls and led me into the bathroom where she was off what Bobby left on me. Surprise #2 – she took off her robe and told me that it was her turn. Her son watched as I fucked his mom.

    That was the start of an interesting relationship that went on for another 2 years. Bobby, his mom and dad. I lost my anal cherry to his dad during a nasty weekend. Taught me why Bobby screamed when I took him.

    DOM352 on WICKR

    • Korvvo ID:28aradmk0d

      Holy shit plz post a stories of each event thats hot as hell i cant believe you got to fyck his parents too i dreamed of this as a kid

    • [email protected] ID:p9ae2uoii

      love to hear more!!

  • Reply CurvieK9Chick ID:7ylren4qr9

    I’d like to hear more about it. Email me at [email protected]

  • Reply CurvieK9Chick ID:7ylren4qr9

    I don’t think you’re a pedophile at all

    • DOM55 ID:7zv2v6s543

      What breed? I train mainly GSDs and Labs for others to enjoy.

      [email protected]

  • Reply Elizabeth ID:ndoolep49a

    We were godparents to kids and i fell pregnant with the boys. Not sure whivh of the two is the father
    I have the pedo bug too.

    • e ID:7zv1lword3

      I want to use you

    • DOM55 ID:7zv2v6s543

      Elizabeth, we are not pedos just, as someone I know told me, romantics with seriously fucked up desires. She likes watching me with her son and daughter before jumping in.

      DOM352 on WICKR

    • For Dom55 ID:1ard9j67hj

      Only saw your comment now. Leave email if you wish to share and chat

  • Reply Zerefjay ID:314jjybxt0d

    It’s ok if you are a pedo honey I’m a pedo as well can we talk some way❤

    • Anonymous ID:7zv1lmk9qk

      aye hmu lmao im 13

    • Jason ID:5tyha2ld2

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    • Jay ID:bo1w5kb0c

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  • Reply Calandra ID:3zxjpuyw20a

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